Women Are Not Strong; Men Are Weak (Church, Oct 28)

At Church, Jesse answers questions about reading the Bible, knowing the truth, overcoming bad habits, and dealing with relationship issues: “nurturing” women who become “mothers” to their boyfriends and husbands. The notion that women can be “strong” comes from the reality that men have become morally weak.

(NOTE: The service starts at 2:00 minutes in…. Please bear with the audio issues early-on — we correct them after a few minutes.)

Knowing the truth

A man asks Jesse about his dream. Jesse reminded him that when God reveals things to you, it’s clear — not confusion.

Another man asks about Jesse telling people not to “read the Bible a lot.” Jesse clarifies that you should not read it to remember it, or try to interpret it in your mind. Your father the Devil speaks to you through thoughts — let the intellect die so that you can have the mind of God. The scriptures point you to the Kingdom of Heaven within. The man realizes that he’s trying to transform his mind himself, to feel better about himself. In reality, he’s feeding his ego. Jesse urges him to do the Silent Prayer. silentprayer.video This man doubted the goodness of God at one point. Doubt every thought. Jesse asks him if he’s “beta or alpha?”

Joel asks: If you’ve already forgiven, how do you stop the unhealthy habits that remain? Have no conversation with the Devil, but bring every thought into captivity. For example, if you still smoke pot, do not judge yourself for it.

A woman living with her son’s father

(Watch 19-minute excerpt: Pot Head Is “Mama” to Her Beta-Male Boyfriend)

A woman says that she smokes pot, and that’s why she’s here at Church. She nearly breaks down crying, saying her relationship with her boyfriend is based on smoking weed. She’s living with him, says she’s codependent, and stays with him for protection. She says he is a strong black man who does good things for others. When she was 11 or 12 her mother took her away from her father, to live in Costa Rica. One time burglars came in, beat and stabbed her, and left her for dead. Her father since passed away.

A young lady offers feedback to the woman: “Control your narrative,” she says. “Your past doesn’t determine your future.” She says that you choose to do the things you do in life.

Another man gives feedback, saying that her boyfriend smoking with her is not a real man. Jesse too tells her that he’s a beta male living with her: He doesn’t love you; he’s using you. Forgive your mother for taking you away from your father. And don’t resent your boyfriend for being weak. She has a son with her boyfriend, so Jesse urges her not to keep her son from him. But don’t have sex with the man anymore. Do the prayer no matter what. Don’t judge yourself if you do have sex — just know it’s wrong and you shouldn’t be doing it.

Women aren’t strong; men are weak

In response to the discussion with the distraught woman, another lady asks: Define strength. Some think strength is in actions like helping others. In the case of the boyfriend of the woman here at Church, if he were strong he would do the right thing. Based on what she says about him, he’s looking for a “mother.”

Women often take on the role of “mother” to their boyfriends and husbands, but they call it “nurturing.” But “nurturing” is death. That’s why men die before women. This lady asking the question can attest to that — she worked at a senior center, and the men die off, whereas the home is full of women. She hates hearing people tell her she’s strong, or saying that “black women are strong.” A member of the Black Student Union at Antelope Valley said, “Black women are strong.” But the reality is men are weak.

The Bible points to the Kingdom of Heaven within

A young man’s mother from Houston, TX, stands up in Church, to correct Jesse about what she mistook him for saying. She falsely believed he said that the Bible is not important. Jesse asserts that it is important. She calls the Bible “the Word of God.” But she says things that are not true. Yes, the men who wrote the Bible were inspired by God. But the Bible points you to the Kingdom of Heaven within.

The young man, her son, pipes up and says he’s tried to convince her she’s wrong in saying, for example, that Christians continue to sin. But she always repeats Bible verses in talking to him, misusing the Bible to defend untrue things. Jesse tells him to let her believe what she will, because you cannot convince a person, nor should you try.

Online questions from YouTube Live Chat

James asks questions asked in the YouTube Live Chat discussion: One man says his widow girlfriend has two children from a prior marriage, and now she says she’s pregnant with his kid. Should he marry her? Should he live with her? Please advise. Jesse shakes his head and tells men not to have sex with women until marriage! Since she’s widowed, she can remarry. But it’s best not to marry a woman who has children, because kids don’t accept stepparents, and want their real parents’ undivided attention. But since she may have a child by him, it’s a mess.

Jesse urges another man to be an example, since he says that he is “awakened” but his wife is not.

More questions answered

A young man talks about his addictions and people who tell him that he should stop doing the things he does. Do not impose your will on others.

Jesse talks a little about speaking at USC earlier this week. A white young lady talked about fear. Anyone with fear cannot please God. Jesse talked about fighting back and protesting Allstate one time before he woke up — because he was right, he won! He also tells about his producer James doing the same thing after buying a used car and getting burned by the dealer. Sometimes you stand alone, but God is with you. The evil people are afraid of you.

Jesse mentions that there was a lightweight protest and walkout against him at USC while he spoke to the GOP club. He tells the people that when you face suffering, count it all joy, because it makes you strong from within. Suffering allows you to know yourself, and your relationship with God, so that Satan cannot ambush you. Overcome fear by overcoming anger. As an example, Megyn Kelly gave in to fear by apologizing after she said nothing wrong, and the evil people fired her for a phony reason, falsely accusing her of “racism.” She should fight back.

After Church ended, Jesse did a wedding for a man named Daniel, known as Lock Your Door.

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