01/24/10 How Do You Find Love? (Sunday Service)

(BOND YouTube Premiere 10/7/20 Weds. 4 PM PT. See links below for audio podcast.)

BOND Sunday Service, January 24, 2010: Jesse Lee Peterson reminds people about the theme of the year 2010: Trust Truth. He reads from Proverbs 1, about wisdom. Parents and older people are not teaching knowledge to the young. Some in the congregation talk about how they seek to do what’s right in their lives. The knowledge of truth is not the living truth that changes you. Jesse points out that you cannot have fear, doubt, loneliness, insecurity, worries, anxiety, or depression if you do not have anger. 

About midway through the service, Jesse recounts a story from his time at Crenshaw Christian Center with Pastor Fred Price, in which he didn’t feel like a man. More recently a friend from this church recounted a long story of seeking after God, being a good Christian, involved in the church. In his late 40s or 50s he still lived with his mother. He fell sick, physically debilitated to a point near death. Bedridden, he was forced to be still, partially unable to hear. In that state, he realized that he hated his mother, and that he had no love. How do you find love?

Clip: Church Friend Realized He Had No Love (1/24/10)

Clip: Church Friend Realized He Had No Love (10 mins)


  • 0:00 Welcome to Church
  • 2:41 Proverbs 1
  • 6:22 Feedback: Trusting Truth
  • 12:04 Knowledge of Truth
  • 13:55 About a liberal preacher
  • 15:19 Knowing vs Discovering
  • 20:11 Feedback on knowing
  • 24:44 When you have no anger
  • 29:41 About an old church friend – Clip: Church Friend Realized He Had No Love (10 mins) 
  • 39:18 Feedback on the story
  • 44:14 See yourself
  • 46:26 Fake it till you make it?
  • 48:36 Perfect love doesn’t spoil
  • 50:36 Do I have to suffer?
  • 53:34 No sex out-of-wedlock
  • 55:37 Oprah promoted sex
  • 59:03 Closing service
  • 1:00:17 Support BOND


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