Why Men Get So Into Sex: Anthony Weiner - Rebuilding the Man
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Why Men Get So Into Sex: Anthony Weiner

Sex is one of the last issues men must overcome. Here’s why it’s such a problem, and how to get past it:

Examples of Men and Boys Destroying Their Lives with Sex

Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner suffered yet another disgrace in his third or so “sexting” scandal in recent years. A woman told the New York Post that Weiner sent her compromising photos a year ago, including one “selfie” showing his body with his shirt off, wearing only underwear, as his son lay in bed next to him.

Weiner also shamed his wife and family. Huma Abedin separated him after repeated scandals.

In the 1990s, President Bill Clinton cheated on his wife — in the White House!

Jesse Lee Peterson talked in Church and on his on his radio show (same video appears below) about horrifying news stories of black young men: One teen raped his own grandmother repeatedly as she slept; another man raped his own three-week-old daughter.

None of these people wanted to commit these ugly sexual acts. Something drove them to it.

What Drives Men Into Sex, Pornography, and Using Women

Young guys tell Jesse they “like” sex — that it “feels good.” Jesse asks why they feel bad. They cannot answer.

Jesse realized that men and boys get into sex because they’re looking for love. They resent their mothers and grandmothers. Because of this underlying anger, they are controlled by women. They seek women out for imitation “love” through “sex.” But women do not have the real love they need.

Men and women, boys and girls, have been separated from their fathers. Real love comes through connecting to your father. Fathers receive love from Christ, and pass it on to wife and children. When you do not love your father, you have no love from God.

How to Overcome Addiction to Sex, Pornography, and Using Women

You must forgive your mothers and grandmothers. Women, tell men that they should forgive. Men, do not have sex outside marriage. Rather, pay attention to yourself, reconnect with your father, and let go of resentment and excitement so that you can see clearly how to live and treat others.

Watch and listen to Jesse speak on his radio show about men and sex in the posted YouTube video.

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