02/28/21 Does the Holy Spirit Point Back to the Bible? (Church)

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, February 28, 2021: In Boston, MA, school officials suspended advanced classes because more black children underperformed academically. Biblical Question: Where did the idea come from that a preacher should preach from the Bible in church? Christians don’t have love; they are angry. You cannot be born again and have anger. Don’t be into remembering the dead; we should live.


  • 0:00 Small talk
  • 1:07 Opening questions
  • 6:47 Boston schools
  • 12:12 Church assignment
  • 14:23 Biblical Question
  • 25:08 Jesse on the Bible
  • 36:54 Black Victoria!
  • 41:44 More on Bible
  • 43:20 Bible story question
  • 50:31 More on inequity
  • 56:49 24yo man speaks
  • 1:02:19 Jesse: Amazing time
  • 1:04:43 Anniversary of death?
  • 1:08:03 Jesse about positivity?
  • 1:10:41 Best Bible? Living example
  • 1:13:55 Angry or broken?
  • 1:21:40 People waking up!
  • 1:25:00 Bible the word of God?
  • 1:31:52 Life and death
  • 1:35:39 Spiritual woman
  • 1:43:53 Closing

Church Notes

(We start streaming video just about 11 AM US PST.) 

After people bring some initial questions, Jesse talks about a news story.

11:07 In Massachusetts, they took away advanced classes because too many whites and Asians populated them. Not enough blacks were in them, and it made blacks look bad. So they got rid of it in order to cater to weakness, rather than bring people up to be stronger. If Jesse were into his blackness, he’d be insulted. 

11:12 Last week, Jesse gave an assignment. Did you do it? Be aware and in the present. You overcome issues when you do that. 

Biblical Question: The Bible?

11:14 Biblical Question: Where did it come from that the preacher should preach from a Bible in church? Did the idea come from the Catholics? Did Jesus have a Bible? 

A Moroccan young man who used to be Muslim talks. Raymond and Francisco also talk about history regarding the Bible, along with many others. 

Jesse talks about people’s relationship with the Bible

11:25 Many people are into the Bible, and they don’t know why. Jesus said: Let no man teach you. Another human being cannot tell you what God will reveal to you. You have the teacher within. But people who get into the Bible become intellectuals like the rest of the world. The Bible is a nice thing because it points you back to the Kingdom of Heaven within. 

There were over a hundred “evangelical leaders” who signed a letter condemning Christianity as “Christian nationalism” — as though it’s a bad thing. And more and more people are calling Christianity the “white man’s religion.” 

Samuel asks if everything in the Bible is inspired. You should look within. Jesse talks about the verse that says “Study to show yourself approved.” How do you study to show yourself worthy or approved? 

But there is nothing wrong with the Bible. Pick it up, read it, but don’t try to interpret it, and read to remember. We are not minimizing the Bible. (Jesse makes fun of female preacher Paula White’s dramatic performance.) 

11:36 Christians don’t have love. They are angry. 

Back to the underperforming blacks

11:38 Jesse asks Victoria about people canceling advanced classes because blacks did not perform well enough to join them. 

(Victoria runs a business in which she helps people restore their credit. FixMyFICONow.com is her website. She cannot help people in Georgia, as it’s illegal in that state as a for-profit business.) 

More talk about the Bible and about race

11:42 In response to a question from a young lady, Jesse reiterates what Christ said: Let no man teach you. 

We talk more about both the Bible and the insanity of the Boston situation, kissing up to blacks. 

Jesse talks about reality with young men

11:59 A mixed-race 24-year-old man who lives with his parents talks about the insanity about race and more. Jesse says that it’s a wake-up call, because Christians, whites, and men have been afraid. It only takes one or two who believe in God, and they can change the world. As adults, we cannot blame anyone. We can talk about the issue, but no one can blame another. 

The young man’s mother died a couple of years ago. He has not been doing the Silent Prayer consistently. Jesse comments on people remembering the date of people’s death — let the dead bury the dead! 

12:08 In response to another man (the Moroccan), Jesse says that life is not about being positive or negative, but about having love. You have to overcome anger. 

Can you be born again and have anger?

12:17 Jesse clarifies righteous anger with a woman who talks about people being broken by sin. She talks about the ministry of healing and reconciliation. Jesse asks her if she went to her father and mother and forgave them. She says that she’s close with her father. 

12:21 Jesse says that it’s a blessing to see so many young people starting businesses, overcoming anger, returning to the father. There’s nothing but hate in the world. Do not fall to the temptation of anger. Once you’re born of love, it’s impossible to fall to anger. 

The Bible is the word from God; the word of God is written on our hearts

One young lady seems to believe that the Holy Spirit will point you back to the Bible as the authority as the Word of God. But Jesse clarifies that the Bible is the word from God. The word of God is written on our heart. The Kingdom of Heaven is within, the word made flesh. 

A couple of other ladies agree with Jesse. One references the passage that says: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived…” what God has for us. 

About living

12:32 A man asks if it’s okay to miss loved ones who have died sometimes. (His brother died recently.) You are not into death; you’re into life. Do the Silent Prayer, speak up, don’t resent, and live. Wish people well and go your way. Only a few will find the straight and narrow path. 

Don’t try to be like anyone. Be yourself. 

(Jesse’s voice is tired after filling in for Hake this week, and doing The Fallen State.) 

Every thought is a lie about everything. Even when Satan interprets the Bible for you, it’s wrong. 

We talk with several other people, including with a young lady who calls herself spiritual. 

(We end before 12:50.) 


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