You’re the Light of the World, But It’s All About You | Archive 3/9/14

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Forgive fathers. Man is selfish with his help. Treat women the same, not special. Barbershop story: Thoughts are the enemy. 

Archive Sunday Service, March 9, 2014: Jesse Lee Peterson is thankful that God caused him to forgive before his father came down with Alzheimer’s.  //  A man doesn’t want to help others when not in the context of work. He lacks love — it’s all about him.  //  There’s no such thing as time. Live in the moment and take care of what’s in front of you. Some people are too “compassionate” to the homeless, for their own vanity.  //

Jesse again talks about the ex-pastor woman (Dorothy Greco) who taught her boys not to be “misogynist.” Even talk show host Steve Harvey backpedaled to appease women when he said, Sometimes men are right!  //

JLP talked with a man at the barbershop about mankind’s greatest enemy: Thoughts. The man made himself miserable thinking and listening to his wife, and she still wasn’t happy! Even celebrities are unhappy living in thoughts. We’re the light of the world, meant to shine the truth for others who are ready to hear it.  //  It’s not stressful to be mindful of thoughts, because you don’t go with judgment.  //  Some people are so into their heads that they don’t care about others. We’re supposed to love those who hate us.  //  How do you resist the Devil without using your will?  //

To be free, you must forgive. All that’s needed is prayer and mindfulness of thoughts.  //


  • 00:00 Sun, Mar 9, 2014: Welcome to Church
  • 01:49 JLP: Forgave my father before Alzheimer’s
  • 05:49 Anybody bring anything, or just come to receive?
  • 07:26 Don’t wanna help others; lack love
  • 14:23 Helping others at work, but not outside?
  • 18:59 Everything’s about you. Wanna overcome it?
  • 21:30 Time doesn’t exist. It’s an illusion.
  • 23:00 Not as compassionate to homeless now
  • 26:24 Ex-pastor woman raised sons not to be misogynist
  • 32:35 Steve Harvey: Sometimes men are right!
  • 34:55 JLP: Barber shop story: Greatest enemy? Thoughts.
  • 42:56 JLP: Light of the world; Unhappy entertainers
  • 48:42 Right here, right now is fine. Satan in imagination
  • 50:39 Stressful to be mindful of thoughts?
  • 52:41 Live in the moment with God. No worry. Taught wrong.
  • 55:30 In head, don’t care about others. Love your enemy.
  • 56:17 How to resist temptation / the Devil without will
  • 58:28 Two types of faith
  • 59:59 To be free, forgive. Pray, be mindful of thoughts

MUSIC: “Changes” (unreleased track) by Jon Parfitt / Bright Lights




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