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Only God can wake you up. But you prevent seeing with anger, ego, and knowledge. Oprah lied to her followers! Romans 13: 11-14 — Wake up! 

BOND Archive Sunday Service, November 24, 2013:  You cannot change yourself. Only a few ever do change.  //

Jesse Lee Peterson tells of counseling with a woman in her 60s who at first denied resenting her mother. But then she admitted to trying not to be like her; she failed! She was surprised by the truth that she needs to forgive a man who assaulted her. She accepted this upon hearing it, unlike many — ready to stop suffering.  //  Jesse tells another story of counseling with a father and son.  //

We are possessed by a spirit passed down from our parents. We are not ourselves.  //  Even adopted children yearn for their real fathers and mothers. The father represents Christ.  //  Don’t make up what you believe your root issues are. Let God reveal it.  //  Men have difficulty accepting that they’re faking manhood, that they act like women.  //

The ego runs deep and wide: Famous black woman Oprah Winfrey told a damaging lie that impressional blacks who look to “leaders” believe. Anger is encouraged among blacks, while the youth commit assaults on whites, without regard for others.  //  When you’re born again, you overcome false identities with race or gender — you see the spirit driving people.  //

It’s unfortunate that people learn and repeat true things from the Bible and preachers; it builds people’s ego, holding them back from being born again.  //  Romans 13: 11-14 urges people to wake up, and stop sleeping. Get away from licentiousness.  //


  • 00:00 Sun, Nov 24, 2013
  • 05:30 People can’t change. Rarely do they.
  • 08:00 One man’s working on himself.
  • 12:51 Story: Counseling with an older woman
  • 18:27 No reason to be angry: Forgive the rapist
  • 20:33 Some get it. Some haven’t suffered enough?
  • 21:21 Counseling father and son
  • 24:02 Sin: We are possessed
  • 24:57 You can’t fix yourself. No Bible, psychologists, effort…
  • 27:04 Adopted children want their real parents
  • 29:06 Spiritually, we need to connect with earthly father
  • 29:50 When to tell kids they’re adopted? When they start asking.
  • 30:46 Man can’t see
  • 31:57 Don’t make up stuff
  • 32:37 Let God reveal it.
  • 34:14 Men can’t accept they’re women
  • 34:59 The ego runs deep…
  • 35:34 Example: Oprah’s lie to black people
  • 42:56 Worse than animals!
  • 43:41 False identity with race
  • 44:34 False identity with parents
  • 45:39 When born again, you see the spirit driving people
  • 49:42 Q: Big deal whether from mom or dad? Adam and Eve…
  • 51:28 A: Unfortunate you’ve intellectually learned “the truth”
  • 56:13 A: We’ve been harmed by teaching the truth.
  • 56:46 Romans 13: 11-14 – Stop sleeping. Wake up.
  • 57:49 Give up all you know. Stop talking. Observe. Let it be revealed.


We Can’t Change Ourselves. But There Is a Way.

WATCH CLIP (15-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP tells of counseling a woman who wanted peace in her life, and a father and son going through conflict.

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