You Can Overcome All Things If You Forgive (Church, Sep 1, 2019)

Church on Sunday, September 1, 2019, streamed live video 11 AM PT on YouTube, Periscope, DLive, Mixer, and Twitch — but not Facebook today. (Jesse’s page was temporarily  disabled and censored by Facebook this week for so-called “hate speech”; we hope to be back streaming on the platform next week.) (NOTE: DLive, Mixer, and Twitch do not preserve past video streams long, but are great platforms for watching live.) 

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Mass Shooting in Odessa, Texas

There was a mass shooting in Odessa, Texas. Reportedly, a white male shot officers and civilians in different locations after being pulled over by police. He killed about 7, having shot about 21 people — police shot and killed him. Why is this happening? One man points out that white men are separated from God. Some are cowardly and liberal, while others are angry and blaming Jews and others. 

Overcome Anger by the Grace of God?

One Christian man “Tan” (spelling may be inexact) spoke up and asked about Christians who justify continuing to sin. Jesse asks him if he overcame anger. He said, “By the grace of God…” he guesses he has overcome anger. But the answer seems unclear by adding those words in, so Jesse repeats the question several times, with similar answers. His wife quotes the Bible saying, “Be angry but sin not,” suggesting that her husband has the non-sinful kind of anger. Jesse asks her if she forgave and overcame her mother — and incidentally, her mother is there as well! 

A Husband Was Angry at Disobedient Wife

A woman named “Annette” (spelling may be inexact) said Jesse’s interviewed her friend Brother Dean Saxton, an open-air preacher from Arizona. They also know Ruben Israel, whom Jesse’s interviewed as well. Jesse asks her if she obeys her husband — she says yes at first, but then says something like, “Well….” Her husband Carlos says he’s the head of his wife, but previously did not know what that means. But he has gotten angry at times when she does not obey him. Jesse urges him to forgive his mother who died by getting to know himself. She’s living in him, by that angry spirit. 

Jesse Answers Online Questions

James asks a couple of online questions from YouTube’s Live Chat: If your father committed suicide, can you still return to him? And another question referenced the parable of the “talents” and asked: Is it sinful not to pursue your full potential? 

Black Man Forgave Father; Girlfriend Needs to Forgive Hers

A black man said he forgave his father after hearing Jesse’s message. He was in therapy beforehand, until he found the simple answer of forgiveness. He says his father was “abusive,” meaning he hit him. Jesse questions him and jokes with him about that word. 

The man brought a female friend he’s been dating for some time — they’re not having sex. She’s still angry at her father. She said he lived an “alternative lifestyle,” but by that she just meant he’s a musician who tours and wasn’t home much! She wanted his love and acknowledgment. Jesse urges her to forgive him anyway, and then asks if her boyfriend is a beta or alpha male? She says alpha, before Jesse asks her what alpha is. 

Don’t Get into the ‘Abusive’ Word from the World

Another man asked about the rare instance that a son or daughter needs to forgive their father, such as if they were physically “abusive.” Jesse urges him: Don’t get into all that “abusive” crap. Fathers sometimes discipline their children, and it’s not “abuse.” When this man was disciplined as a child, he too did not think of it as “abuse,” so he agrees. 

Christian Woman Still Has Anger

A woman from Jordan asks about parenting. She says her husband does not “know God.” Should she let him raise their child? She says that she’s born again, but was Catholic when they married, and he’s one foot in, one foot out of religion. She bought four Bibles in order to get the best translation! She says that she lets him be the head, and respects him, but does not love him! She qualifies that it’s the mushy love. But she says she loves God. 

Before she knew God, he still loved her. But her husband has to be a certain way before she can love him. She admits to having anger. Jesse asks why she thinks she’s a Christian if she has anger. Anger is unforgiveness. Jesse urges her to forgive her family, her in-laws — they are not her family. Her family is now her husband and child. 

Forgive Mothers; Forgive Rape and Molestation

A man asked about when it would be okay for an alpha male to cry. Then he asked about forgiving and overcoming all things, such as “rape” and “molestation.” After the body heals, the soul does not heal because of unforgiveness. But if you forgive, then you can be free and whole. 

A 43-year-old black man from Chicago needs to forgive his mother. He would be blaming her, because she is to blame for what she did wrong, although she could not help herself. But he should face her. He says she never taught him to resent his real father who died when he was 14, but she brought a stepfather into his life. 

Another black man Jordan says the hardest thing in the world was to face and forgive his mother. She’s working on helping him find his father, hopefully. He’s 25. But even if not, he can forgive him by knowing himself. 

Who made up ‘Nobody’s Perfect’?

Jesse asks a woman who’s joined us once before with her husband: Who made up the idea that you can’t be perfect, the excuse, “Nobody’s perfect”? 

Woman Wants to Get Away from Her Mother

Another young woman struggles about being perfect. She wants stability, but does not want to live with her mother in Ecuador anymore. She’s 25. She’s lived all over, but it’s difficult to get a visa to live in the United States. Some of the guys don’t have good advice for her, but Jesse urges her first to forgive her mother. Once you forgive, you can clearly see the next step to take. Get a job, work, move out, save money, and take one step at a time. 

Do not listen to your thinking. It’s from Satan. Do Jesse’s Silent Prayer — 

This is actually Dathan’s girlfriend, who is a single father of teenage children. They are turning away from him in part because of their mother. Jesse asks him why he’s getting involved with another woman when he already has children and knows better. Many guys turn back to “beta” when they meet a girl! 

Woman’s Mother is Suing Her!

Yet another young woman is dealing with conflict with her mother who’s suing her. She’s afraid she’ll lose her house over the drama. Jesse urges her to block her mother’s number, and just cut her off. Be honest with them, but don’t allow them to take advantage of you unnecessarily. But she’s torn about it. 

An Illustration of How Satan Tempts You to Judge

Jesse brings two people on-stage to illustrate how judgment works. He had Joel play “Satan,” whispering into Jesse’s ear, feeding him thoughts. But with God, you don’t listen to thoughts, because truth is revealed, and you see what you need to do. 

Liberal Family Rejects Christian Couple

A man known as Bubbzlove says his family and in-laws freaked out and rejected him and his wife over a song he made, titled, “More White Babies.” The song is a nod to Jesse’s urging of white married men and women to “make white babies,” because whites are not having enough children. This brings up Jesse’s Biblical Question: Why do white people help their enemies destroy them? 

Last things…

Next week, Jesse is going to talk about how Christians’ behavior and attitude are a mess! 

The Ecuadorian lady asks some last questions about perfection. Jesse explains about Satan talking to you, while God reveals to you. 

Finally, Jesse answers the Biblical Question from the previous week that got cut off: What does God think of you? He loves us. He created his only Son to come down and make all things right. 

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