Why Do You Value Your Fear? | Church 4/30/23

JLP tells a story: Trying to fit in vs standing alone. Biblical Q: Why do you value your fear? Welcome fear. Sit in it. It’s not you.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, April 30, 2023

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  • 0:00:00 Pre-Church small talk
  • 0:02:14 Welcome to Church
  • 0:02:41 Alex was robbed, hospitalized (new bike stolen)
  • 0:03:46 First-timers greet JLP
  • 0:05:42 Trying to fit in (story of an empire builder)
  • 0:08:43 Agnostic needed “proof”; “preach Christ, and Him crucified”
  • 0:14:36 What do you mean “stand alone”?
  • 0:20:58 What do you mean we’re “born alone”?
  • 0:25:55 True family; atheist Christians
  • 0:31:29 JLP: Looking outside for anything
  • 0:35:42 Community? Jesus came to divide…
  • 0:40:53 BQ: Why do you value your fear?
  • 0:43:36 Fear as motivator; practical fear; overreaction
  • 0:47:57 JLP: Waking up with fear: Why?
  • 0:48:22 Fear: Letting 96-yo father go… Franky unsure
  • 0:53:20 Paralyzing fear, no value…
  • 1:00:16 Fear keeps me following the rules… ladies answer
  • 1:06:33 Lady didn’t raise her hand… she’s part her body
  • 1:09:59 JLP: You don’t have to deal with life
  • 1:12:02 Franky: Fear of hell taught in religion
  • 1:14:13 Sean a hypochondriac? Maybe OCD cleaning?
  • 1:16:29 Relationship with a narcissist
  • 1:19:33 Anchor Baby defined; Hake’s answer; Another lady
  • 1:24:15 JLP advice in breakup: Don’t gossip, take sides, nor feel right
  • 1:26:40 JLP: Welcome fear. All ideas about God and self are false.
  • 1:41:35 (JLP: Taking care of mama, wishing she’d hurry up and die)
  • 1:43:45 Follow-up: Paralyzed by practical fear of dog
  • 1:46:55 Overwhelmed with fear at the doorbell
  • 1:57:37 JLP closing on fear/love (1 Corinthians 13); Two Super Chats
  • 2:01:28 New BQ answered: Why do you need to be accepted by anyone?


Live a life of standing alone.

WATCH CLIP (9-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  How are you going to know God if you’re afraid to stand alone?

What it means to stand alone

WATCH CLIP (4-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  Don’t look outside for anything.

Welcome Fear.

WATCH CLIP (17-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP speaks on the Biblical Question: Why do you value your fear? Let it happen. It’s an illusion from the Devil.

See clips from recent services as well as older services (on YouTube).


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Church Notes

10:58 AM US PDT We start streaming. After we start, Rochelle relays a message from Alex that he’s been hospitalized after someone robbed and assaulted him. The attacker(s) stole the newish bike we gave him.

JLP: Trying to fit in: Story of an empire builder

11:04 After welcoming first-time visitors, Jesse tells a story of a man who built an empire. The man got rid of conservatives and brought in liberals in order to fit in with the crowd.

11:05 A man did this in school to fit in.

11:06 In the good old days it was a sin to try to fit in. How will you have a life or know God is with you if you’re afraid to stand alone? They display you, and make an example of you if you try to stand alone. Christ knew that even his disciples were his enemies. You still associate with others, and have fun, but you don’t get your identity from the crowd or anyone else.

JLP: Agnostic needed proof! “Preach Christ and Him crucified”

11:09 JLP tells of an atheist or agnostic man who called the radio show saying he needs “proof” of God.

11:11 Another person once told Jesse he needs to “preach Christ, and him crucified.”

Q: Stand alone?

11:12 Jesse jokingly says, “Catch me outside, see what happens!” A young Christian man says Jesus called his disciples his friends (rather than servants), and we’re meeting together at Church.

Another man and Nick respond.

Q: Born alone?

Lijie says she was born with her mother present — not alone. People try to clarify what it means we’re born alone.

True family, atheist Christians

11:24 Jesse explains to the man asking about “standing alone,” that in reality we’re not families with our families. If they were, they would not backbite, turn on one another, and other things. Your true family has been born of the Spirit of the Father.

11:25 The young Christian man references what Jesus said about family too.

11:25 The Christians are atheists or agnostics. They have the intellectual word about Him, but they don’t overcome. They don’t get along because they don’t have perfect love. With perfect love, it’s impossible to hate your enemy. Christians don’t love their enemy or one another — nor do family members.

“Crowd” people — “community” people turn on one another.

11:28 A young man tells Lijie that she was born with her own spirit.

Ryan talks about standing alone as Job did.

JLP: Looking outside for anything

11:30 Jesse gives a great monologue: We’re supposed to treat everybody with perfect love, the way we’d like to be treated. If people lack love with you, that’s because they don’t have love to give — it’s not personal.

Community? Jesus came to divide…

11:33 Lijie says we shouldn’t turn to our community for moral guidance or values.

11:34 Jesse said he came to divide — he was destroying the “community.”

11:35 She says if Christ came to divide, maybe that’s why she’s divided within herself.

11:36 Another man talks about the community.

11:37 A man asks about a woman who won’t cheat on her husband with whom she’s dissatisfied, out of fear of God. She fears the Devil.

BQ: Why do you value your fear?

11:39 Jesse asks a man the Biblical Question: Why do you value your fear? The man responds.

Fear as motivation; Practical fear; Inner fear

11:41 Another young woman says she used her fear as a motivator. The world is teaching you to value your fear! Isn’t that crazy?

11:43 There’s a practical fear — wariness in the world. You should be aware how you react to it — not overreact to it. But Jesse’s talking about inner fear.

JLP: Waking up afraid: Why?

11:46 Jesse says you can wake up in the morning, and the Devil gives you fear.

Fear of decline in 96yo father’s health

11:47 A woman talks about family seeing her 96-year-old father. She realized she couldn’t control or fix anything. Let the man go! Jesse agrees.

11:49 Franky says he’s getting over his fear. He doesn’t know why or how to get over it completely.

No value in fear — paralyzing at times

11:51 A woman (Danielle [sp]) says fear is paralyzing at times. She doesn’t think it has any value.

11:53 Jesse remembers Rachel (sp)’s name.

11:54 A man says he has no fear; he always did a version of the Silent Prayer since childhood. He forgave his mother, but

Fear kept me from stealing, breaking the rules

11:59 Another young man says fear is what brought him where he is today. His parents instilled fear in him in order not to break the rules. My cousins are in jail, he says. You’re in jail, and don’t know it, Jesse says.

12:02 A couple of ladies talk about fear… Alexis and Rochelle — Rochelle says she no longer thinks about fear.

Not your body; You don’t have to deal with life

12:05 A lady answers the Biblical Question. She says her body is part her – but Jesse asserts that her body is none of her. You have to deal with life, she says.

12:08 Jesse tells the people: God gave us the body as a house from which to navigate. But we should not identify with the house. Jesse wants to tear down all the walls.

Religion taught to contain you

12:11 Franky talks about the past, fear being taught to keep him out of hell.

12:12 Jesse agrees that the little bit of “religion” is taught

12:12 Sean says he’s a hypochondriac, because he was a sickly child. He may say his mother is sort of OCD

Relationship / breakup with a narcissist

12:15 One of the first-timer ladies talks about a breakup with a narcissist. Jesse asks if she

Anchor Baby defined; Hake’s answer

12:17 Hake answers after Jesse describes what an anchor baby is.

12:21 A

JLP advice for the woman in the breakup

12:22 Jesse urges the woman afraid of the ex: Don’t let your family members take sides. You don’t want to feel right. Pray for him; wish him well. Don’t gossip about him to family members or anyone. If they ask, give them the finger. Go to the person. It’s the way we treat others — not the way they treat us.

(Franky lost his point.)

JLP: Welcome fear. Ideas of God and self are false.

12:25 Jesse advises: Welcome fear. Live in it. Fear is not you; it’s not of you; it’s of your father the Devil. Don’t get drunk in fear. Wait until the fear passes. All thoughts are all lies, all the time. Get to know you. Pay attention to yourself. Know thyself.

Die from the ego. Don’t protect your ego or your reputation. Don’t try to get respect based on your title.

Again: Welcome the fear. It will tell you all about your degree or role in relation to others. Parents don’t love their children; they hate their children.

12:30 Jesse says: Thoughts are of no value (I think he says this). But they give you ideas and Satan has you overreacting. Let the fear be with you, and the Father will take it away from you. Forgive, meaning: Apologize for judging. God will take the anger, the hatred, the nature of the Devil out of your heart. It’s a false you. The real you will appear.

12:32 All your ideas about God are false. Satan will have you falsely accuse yourself, and judge yourself. You don’t even see the real you yet.

12:34 Jesse says: I work on me by not working on me. There is no me. You’re not the things you think you are — hypochondriac… mama traumatized you. Go into the crowded room when you fear their gaze.

You go from person to person trying to get love, friendship, familyship. You already have the Kingdom of Heaven within. The illusion is the impostor: Satan does not want to die. You’re praying to the Devil, and his will is being done. We’re already free.

Let the fear happen so that it can die. Let yourself go down into hell so you can live.

The body will fade away too. Take care of the body, but don’t worship it.

12:40-ish (Jesse talks about parents guilting adult children into taking care of them in old age.)

Follow-up: Overreacting to fear of dog

12:42 A woman was paralyzed by fear of a dog that would’ve mauled her had not a man helped her.

Overwhelmed with fear approaching people at their door

12:45 Ryan talks about selling doorbell cameras, and getting overwhelmed with fear at each door this week.

12:49 Franky speaks, and Jesse asks James to pull up 1 Corinthians 13 again, as he read last week.

JLP closing on fear and love (Hake reads 1 Corinthians 13 again)

Jesse gives a brief point in talking with Franky, and then has Hake read the passage about love from 1 Corinthians 13.

12:55 Jesse follows-up and closes after James finishes reading. Stop whining! God doesn’t want to hear your whining!

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