Why do you call yourself a sinner? | Church 4/14/24

Ethan Crumbley’s parents in jail for son’s actions! Are you a sinner? Christ said your sins are wiped away. Bear the cross. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, April 14, 2024 

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum third Thursday of the month, April 18, 2024, 7 PM at BOND in L.A. https://rebuildingtheman.com/events/ 


  • (0:00:00) Small talk, welcome 
  • (0:03:30) Ethan Crumbley parents in jail (feedback) 
  • (0:23:06) Govt punishing parents (more feedback) 
  • (0:36:48) Biblical Q: Why do you call yourself a sinner? 
  • (1:00:17) BQ: Doug, Joel… Hake, Sean 
  • (1:05:31) Jesus said all your sins are wiped away (BQ) 
  • (1:12:15) JLP: ‘Mother Teresa’; Identities; Not a sinner (BQ) 
  • (1:29:47) JLP: Bear the cross; Forgive; Renew mind (BQ) 
  • (1:44:07) Feedback: Not a sinner 
  • (1:52:36) Closing advice, new BQ: Fear of criticism?


Your sins are forgiven. (9-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

Gov’t put parents in prison for 15yo son’s actions (31-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

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Church Notes

Biblical Question: Why do you call yourself a sinner? 

New Biblical Question: Do you have a fear of criticism? 


(0:00:00) Small talk… Nick got no applause! 

(0:02:43) Welcome to Church! Jesse’s standing today. 

1: Ethan Crumbley’s parents in jail

(0:03:22) Anybody have a life? Any questions? 

(0:03:55) Ethan Crumbley parents in jail. Donyale says Joel made a valid point. (0:07:33) It’s normal for a child to die before the parent. (0:08:09) (1a?) How many parents look at their children and see a sign? (Jesse interrupts himself: These are reserved for people from Palm Springs!) 

(0:10:20) (1b?) To be left home alone at 8 years-old! (0:11:51) Joel claps… (0:12:18) Doug was left alone as a kid. (0:13:12) Donyale was raised in the Midwest. (0:14:02) Joel was raised differently, and thinks Jesse was raised with values. 

(0:15:16) (1c) The experts are crazy. They tell you what to do with your kids. Social workers some of the worst people you wanna meet. (0:16:07) Donyale says her parents could trust young Jesse with a gun. 

(0:17:05) (1d) The normal age for boys to get a gun was 15. “Those were different times.” 

(0:20:04) (1e) They’re controlling every aspect of your life now. Evil people! They’re taking your freedom away. You won’t be able to raise your children. (0:21:53) Every freedom is being taken away from you. 

Feedback: ‘Different times’? Govt holding parents responsible? Chain Gang

(0:22:56) Another mother speaks. The people are changing, not the times. Parents are giving up their lives. (0:25:02) Kids, buy your own phone! Technology is for control. 

(0:27:09) Another young lady: Holding the parents responsible? The government has no business imposing on parents regarding children at all. (0:28:42) (1f?) Remember the chain gang? 

(0:29:17) Man: I see both sides. The boy’s 15yo, parents aren’t going to follow him around and check his bedroom. 

(0:31:10) Y’all better wake up! Sean agreed with Joel. 

Sean: Modern art… Nick: Parenting? 

(0:32:09) Sean went to a museum, looked at art: Modern art vs traditional art — is it objective or subjective? It’s all ego. Wake up! 

(0:33:55) (1g) You can never agree with the world. Nick asks the mother about differences in parenting: Chores, discipline … 

2: Biblical Q: Why do you call yourself a sinner? 

(0:36:36) Biblical Q: Why do you call yourself a sinner? Are you a sinner? Young lady is not sure … 

(0:38:03) (2?) We’re all sinners, says a lady. I sin every day. What are you? Female, kind … (0:40:13) Are you mean at times? Do you obey your husband? (0:40:46) Her husband was born and raised sinful. (0:42:14) Giving the finger is sinning … 

(0:42:26) Another lady Terry (sp) came for counseling. Bad thoughts … (0:43:58) Her husband: Lust, gluttony, sloth 

(0:44:50) The mother speaks… then Alex… 

(0:49:08) Donyale: She knows what Jesse’s gonna say, but believes she’s a sinner. … Buying a shirt she can’t afford is a sin. (0:52:31) (2a?) You can call it reparations! 

(0:53:01) Nick can’t be calling himself a sinner … he doesn’t, and he doesn’t know whether he is. 

(0:54:07) Anthony does not: Wilful, ongoing rejection of the light. 

(0:55:17) Young man speaks; (0:56:06) Another man grew up Catholic. (0:56:51) Yet another young man. I still commit sins and will until I die. (0:57:52) Yes, I give into emotions. (0:58:48) Franky’s not sure. 

Doug, Joel… Hake, Sean

(1:00:19) Doug wants to say nope! Don’t lie! I know! (1:01:06) Joel doesn’t identify with sin. 

(1:02:08) Alexis would be condemning herself, she thinks. (1:02:45) Hake (1:04:23) Sean (1:04:55) Anthony 

Jesus said all your sins are wiped away

(1:05:25) If Jesus said all your sins are wiped away, how are you a sinner? A lady responds (1:06:48) as well as her husband. 

(1:07:44) He said you can’t sin. Maybe I’m not fully reborn. (1:08:45) Donyale wants to be honest with herself. (1:10:09) Donyale was discussing the “Jesus is God” thing with a person who couldn’t see. She feels this issue is similar: She can’t see. 

(1:11:12) Joel says being conscious is enough, the light of God shining on it. 

2: JLP on BQ: ‘Mother Theresa’; the Devil is your enemy

(1:12:04) (JLP counsels with people. The Devil is your enemy. A woman who owned a business wanted to be (2a?) Mother Theresa (some say she was nasty). She hired friends and family; they turned on her, gossiped, it was a mess! 

(1:14:15) You didn’t do it because you loved them. (2b) Nobody love nobody: Nobody loves anyone. (1:15:34) … Heart made of love. (2c) You and I have never had an original thought. It’s the Devil 

Insane: Layers of identities

(1:19:15) (2d) You are insane — anyone believing thoughts. You believe your feelings! (2e?) Who are you? People say what they’re doing or into — or physical traits like race. All evil ego identities! (2f) Marching: What are you fighting for? “I’m a patriot!” Ain’t nothing changed! It’s worse! (1:21:00) Ezola Foster, Barbara Coe, others … 

(1:21:36) (2g) Anybody been called the N-word? Worshiping the Devil: Layers of identities. 

God knows it wasn’t you! (2h) Why would you give yourself a negative thought if you created thoughts? Stop calling the Devil anything to do with you. 

Be conscious, present; You’re not a sinner! 

(1:24:18) Anybody stood outside to be taken up with the eclipse? Christians stressed over the End Times. All thoughts are lies. Be conscious, be present — as Joel said. Paradise is here on earth. 

(1:26:16) (2i) You are not a sinner, you’re free … you are not responsible. See that you’re angry, and forgive. 

(1:28:01) (2j) Chinese lady, the Devil speaks all languages: “Oooh!” 

Bear the cross; Reputation is hell

(1:29:40) (2k) Bear the cross as Christ did, overwhelm you — stop looking for feeling good. Feeling good is not peace. Stop being afraid of dying from the ego. … Go through it. Your thoughts and emotions are your enemy. 

(1:32:33) (2L) A reputation is Hell. When people gossip about you (1:33:00) *click* or *snap* (2m) Stop listening to preachers teaching the Bible. When you read, don’t read it to remember. Satan will interpret it for you. You walk around quoting the Bible. Stop trying to save people. They’ll destroy you. 

(1:34:28) (2n) Every human being with an ego is evil: Parent yelling at a kid: Do it now! The ego must die. (2o) Schools screwing up kids: Protesting! (1:35:19) Palestine protestors, both sides lie! 

(1:35:52) (2p) Fear is not of God. You’re worshiping the Devil! 

(1:36:57) Do you pray? How do you pray? Children of God praying to the Devil! Get off your knees crying! Stop crying and begging! You’re not a victim. 

JLP closing on BQ: Forgive, Renew mind 

Be still and know God. (1:38:44) No such thing as a good mother. She did the best she could. Forgive your parents. (1:39:19) Let them suffer. The homeless people, we have to run them off. 

Don’t let any human being be your leader. 

(1:40:13) Forgive your mothers, your fathers. To confess your sins means: I am angry, and I’m wrong. It’s of the heart, not the vices. You don’t have to tell the world, but to yourself. 

Renew your mind (1:42:09) The Devil screams in your mind. Don’t argue with him, just watch him. He’ll send family and so-called friends after you too. Let go and let life happen! You are free, sons and daughters of God. None of your thoughts are from God or you. 

3: Feedback

(1:43:57) The first lady who spoke quotes the Bible about what Jesus did and that we’re free of sin. 

(1:45:29) Donyale … (3a) She got fearful during the discussion (1:46:26) The Devil does not want you to hear the truth. 

(1:48:12) Man on food… (1:49:17) Don’t fight with it, just watch it. Don’t tell anybody about it. Stop talking about it. The Devil wants you to do that. 

(1:50:34) (3b?) Anthony: Who was Jesus talking to? Only those who were born again? You are still a sinner if you’re not born again. 

3: Closing, last questions 

(1:52:44) (3c) God leaves you in your Hell! He saw God and Jesus at the cafe mocha. You have to want it. Let all your ideas go. Have no plans. 

(1:53:57) (3d) Do not try to make a relationship work! God has our lives laid out perfectly. 

(1:54:30) Donyale… God said before you enter the kingdom of Heaven, you must forgive. 

(1:56:08) Did this help? (1:56:45) (3e) I was talking to someone who called himself Jesus or God; he used to call himself Job. 

(1:57:26) (3f) Do the LGBTQ: It’s not you! Don’t join these groups and clubs. It’s all spiritual. It’s no different 

(1:58:37) New BQ: Do you have a fear of criticism? 


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 
  • We’re not messing around this year. 
  • Assignment 3/10/24 and 3/17/24: Get rid of your heroes. Trust no one. 

NOT MENTIONED LAST WEEK 4/7/24: Challenge 3/31/24 Easter Sunday: Sit alone, quiet in your room for 30 minutes and do nothing. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum third Thursday of the month, April 18, 2024, 7 PM at BOND in L.A. https://rebuildingtheman.com/events/

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