Why Don’t You Have Perfect Peace? | Church 3/26/23

Why don’t you have perfect peace?

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What was your life like this week? Inner conflict? You are divided inwardly and with others. In Christ, you’re one and whole. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, March 26, 2023


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Mar 26, 2023
  • 0:01:00 Welcome to Church!
  • 0:02:16 Your life this week, dealing with inner conflict, the Devil’s lies
  • 0:18:11 (Devil tells you you wanna get married)
  • 0:20:33 Woman doesn’t feel good enough
  • 0:37:04 Man deals with monotony, not being in control
  • 0:48:25 Mother/boss enjoys life, has fear and the spirit of anger
  • 0:57:00 Her son is like his mama, afraid to confront his father
  • 1:02:59 Woman drinks under peer pressure, fights guilty thoughts
  • 1:10:00 (Jesse retells not wanting pot b/c of paranoia, insecurity)
  • 1:12:33 Biblical Q: Why don’t you have perfect peace? (Sit in the pain.)
  • 1:14:44 Lady didn’t cave to pressure to buy a gift
  • 1:16:49 Let go of insight and identity. The dog/cat doesn’t love you!
  • 1:21:36 Woman dealing with dental emergency, thoughts
  • 1:25:38 JLP: You are divided
  • 1:29:47 JLP story: Family divided by a river
  • 1:33:00 JLP: Christ came. Don’t identify with titles, shyness, etc
  • 1:42:00 Woman feels vulnerable, listening to Satan. (We’re our own problem!)
  • 1:49:46 Lady didn’t want to forgive b/c she liked being right (self-deception)
  • 1:53:06 Woman forgave father. Adults yearn for the father…
  • 1:56:46 The mother/boss said bye to mother’s dead body
  • 1:59:27 Closing: Leave the crowd; New BQ: Natural flow of life


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You are divided. (Family River Story)

WATCH CLIP (16-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  Christ came that we might be one, might be whole. But the Devil uses people to divide us inwardly and from one another.

See clips from recent services as well as older services (on YouTube).

Church Notes

10:59 AM US PDT – We start streaming about a minute before the top of the hour.

11:00 Franky shares a brief point.

Your life this week, dealing with inner conflict, the Devil’s lies

11:01 Jesse asks a young woman: What was your life like this week? Did you have inner conflict this week? Such as fear, anxiety… She appreciated last week’s message of laying down your weapon(s). How did you deal with the conflict?

11:07 Jesse asks: Does it help knowing it’s the Devil in you? The spirit of evil… She says it’s a relief although it feels overwhelming — it’s better.

11:09 Jesse says: It’s gonna get worse! … Most people get away from it by getting high or having sex or eating food to escape the pain. The Devil does it to everyone. It’s too bad Christianity has not taught us this.

(11:13) The imagination is wicked. It hates you, causes you to be lonely, etc. The Devil laughs when it causes you to jump off the bridge. Stay with it no matter what happens.

(11:15) She felt pain, fear, or shame a couple of hours, but it’s not 24/7 — everything in your life, she says, is set up to take your mind captive until you die. The commercials work with your mind to get you going in debt, buying stuff you don’t really want.

The Devil tells you you want to get married

11:17 Jesse recounts counseling with two couples this week — neither wanted each other! False advertising! The commercial didn’t work! The Devil tells you that you want to get married

Woman doesn’t feel good enough, feels anxiety at people looking

11:19 Jesse talks with a newcomer Heather: What was your life like this week? She’s conflicted… meaning what? She’s trying to feel better about herself. She’s imperfect, and can’t accept it. Not good enough… for what? Work skills (comparing to others in her feelings), friendships, relationships… she disappoints people including her parents. She wants to fit in with societal norms, not fly off the handle when upset.

Jesse encourages her to look at different people in attendance and tell what the thoughts tell you. Those thoughts of awkwardness are not you — that’s the hell in the imagination. That’s not you, but darkness making you think it’s you.

(11:35) She tries to tell herself she’s good enough for herself, for a man. Stop judging yourself — it’s not you.

Man deals with monotony, not being in control, lacking money

11:36 Jesse asks a third person, the young man behind her: What was your life like this week? Any conflict: Fear, worry, loneliness, sadness, happiness…? He had fatigue from the monotony of life, chasing money, living by the rules of the city. What do you do about it when those moments come? I try to distract myself, talk with friends, connect with people. Does that work? Yeah. I advise you, Jesse says: Never do that again. Take the spirit of boredom, loneliness, monotony. Go through it. Let it pass before acting.

He doesn’t like not being in control.

(11:40) We are spirits, and in our mind and imagination are spirits. We’re not in control of anything. A lot of people love their suffering. You don’t have to suffer anymore. You don’t have to follow society. Jesse says: I have no suffering in my life, because I understand. The spiritual conflict that comes I have no control over… I don’t need anything from the world. No one has anything to give anyway. People can only give you their hell!

Don’t let Satan give you names for it.

(11:43) He has skepticism about Jesse not suffering. Do you like the reality you’re in now? If I had a bunch of money, I could live the life I want, he says.

(11:46) Jesse asks if he’s doing the Silent Prayer. He prays and reflects

Mother/boss enjoys life, has fear

11:47 A lady Gayle or Gail (sp) was introduced to JLP’s podcast by her son. Jesse jokes: What do you think about the fact I hate women? She says she enjoys her life, yet she has inner fear, which she says is motivating.

Her employees make her mad. If you did not have the spirit of anger, could you become angry?

She pats herself on the back, although she destroyed her kids.

Her son is like his mama, afraid to confront his father

11:56 Her son speaks… He hasn’t forgiven his father. He sees his father the way she sees him, and that’s why he’s afraid to confront him.

Woman fights guilty thoughts after drinking under peer pressure

12:02 Another young woman drinks at times, and falls to pressure from her husband and friends, and the Devil taunts her. When you see the thought, don’t fight with the thought.

She asks: How do you see the thought, the temptation to drink more (they say she’s boring), and not go along with it? Don’t try to fit in… The crowd feels uncomfortable because one person said no.

(12:10) Jesse tells a story about pot.

Biblical Question: Why don’t you have perfect peace?

12:11 Jesse asks a man and his wife the Biblical Question: Why don’t you have perfect peace?

(12:13) Sit in the pain, Jesse advises. Neither love it nor hate it. Just sit through it.

Lady didn’t cave to pressure to buy a gift

12:13 The first woman who spoke (Rachel [sp]) talks again about her friend’s birthday. She didn’t want to do something that the world says she’s supposed to do. (The Devil told her to get a gift from Trader Joe’s, etc., etc.). But she did not, and just showed up to wish her well.

Let go of insight and identity. The dog or cat doesn’t love you!.

12:16 Another man talks about the temptation to hold onto insight that comes. Jesse talks about the false positive and negative identities we get. Jesse saw a lady with a dog feeling like the dog loves her.

(12:19) One woman feels the cat loves her.

12:20 Another young woman had a dental emergency, and she observed herself this week. She had all kinds of thoughts from being swollen, worry about possible infection, and let the thoughts go. Jesse comments: We’ve been raised to identify with a false self-image of who we think we are. And we suffer.

JLP: You are divided

12:24 Jesse gives his advice… In God there is no male nor female. Truth is plain truth, with no identity. Why is it so easy to divide people? The Devil uses other people to control us from the outside, and on the inside. People who can be controlled join groups just like that. They start a war, and have people fighting and judging one another over whether to have the war!

JLP story: A family divided by a river

12:28 Jesse tells a story of a family that left the city after the city went bad. They moved to a beautiful spot near a river. One part of the family lived on the other side of the river. They started feeling irritated within. One person on said the water’s moving too fast, while others said it’s too slow! So they argued and fought, held a rally. They then made a president, yet the conflict got worse. They never paused for a minute to see the conflict coming from within.

JLP: Christ came. Don’t identify with titles, shyness, etc

(12:33) You are divided between right and wrong, love and hate… Those keeping you divided are using you. A person looking for love, Satan can tell them they need to get married, to get a drink, to get a car or house.

Christ came that we might be one, might be whole. Instead of looking at the river, look at yourself. It’s not racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, man or woman — it’s the spirit.

(12:36) You’re not any of the things you think you are — a slut, your job, a doctor, etc. — stop putting titles on things. Some “Congresswoman” had an ego trip when Jesse referred to her by her name. Don’t identify with titles.

(12:39) Jesse advises the young man his ego talks him out of forgiving his father, out of fear of how he may react.

Feedback and closing

12:42 Jesse talks with the woman who feels vulnerable, giving great advice.

(12:48) Jesse remarks: We are our own problem!

12:48 One of the other women (Rachel?) says the Devil told her that if she forgave her mother, she’d give up being right.

The mother / boss lady said goodbye to her mother’s body. We talk about the color of dead bodies.

12:58 Jesse closes by urging people to pull away from the crowd spiritually. Biblical Question: Why do you interfere with the natural flow to your life?

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