Why Are You So Vain? | Church 2/19/23

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||  See clips and links below (including Silent Prayer), as well as detailed church notes.

What do you want from others? Are you your thoughts, body, or experiences? Why are you so vain? How do you not take sides? 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, February 19, 2023


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Feb 19, 2023
  • 0:02:26 Welcome to Church!
  • 0:03:02 Googling how to do a job interview?
  • 0:11:03 What do you want from your husband?
  • 0:14:41 What did you want from your wife?
  • 0:17:37 What did you want from your ex?
  • 0:21:10 What did you want from your friends?
  • 0:26:06 Another wife wanted a man
  • 0:28:25 Her husband wanted a mama
  • 0:30:10 Are you your thoughts? Body? Experiences? (Need pain?)
  • 0:33:08 Lady: Do you need pain? Why are you so vain?
  • 0:39:43 “Daughter of Satan” told husband how to be!
  • 0:44:50 (Woman continues) JLP: Feelings are wicked
  • 0:48:57 BQ: Why are you so vain? (Sean, new producer)
  • 0:56:53 More on vanity: Bullied woman thought little of herself.
  • 1:03:50 Being “alcoholic” is thinking you are your experiences
  • 1:05:41 Never take sides
  • 1:09:00 How do you not take sides against evil?
  • 1:24:22 How to love when you have none?
  • 1:28:19 JLP: Want nothing from anyone
  • 1:31:29 JLP: Vain homeless; anger is evil
  • 1:36:32 JLP: You don’t need pain to wake up
  • 1:37:20 JLP: Vanity is thinking you can change
  • 1:41:17 JLP: Taking sides? We don’t make decisions
  • 1:43:42 Q: Proper use of imagination?
  • 1:47:00 Don’t try to live a moral life
  • 1:49:44 Closing: Pray
  • 1:50:24 New BQ: Are you a whole or divided person?


Vanity is thinking you can change your life

WATCH CLIP (15-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP shares his two cents on the biblical question: Why are you so vain? And he elaborates on topics brought up in church.

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Church Notes

10:58 AM US PST We start streaming a couple of minutes before the top of the hour.

Googling how to do a job interview?

11:02 A waiter man Alex says he Googled how to answer a job interview query: “Tell me about yourself.” He pre-wrote four items in answer to that question.

(11:05) Jesse asks a woman if she’d marry a man who doesn’t know how to do a job interview, and has to google it.

11:08 Jesse asks the man Alex if he’s doing the Silent Prayer.

What do you want from your husband?

11:09 Jesse encourages you to work on yourself. A married mother started a 6-week “boot camp” (fitness program) this week, getting up early, getting yelled at for an hour.

(11:10) Jesse asks her: What do you want from your husband? (You may recall he asked the same question of another mother last week.) Do you want love from him? She says it’s nice. What’s nice about his love? But she also wants to be okay without that constant attention.

What did you want from your wife?

11:12 Jesse then asks her husband: What do you want from your wife? What did you want when you met and married her? He wanted love. When you realized you couldn’t get it from her, did you start arguing? Yes, he had expectations and anger. He thought he had to push her to make her better, so she could give him what he needed. Did you think about dumping her to get a new woman? His mind told him all sorts of things.

What did you want from your ex?

11:15 Jesse asks yet another young lady what she wanted from her ex-husband. She separated from him, although they remain friends, and they co-parent well, she says. What do you want from friendship?

11:18 She says she’s always been somewhat of a loner. Jesse asks: What makes you sad at times?

What did you want from your friends?

11:19 One young lady said she wanted her friends to put in the same energy as she does. She didn’t realize she didn’t have real love. Her friend got a boyfriend and ghosted her. “How could she?”

What do you want from a boyfriend?

11:21 Jesse asks the young lady: What do you want from a boyfriend? She’s taking note of her parents’ marriage. Live your life and let that happen. Jesse asks her if her father’s too hard on her.

Another wife and husband on this question

11:24 Jesse asks another married mother: What do you want from your husband? Beforehand, she wanted a lot. She thought she needed a man to protect her and be the perfect image for her children. She wanted to leave the first year-in, but didn’t. She was married before, and realized she couldn’t change the person, so she didn’t leave. What’s hard about it now at times? The thoughts, she says — he travels a lot. After prayer, she sleeps well. Can he handle you now? “I don’t know…. I think he can.”

11:26 Her husband wanted her to cater to him like his mother — and he thought that was right. He’d yell, be petty, and passive aggressive, to try to get under her skin. Every human being is wicked, evil. You can’t trust an evil person. You suck the life out of each other.

(Husband continues…) Are you your thoughts? Body? Experiences?

11:28 Jesse asks the man: Are you your thoughts? Your body? Are you your experiences?

(11:31) Do you need pain in order to wake up?

(Lady) Do you need pain in order to wake up? (Thoughts, body, experiences)

11:31 Jesse asks a young lady why she thinks she needs pain in order to wake up. She also answers whether she’s her thoughts, body, or experiences.

(lady continues…) Why are you so vain?

11:34 Jesse asks her: Why are you so vain? She talks about being present around a person with whom she’d felt egg on her face. She’s been thinking about her vanity lately, and facing it.

Woman telling husband how to be: Women the daughters of Satan

11:38 Another woman answers the Biblical Question: Why are you so vain? She doesn’t consider herself any of those. She told her husband exactly how she wanted him to be, and it caused a nightmare of conflict. She apologized to him since she discovered Jesse. She says it’s 100-percent true that women are the daughters of Satan; she was probably the worst of all her female friends. Elaborating, she always wanted to hang around with guys.

Jesse asks her if she’s her thoughts. She did a self-discovery, self-transformation retreat some years ago. She thought she was her body and experiences, because of her feelings.

(woman continues…) JLP: Feelings are wicked

11:43 While talking with the lady, Jesse warns everyone how wicked feelings are. You protect the Devil by catering to your or others’ feelings. Don’t cater to feelings at all.

(11:44) Jesse also asks her: Do you need pain to wake up?

11:45 Franky says he needed pain to wake up; he needed to suffer. Why? Would you wake up if you didn’t have the pain? Are you awake now? How do you know you’re awake?

Why are you so vain? (Sean: You get used to your hell)

11:47 Sean says he didn’t learn his lesson even the tenth time. It took a while before he got tired of the pain and recognized he was wrong. You get used to your hell, he says. Jesse asks him the Biblical Question: Why are you so vain? This is Jesse’s new producer.

11:48 Jesse asks Nick not to mention what he said on the radio show (kids are here).

11:50 Alexis wanted to be seen.

11:51 A man says he shared in the attributes of glory, to be lifted up, for people to see him as worthy.

11:52 Jesse asks his wife if she knew he was vain. Are you over your vanity now? The man says not 100-percent.

11:53 One young woman Rochelle used to be really vain, bad.

More on vanity: Bullied young woman, her relationship, and pain

11:55 Another young woman always wanted to be invisible, and not noticed. But that’s vain too, Jesse says. Having a low impression of yourself is vanity too. Why did you see yourself that way? She was bullied a lot growing up, and had a negative opinion about herself: too tall, too skinny, etc. Are you your thoughts? Feelings? Body? Experiences? Is your ex vain? Do you need pain in order to wake up?

12:00 A young man says he was vain for validation. Are you your thoughts? Body? Experiences?

12:02 Jesse makes the point that calling yourself alcoholic is saying you are your experiences. Jesse also asks the young man: Do you take sides?

JLP: Never take sides (again)

12:03 Jesse reminds everyone it’s wrong to take sides.

12:05 In response to a question from Rochelle, Jesse advises that getting married doesn’t solve loneliness.

How do you not take sides when the world is evil?

12:07 A woman talks about issues of right and wrong, and evil in the world, and how we can’t take sides.

(Jesse has a funny side-conversation with a couple of Asian young men, Jason and Blake, about taking white people’s names.)

12:10 Jesse asks the man blake: Did you forgive your mother?

12:13 A young man Troy says you shouldn’t take sides, even with the issue of children being mutilated for transgender ideology. He says it’s wrong for both children and adults

12:15 The woman asks: Isn’t it taking a side by saying it’s wrong?

12:17 Nick says you should not take sides, because God doesn’t need your help.

12:18 Sean says you should not, because you have a feeling about it when you take sides — a sense of pride in being “right.”

12:18 Francisco’s ego was riled up; he’d be a Bible thumper, coming down on people with ego. He points out the house always wins in the long run — the house doesn’t take sides in gambling.

12:19 The first lady who asked the question talks about voting for Prop 8 years ago to preserve the sanctity of marriage.

12:21 Another young lady talks briefly before a man brings up the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Nick believes you can vote without taking a side.

(Taking sides continues…) How to love when you have none?

12:22 Lijie asks why God commands us to love one another if we don’t have love to give. All we have is hatred. But when we’re of love, when we’ve returned to God, it’s natural without thinking about it.

Lijie then also answers about taking sides.

JLP: Want nothing from anyone

12:26 Jesse recounts a story of a couple of women who’ve been friends a long time. One is making a change, and the friend is mad. One didn’t want the other to need her. You don’t owe her anything. Friendships and marriages don’t last because human nature is wicked. You’re not supposed to want anything from anyone. People want to be needed, because there’s something missing in them. You’re in a fallen state when you need someone for something.

JLP: Vain homeless: All anger is pure evil

12:29 Some homeless people asked Jesse for money. They don’t deserve housing or money. It’s their fault they’re this way. Even homeless people are vain; they’ve identified with being homeless, and think you owe them something. Then when they get help they get worse.

Human nature is evil. All anger is pure evil. Face the ego; watch yourself die (the ego). Anyone with anger is evil. You are not your thoughts. Thoughts feed off of thoughts. One young woman was hiding based on thoughts, which had nothing to do with the real her. As long as you stay in the circle in your mind, you’ll have thoughts and emotions — fear, doubt, worry, loneliness, suicidal thoughts. People are committing suicide from a thought.

We are not our bodies; we are a spirit. You’re not your experiences. You believe the thoughts, and feel good or bad.

JLP: You don’t have to have pain to wake up

12:34 You don’t have to have pain to wake up. Children’s parents are not of the light. The world is totally of darkness.

JLP: Vanity is thinking you can change your own life. Don’t try to fix it.

12:35 Real vanity is when you think you can change your own life. But when you realize you can’t, vanity is gone, because you stop playing god. Don’t try to fix it. If you’re lonely, be lonely.

You can live in the world and overcome it, and be at perfect peace.

JLP: Taking sides; we don’t make decisions.

12:39 Jesse then talks about taking sides: Stand up in the right way, but don’t take an identity from it. People are going to do what they want anyway. Stuff only gets worse!

Q: Imagination

12:41 A woman asks about her vivid imagination. For art or work, just use it as a tool.

Don’t try to live a moral life

12:45 In response to a man talking about taking sides in society, Jesse warns: Don’t try to live a moral life. Let go and let life happen. Don’t be afraid to be an individual. The group is going to hell.

12:47 Stay with the silent prayer, and watch without opinion.

New Biblical Q: Are you a whole or divided person?

12:48 New Biblical Question: Are you a whole or divided person?

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