You Are Brainwashed Through Your Anger (Church 8/28/22)

You vs the gov’t: same spirit! Uncle Tom II: Anger brainwashes you. Ego insecurity: Relax and go through it. BQ: Is a memory of you you?

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, August 28, 2022: What’s the difference between you and the government? You’re just as mean and controlling! // The documentary Uncle Tom II shows generations of brainwashing. You will look at yourself. The government was not always involved in education. Now there is a religion of anger. // 

People face ego pain in their fear of needles, and the temptation of snacks. Relax in life. // A father took his son out of private Christian school after female teachers overreacted to a derogatory teasing word. // How do you overcome insecurity? Shake in your boots, and face your fear. The sin is in the imagination. You’re brainwashed by way of anger. // 

Stay with the Silent Prayer: Never give up on you. An Asian man has yet to forgive his tough father. // 

Biblical Question: Is a memory of you you? A memory of you is not you. Practice being present with God. // New Biblical Question: Are you in control of your life? // 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Men’s Forum this first Thursday, Sept 1, 2022, 7 PM at BOND in L.A. 


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Aug 28, 2022
  • 0:01:31 Difference between you and govt?
  • 0:09:05 You and govt: Same spirit
  • 0:12:40 Uncle Tom II: Religion of Anger
  • 0:28:18 Ego pain: Fear needles, snacks temptation
  • 0:38:05 Relax in life; don’t tense up. 
  • 0:40:43 Home school: Have no one over you 
  • 0:48:58 How to overcome insecurity?
  • 0:54:49 JLP: Shake in your boots
  • 0:59:49 Sin of imagination, anger, brainwashing 
  • 1:07:32 Prayer: Never give up on you
  • 1:14:50 Forgive your hard father; pray 
  • 1:24:21 Biblical Q: Memory of you, you?
  • 1:32:39 JLP on BQ: Practice being present
  • 1:36:34 New BQ / Closing 

Church Notes

11:02 AM US PDT We start a couple of minutes late, after the top of the hour. 

Difference between you and the government?

11:03 Jesse asks: What’s the difference between you and the government? A few men answer. 

11:06 A young lady answers as well. One man feels neglected by the government allowing crime, homelessness, and vandalism where he lives. 

One man says one’s inward reality is manifested in the government. 

Another lady doesn’t know. 

Another man says he no longer seeks money, fame, and power. 

It’s the same spirit (woke vs awake)

11:11 Jesse agrees, the government seeks control. But you’re as mean to others as the government is to you. It’s the same spirit. If you pay attention to you, you’ll see what’s going on in the government. 

11:13 A man clarifies “woke” versus “awake.” They are the same. 

There is no love: no friendships or family are real. When you see what’s going on with you, you will not judge anyone. 

Uncle Tom II: Brainwashing, self-examination

11:15 Jesse highly recommends Uncle Tom II, which shows what’s been going on for years. Get to know yourself. 

Nick talks about how government-funded schools are new. Prior to that, they were better. (Jesse talks about Ms. Comer giving him a whupping because he didn’t want to get a shot.) 

Jesse points out the Civil Rights movement was worse than slavery. As a union shop steward, Jesse later became a union organizer. He was taught to look for the angry, complaining employee, to get into places that weren’t unionized. When you’re angry, you can’t see what you’re getting into — that’s what the Civil Rights people did to usher in socialism. 

The movie will make you look at yourself to see how blind you were as an angry person. 

The older black people didn’t want the young people to get involved with the civil rights movement. 

Uncle Tom II: Religion of Anger

You don’t know the depths of the wickedness of your heart. All of your insecurities, issues, and identities come from anger. But the world puts a title on you to trap you in it. 

You’re always doing this to each other, including parents to children. Evil rules this world. Nobody has true peace. But you could be at peace. Drop the anger. Forgive. 

There will be a Part III for Uncle Tom. They had to hold back because it was too much reality. Socialism is evil. 

Get to know yourself. Jesse says: Y’all ain’t nice either! God said do not trust an angry person — anyone who has anger is of the Devil. Without anger, you don’t want control over others. All your shyness, fears, doubts, worries — everybody has the same problem. People are not living the simple life, but a fake life, around the world. 

The heart is easier to change than it is for the ego to die. The heart changes right away, but the identity of the thoughts and feelings is a different story. 

People in ego pain: Fear, temptation. It’s of the heart. 

11:30 A man talks briefly about this. Jesse says: if you can admit how stupid you are, it helps. 

A woman hates needles (such as for acupuncture), but asks how to overcome it. Jesse closes his eyes, so that he doesn’t have an image. And relax. 

One guy talks about the temptation of eating snacks. Jesse encourages him: take the pain just for a moment. It’s not you. And it’s not from God. He’s 34, and joined us once before, two years ago. 

JLP: It’s of the heart

Jesse talks about having the strength to overcome the darkness. The heart must change from hate to love. The focus should not be on overeating or vices. You’re keeping yourself in hell, playing god by judging yourself. It’s enough to see you’re weak, drinking, because you’ve been turned from the Father, in the darkness, the wilderness. Something’s missing. The vice is not the issue. God’s love is dispassionate. You will overcome the world. 

Relax in life. Don’t tense up. 

11:40 A man talks about reducing the snacks a little bit, and taking baby steps to face your fear. Jesse says: Relax. It’s not as bad if you relax. Relax in life. 

Have no one over you. (School)

11:43 A man says the school system is intended to survive, and be a mandatory part of life, whether it works or not. 

Never put another man over you, Jesse was told growing up. So preachers would get mad at him, when he’d ask them questions. Jesse asked one preacher how you become a man. He just said, “Read the Bible more.” Ask God; He’ll show you. 

The man says he pulled his kids out of private Christian school. Female teachers told his son and his friends (ages 9-11) not to call each other “gay” as an insult. They put a lot of emotion behind it. The son would have preferred to hear a male teacher tell him. So now he’s struggling in home school. 

Jesse talks about calling weak boys sissies when he was a kid. Parents told kids to stand up for themselves. 

Public and even private schools hate kids, as do the parents who send them there. 

How to overcome insecurity 

11:51 One man goes back to the woman who fears needles. He says you’re not born with a fear of needles. Jesse warns: Don’t go to a therapist! Jesse reiterates: Just relax! 

The man also talks about there being nothing worse than an insecure man or woman. Yet he’s insecure in his work with that problem coworker he’s complained about in prior services. 

How do you overcome insecurity? One young lady urges: just watch things! Another says: Not having an ego or response. 

11:57 Jesse urges: The next time the fear comes, shake in your boots, but ask for your penny anyway — don’t let the fear stop you. He suggests the example of a tough checkout lady or black woman at the Post Office. Overcome the fear by facing the fear. The light will cause you to change. 

12:00 Another man talks about the fear of needles, and how it’s unnatural to put one in your skin. 

The sin is of the imagination. Brainwashing. 

After Franky makes a point about anticipation and imagination about drinking wine, Jesse talks about it too. 

12:02 They also talk about needles and imagination. 

Jesse didn’t realize how easy it is to brainwash people. He goes back to the movie Uncle Tom II. Only angry people can be brainwashed. When people build an army against you, they go to all the angry people. 

12:06 Doug added to the young lady’s point about looking at others; rather, look at you, how you’re overreacting. 

12:08 A man talks about not reacting to name calling. Jesse urges people not to fall for titles. 

Prayer: never give up on you

12:09 Jesse asks one man, Tim, what’s on his mind. He asks how to love God with all his heart, soul, and mind. The Devil plays god, and makes you think you know what it is. Stay with the Silent Prayer and you will come to know. He will give you more light if you ask. 

Jesse asks him how life is. He gets lost in his thoughts a lot. Never give up on you. Make it personal. 

12:13 A man says that when people control you, you gave them control over you. He brings up home school, and self-determination. 

Jesse says: You’re as smart as the people with degrees. 

The government builds groups and not individuals. You can’t control an individual. 

12:16 The different forms of government is the Devil wearing a mask. 

Forgive your hard father

12:17 One man Eric (sp) forgave his Chinese mother, but there’s a language barrier with her. He has not forgiven his father, who’s stubborn, and who works with him. Jesse talks about his life since the spirit of anger was taken from him. 

He’s not praying consistently. God wants to renew your mind, whereas the Devil is always working your mind. He wants to be stress-free. He gets overwhelmed because he’s believing in thoughts. When you can doubt the lie, you can believe the truth. 

12:24 Raymond talks about people being tricked about needing education and a degree. Then they’re in debt. 

Doug said people used to be more individuals. People listen to every little thing the CDC says, rather than go their own way. 

Biblical Q: Memory of you, you?

12:26 Jesse asks the biblical question: Is a memory of you you? 

When you get a memory of you, do you believe that it’s you at the time? 

Raymond calls it a comfort zone. Come out if the comfort zone, Jesse says, and shake in your boots, and get your money anyway. 

A lady says it doesn’t bother her anymore. Another young lady says God reminds you of a lot of things that you knew as a kid. A man says he’s a new man, born of the Spirit. The Devil can’t bring him down. 

12:32 Jesse starts to say: A memory of you is not you. But Hassan jumps in to say: If we can remember who we were before trauma, that’s a pure memory of us. Another man says it doesn’t have to be you if you can learn and overcome it. Franky says God’s memory is the true thing that exists. 

JLP on BQ: Practice being present. 

12:35 Jesse says a memory of you is not you. It’s the past. When you overreact to the Devil reminding you of an incident, you think it’s you, but it’s a lie that seems real. Don’t go into the past or future. You become afraid again because you’re living an illusion. The sin is of the imagination. 

Ladies, if your husband beat you this morning, it doesn’t mean he’ll beat you tonight. But you’ll start a fight anticipating it! 

Stay in the present. Practice being present. Everything works in the present. 

New BQ: Are you in control of your life?

12:38 Jesse asks the new Biblical Question: Are you in control of your life? 

Stay with the Silent Prayer and watch. When a situation happens, shake in your boots and go through it. 

Become your own man (or woman). 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Men’s Forum this Thursday at 7pm. 

Hake is recovering from surgery but doing better. Thanks, all! 


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