Work, Investment, and Entrepreneurship More Valuable Than College

On his radio show, Jesse recounts attending a birthday party for a longtime friend and member of BOND Aussie, who turned 80 years old. Jesse’s counseled with her family; she’s attended church and supported the organization for over 20 years. At her party, they showed a slide show and told a little about her life growing up. She grew up in Louisiana or Arkansas in the Jim Crow era, what some would consider “poor.” She started going to college, but dropped out after getting married and having kids. But she worked, bought a house, then another. She started a preschool and ran it for about 30 years and counting. She’s full of life and energy, even dancing at the party.

Blacks in the old days grew up with a strong, independent mind, character, and work ethic. Many did go to college, but it was not number one. College can be good for some things. But working and investing, and even owning your own business, is of more value than college, partly because it is difficult to find good jobs to pay for the college. It’s especially bad today because in college, and in elementary and high school, the education is more indoctrination than ever. People end up dumb as a doorknob and in debt. This is especially true of blacks today who are taught to protest, complain, hate and compete with whites, rather than be independent, think for themselves, and do their own thing.

James, Jesse’s producer, said he was told to go to college because he’d have more opportunities with any bachelor’s degree. His father worked hard, invested, and started his own business, and his older brothers work hard and invest. But James never picked up on investment, although he was sent to a seminar about it. His degree hasn’t been necessary for anything he’s done so far.

Jesse urges men and women of all races and ages to read his guide, The Seven Guaranteed Steps to Spiritual, Family and Financial Success (available in ebook or paperback).

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