Why Do You Try to Hold Onto Self-Confidence? | Church 4/16/23

No love in the world. Suicidal man won’t listen to sound advice! No reason to fear or confide. No such thing as “self-confidence”!

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, April 16, 2023

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  • 0:00:00 Pre-Church small talk
  • 0:01:55 Welcome to Church!
  • 0:02:50 Circumstances control me
  • 0:04:59 Woman “forgave” mother, not father
  • 0:07:10 JLP: Demoralized, brainwashed generations
  • 0:14:12 Watching a man destroy himself, listening only to Satan
  • 0:20:28 Man’s mother attempted suicide
  • 0:25:01 BQ: Why do you try to hold onto self-confidence?
  • 0:31:27 BQ: Warning: Think about it. (Nick’s “confidence”)
  • 0:38:07 JLP: We don’t have problems
  • 0:42:17 Do you live without concern of others’ thoughts?
  • 0:43:01 Lady’s immature: Devil wants you distracted
  • 0:50:30 JLP: All are possessed: All ideas are identities
  • 0:55:37 JLP: Confidence to let life happen without thoughts
  • 1:03:27 JLP: There’s no need to confide in anyone
  • 1:06:45 Not reacting to the Devil; ‘You made me mad!’
  • 1:11:45 JLP: Taught wrong! No ‘self-confidence,’ no fear
  • 1:15:53 Alex: ‘Do you judge me?’ Love by not hating
  • 1:25:40 JLP: Do you want to walk? (Mama wanna sooth him)
  • 1:29:45 Alex: Devil feeds one thing after another
  • 1:32:57 Light will guide you out of darkness; praying to the Devil
  • 1:37:58 You don’t need help. No human being can help.
  • 1:41:45 Interrupt thought of sadness; Not you telling you
  • 1:46:27 Your mind somewhere else
  • 1:47:52 No one can help you. No one loves you.
  • 1:51:00 Let go of all identities. Pray. Watch all ideas.
  • 1:54:27 New BQ: What’s the one thing keeping you separated from God?


No Such Thing as ‘Self-Confidence,’ No Reason to Be Afraid

WATCH CLIP (9-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  A young man talks about not reacting to the Devil. JLP gives his two cents on the Biblical Question: Why do you try to hold onto self-confidence? We’ve been taught wrong!

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Church Notes

10:58 AM US PDT We start streaming a couple of minutes before the top of the hour.

Ladies on illusions of circumstance

11:00 A young woman realized her circumstances define her sense of well-being.

11:03 Another woman relates as well. She “technically” forgave her mother (it wasn’t a total disaster), but not her father.

JLP: Demoralized, brainwashed generations

11:05 Jesse comments on how people love their misery. He saw a video of a former KGB guy talking about demoralizing and brainwashing two generations and destroying a country from within. Our government is now totally controlling the young people who don’t even know it.

11:09 The Gen-X woman somewhat notices this as well. Jesse says crime is accepted. People go on “Zig Zag” (he means TikTok), and shake their butts, say or do anything to get famous and go viral. There’s no love in the country anywhere. They’re legalizing hard drugs and pot. There’s no fear of the cops. If you don’t overcome fear, you’re not going to make it. The country’s going to get worse. You can’t trust anyone, because there’s no love.

Man destroying himself, listening only to Satan (Biblical Question)

11:12 Biblical Question: Why do you try to hold onto self-confidence? Alex is the first to answer.

(11:13) Alex has been going to a female therapist who wants to 5150 or 5250 him. He admits, Yes, I dug my own grave. I feel stupid, he says. I have not been doing the prayer — so preoccupied with the other stuff, nervous about Monday emergency therapy.

(11:16) It’s interesting watching this man destroy himself, not listening to sound advice, but only listening to the Devil. That’s an example of each and every adult. God is not stopping him.

What is it like taking the wrong advice, and refusing to take the advice that will help you? Do you like doing that? No, I don’t. Why do it then?

Man’s mother attempted suicide

11:18 Another man says his mother had a stroke recently. Although she recovered well, she was very depressed, and tried to commit suicide, overdosing on pills. He called the police, and she recovered. She’s only 49 years-old. Jesse asks: Why do you say “Thank God” that she didn’t die? He says he’s being strong for her, and tells her not to listen to the thoughts.

Biblical Q: Why do you try to hold onto self-confidence?

11:23 A young man says he’s not confident in his decisions.

11:24 Another young woman says she does not think about self-confidence. She’s the same with everyone, and doesn’t see anyone above or below her.

11:25 Franky says it’s part of your manhood to be self-confident. When he lost self-confidence everything fell apart in his family. He was at war with himself

BQ continued: Think about this stuff

11:30 Jesse warns that you should think about this stuff, or end up in the slaughterhouse with Alex.

Nick grew up thinking he could do anything, and tries to do everything himself. He built confidence at doing different things, but a social situation or thought could shake him.

JLP: We don’t have problems

11:36 Jesse comments that we don’t have problems. People don’t learn lessons from their situations. Look at your life: All you’re doing is repeating the same thing.

11:38 Franky talks more about “confidence.”

Do you have confidence just to live?

11:40 JLP asks Franky: Do you have the confidence to live your life without concern of what others think.

Lady’s still immature: Devil doesn’t want you to see yourself

11:41 A lady says she’s still like a 13-year-old in some ways — immature.

11:43 Jesse agrees with her: The Devil doesn’t want you to see yourself. Sit still and be alone. He wants something to distract you. Jesse says: When you look at the crazy world, you’re not moved by it at all. But Satan tells you to stock up and panic. People stock up on food, and it rots.

JLP: All ideas are identities

(11:49) Jesse comments that we can never judge our fellowman, because we’re driven by spirits — possessed. All ideas are identities. You get a feeling from an idea, and you take on the identity, and it destroys you.

11:51 One of the young women from earlier is not sure what is meant by confidence.

JLP: Do you have confidence to doubt all thoughts? False identities

11:53 Jesse means by confidence: Do you have confidence to let life happen? Doubt all thoughts. Let go.

The bums don’t want it; they love being bums, and feel you owe them something as poor people. A drug addict feels alive. That’s his identity.

You’d never think about what others think about you. You wish people well, but you can’t save them.

(11:58) Alex believes everyone out there, and their advice is from the Devil. He won’t trust within. All thoughts are all lies — all thoughts are false identities. Satan has something to say about everything you do.

You are not your thoughts

11:59 The woman calls herself a work in progress. She’s constantly having to look at the thoughts. Jesse responds. When you overcome the thoughts, there’s no struggle. You just do it. Watch the thoughts; just know they’re not yours.

JLP: No need to confide in anyone

12:01 A young man talks about confidence and confiding in others.

12:02 Jesse agrees: There’s no need to confide in anyone in life. Satan will say you’ve got to tell somebody. They’ll use it against you! There’s nothing to confide in anyone!

Jesse gives the example of suicidal people: You tell others, and then pretend your gossip is so that you can “pray” for them.

Not responding to the Devil; ‘You made me angry!’

12:05 A young man says when he was confident, it was really arrogant. The worst thing for the Devil is not to react to him, Jesse says — giving the example of mama being angry at forgiveness.

Another lie: “You made me do this,” or “You made me feel this way.” No one can make you angry if you didn’t already have anger.

People don’t show love!

(12:09) The young man agrees about not telling anyone about “problems,” as the Enemy prompts. You feel the same afterward. But if you say nothing.

JLP: Taught wrong: No ‘self-confidence,’ no fear

12:10 Jesse says: We’ve been taught wrong…. There’s no such thing as self-confidence. You don’t have to go to college. Get a trade. You don’t need a degree. You can be a doctor without going to college. Go on YouTube! We don’t trust the inner at all, but the outer. You take medication and become a zombie.

(12:13) There’s nothing to be afraid of at all. You don’t need to trust or distrust people.

‘Are you judgmental of me?’ Love by not hating.

12:14 Alex asks Jesse if he has love, or if he’s judgmental. Jesse explains: I love by not hating. Love is not a feeling. It’s a light, it’s life; it’s a normal way of living. Alex asks Jesse: Are you judgmental of me? Not at all. If you know yourself, it’s impossible to judge. Do you feel judged? Maybe. You’re not.

(12:17) Alex is worried about possibly being committed tomorrow morning.

12:18 Sean shares some advice.

(12:19) Jesse asks Alex if he hears the thoughts telling him of the impending doom. Who is it telling you that? It’s not you at all. Is it possible that it’s not you telling yourself those things about tomorrow?

(12:22) He gets his identity from his name. What would happen to you if you had no thoughts about tomorrow? I’d be free, Alex says. Which do you prefer? I prefer to be free. So why don’t you take it?

(12:23) Jesse urges him to relax; take a breath.

JLP: Do you want to walk? (Mama wanna soothe him)

12:24 This is every human being on earth. Remember the story of Jesus: Do you want to walk? Get up and walk. You can doubt the Devil right now. (A young man goes to sit next to him, and Jesse tells him: Mama, don’t go soothe him!)

(12:26) He’s a senior. You could be free right now. You’re creating your next moment. He won’t get up and walk?

Devil feeds one thought after another: All ideas are identities

12:28 Jesse asks a young woman: What’s it like seeing that? The Devil tells him one thing after another. Every human being goes through that, Alex. You’re stuck in your head.

(12:30) Jesse reiterates: All ideas are identities.

The light will guide you out of the darkness; praying to the Devil

12:31 Nick says it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. He could just lie, and not be put in a mental institution.

(12:34) You pray to the Devil thinking you’re praying to God. Jesse mocks black praying (really funny.)

You don’t need any help. No human being can help you.

12:36 The young man tells Alex he reminds him so much of his dad. You don’t need any help, not even your son. It’s in you. Be still and know God. No other human being can do anything for you, Jesse agrees. He talks about in a relationship, look at yourself, and what’s wrong with you that you feel some way brought on by another person.

12:39 Franky tells Alex: We’re just like you.

Interrupt the thought of false sadness; Not you telling you

12:39 A woman (“Danielle” [sp]) agrees with Nick: Many of these therapists are seeing therapists! A former friend of hers was found deceased in his car — a young guy who may have committed suicide. People called her up on the verge of tears, even though they hadn’t seen him in years. She started to feel sad, but she interrupted the thought.

Jesse agrees: That’s not you telling you to commit suicide.

Your mind somewhere else

12:44 Alexis comments on how easy it is to be deceived. Jesse comments on how your mind can be somewhere else, even though you want to be here.

Nobody can help you. Nobody loves you

12:46 In closing, nobody can help you. Nobody loves you. Jesse tells a story from a movie. A man in the movie says: Most of the time it’s the person you know who deceives you, and not the person you don’t know. People hate Jesse, and follow him! Jesse saw a movie about Shakespeare in which a man spent his life hating a person.

Watch all ideas to see what feeling you get

(12:49) Hell and heaven is in the mind. Anything you hold onto — that’s your identity, whether fear, or worry. You’ll never know God until you let go of all identities. Watch all ideas to see what feeling you get from them.

12:53 New Biblical Question: What’s the one thing keeping you separated from God?

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