08/15/21 Church in Orlando, Florida (After Men’s Conference)

People from around the country joined us for Church in Orlando, Florida, the day after our BOND 11th annual Men’s Conference. Great conversations!

UPDATE: See FULL EDIT of this day’s video recording (above) by 21Studios — YouTube Premiere 11 AM PT, Saturday, October 9, 2021

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, August 15, 2021 in Orlando, Florida, the day after the BOND 11th annual Men’s Conference: (Please bear with us on audio volume issues at this event.) Jesse makes opening comments, and on request does the Silent Prayer with everyone, before taking questions.

An Italian man “prays while going to work.” An ex-pothead young woman with children from two fathers sometimes judges herself and gets drunk. There’s no such thing as an alcoholic; that’s just what you do in darkness. Jesse did not plan his life, or imagine that he’d be doing the work he does.

An intellectual young man questions Jesse’s reliance on the Holy Spirit for guidance, since he believes that the Bible is the Word of God. He does not have perfect peace. Toward the end, he talks again, asking about Jesus saying, “Let no man teach you,” in contrast with, “Go and make disciples of all men….”

We talk about Alcoholics Anonymous and the like, doing the Silent Prayer for more than 3 minutes, and judging a Biden-voter father. Katrina from Louisiana and other ladies readily admit that evil comes through women. Many others thank him and share advice and questions. Jesse thanks some of the ladies of BOND who flew out to help us put on the Men’s Conference. He also urges that we bring Christianity back, and not let the children of Satan take over the country.


  • 0:00:00 Welcome to Church
  • 0:02:02 Men’s History Month
  • 0:07:55 Silent Prayer 
  • 0:17:48 Married Italian on prayer
  • 0:33:55 She drinks in self-judgment
  • 0:46:37 Once you wake up
  • 0:53:20 Intellectual on the Bible
  • 1:02:33 Brian on AA
  • 1:08:45 She prays 3 minutes
  • 1:13:36 Katrina from Louisiana
  • 1:17:42 Pressure from father
  • 1:23:38 Man tells story on prayer
  • 1:27:58 How do you know
  • 1:31:38 Let no man teach you
  • 1:34:09 “Annoying” father
  • 1:39:59 Happy lady
  • 1:44:42 Story: Living example
  • 1:46:54 Truck driver
  • 1:52:16 Did I forgive right?
  • 1:57:45 One more disagreement
  • 2:00:50 Thank yous
  • 2:08:45 Ladies of BOND
  • 2:11:21 Last comments
  • 2:13:46 One last lady
  • 2:16:57 Thank you!

Church Notes

(We start streaming around 10:21 AM US EDT, and begin the service about 10:42 AM from Orlando, Florida.)

After Jesse makes some opening comments, a man talks about being stabbed by his wife.

10:50 Jesse talks about being born again, and what the sin is.

Doing the Silent Prayer

10:53 A man asks Jesse to lead everyone in doing the Silent Prayer.

Italian: Do the Silent Prayer

11:11 While talking with an Italian man who talks about praying on the way to work, Jesse tells his story of forgiving his mother. The man’s been married 5 years, with no children; they just moved to Florida from New York City. He is not the head of his wife, because he does not like dealing with the tension with his wife. Yet he feels he loves God more than his wife; he says God has always been the center of his life. Jesse explains if he loves God more than anything, his wife could not control him.

He feels he may not be born again. Jesse encourages him to do the Silent Prayer morning and night. It may take 50 years for his wife to come around.

Ex-pothead, ex-slut gets drunk

11:18 A young woman Kaya asks how Jesse came from a church loud prayer to being quiet in prayer. Jesse tried everything, but asked God to let him see himself. You’ll find that within, God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit are within you; you already know the truth. We don’t know what we need; God does. He will show you to be still and know Him. Jesse even eventually stopped asking for a wife.

Jesse asks the young lady if she forgave her mother. She does not know if she’s gone to her to say she’s sorry for hating. She says she’s been delivered from being a pothead. She does the Silent Prayer, even when she’s drunk at night on occasion. She was previously married, and has children by two different men. She feels angry at times because of her past, where she is now, and gets drunk at times over it.

Jesse encourages her to be grateful in all things, and not listen to Satan telling her horrible things about her life. She says she has counseling with JLP on Thursday, and will talk about some of these things then. But Jesse reiterates: Do not judge yourself. It’s enough to know you’re wrong and want to overcome, but don’t judge. God wants you to see it by the light of God, and not play God. We’re not in control. Stop judging yourself.

No such thing as an alcoholic

Jesse jokingly calls the young lady Kaya a “drunk.” He asks her what she drinks. Tequila, vodka… wine. In fact, you’re not a drunk or alcoholic; that’s just what you do. There’s no such thing as an alcoholic; that’s just what you do when you’re in darkness. Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Be careful what you say. That’s why you don’t want to identify with your issues. Recognize you’re wrong for judging your ex-husband.

Jesse did not plan his life or work

11:31 Jesse talks about how life changes once you wake up. He never imagined he’d be doing what he wanted. He thought he wanted a sports car, nice clothes, a house, money, and a lot of women. He recounts starting BOND, and not having a 5-year plan for his board of directors. God does not care if you destroy yourself; he will let you end up on skid row. Jesus and God watch us make a fool of ourselves. He made a way for you, and warns you along the way; if you don’t listen, he’ll make other babies in the world to have a chance.

11:36 Jesse interrupts a man as he begins to speak, and admits he used to be a coward. Once you overcome the anger, fear and doubt disappear. It’s impossible to have fear. He’s gone up against Black Lives Matter.

An intellectual debates about the ‘word of God’

11:37 A man asks if we should also read the Bible, and talks about being a Christian. He asks what it means to take up your cross and follow Christ. He feels the Bible is God’s Word, and asks if we can mistake our thoughts and feelings for the leading of the Holy Spirit. Jesse explains that the Bible is the word from God, not the word of God. The Word of God is in your heart. He put it inside of us. Once you’re born again, the Holy Spirit’s showing us makes things clear; there is no doubt.

Jesse explains that being an intellectual, Satan is his daddy. The young man starts to argue, and say that Jesus was an intellectual. Jesse asks him if he has perfect peace. He says he has peace, but it’s becoming more perfect every day. He does not believe that Jesse does not have perfect peace either. He insists that he’s not suffering. But anyone without perfect peace is suffering.

The young man is worried about people “following” Jesse, and being deceived. But don’t worry, mama! He can’t even take care of himself, much less others! Jesse asks him if he’s a Bible thumper. He’s 23. Jesse wishes him well.

Why Jesse does not recommend Alcoholics Anonymous, etc.

11:47 Brian from Tampa, FL, asks if a man should need fellowship. He also asks about teaching; he grew up Catholic. Don’t look for a church. Look for the father. He’s gone to Alcoholics Anonymous since age 24, and he’s about 50 now. He now works with young people. Jesse makes a joke about people looking for a date at AA meetings. People end up relying on one another, and dating. You can only rely on God.

She prays for 3 mins and judges her Biden-voter dad!

11:56 A lady who does the Silent Prayer for only 3 minutes admits she gets upset with her father for voting for Biden. She talks about having forgiven her father and mother, and she too voted for Obama in the past. Jesse explains she’s just in her head; she has no right to judge her father.

Katrina from Louisiana knows women are evil

11:59 We hear from Katrina from Louisiana, here with her husband, Brian. She agrees that women are evil.

Pressure to stay in touch with grandparents

12:03 A man who brought his father to the Men’s Conference asks about being pressured to be closer with his grandparents and great grandparents. His father declined to come to church. He also asks if there’s a difference between a thought and a belief.

A man tells a story and asks questions

12:12 A man thanks Jesse for the Silent Prayer, recounting a story of talking with a 24-year-old who’d never heard of Jesse. He asks how to know you’re born again. A young lady suggests you have peace. You can also see. Christ came that you might have peace.

Let no man teach you

12:16 A man asks about the verse: Let no man teach you. His mother took him to church as a kid.

An ‘annoying’ father and his son

12:20 A father asks Jesse to speak to his son who’s almost 18 (17 now), a senior in high school. He smokes pot! He says he likes sinning! Jesse warns him that pot is causing mental illness. He says his father is annoying at times. Asked about his late mother, who died perhaps 5 years ago, he says she was crazy, but didn’t resent her. Although he wants to change, he admits he’s young and dumb. Do the Silent Prayer so you can stop doing it, Jesse tells him.

A lady from Lakeland, FL

12:24 A lady says she wants to call Jesse every day, but knows he would beat the tar out of her. She puts him on a pedestal, calling Jesse the brightest light. She says that she and her husband from Lakeland, FL, have four kids, 8 grandchildren. Turning to the young man earlier, she admits she was a pothead, and now can’t remember any of it. Talking about the Silent Prayer, she says she knew she was evil because she has a hard time with it. So she soaks her feet while doing it to discipline herself.

This lady loves being in this room with the experts and all the like-minded people. She says Jesse’s 3-hour radio show replaced TV shows Everybody Loves Raymond, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune. Her son is a pastor of a 2,000-member church, but doesn’t understand life like Jesse does.

A story of meeting a stranger

12:29 Jesse tells a story of going to a meeting the other day, and seeing a really fat black guy. The man told Jesse he wanted peace. So Jesse told him to go and forgive his mother, despite that she’d try to guilt him in anger. But tell her that it was her job to take care of him; he does not owe her anything. So he started “boo-hooing,” crying as he was touched by the truth Jesse told him. People see something different about you; you don’t have to be a Bible thumper. Life your life, and God is working through you.

A truck driver from the South

12:31 A 30-year-old black man talks about trucking and being independent. He tells about having a blowout and having an accident. So he thanks Jesse for encouraging people always to have a good attitude, so you don’t miss opportunities.

Doing the Silent Prayer right or wrong

12:37 A man asks about doing the Silent Prayer “wrong” or “right,” and thoughts going crazy in his head.

‘Go and make disciples’

12:42 We go back to the “little Bible thumper” for one more question. He mentions that Jesus commanded people to make disciples of all people. Jesse explains that when you become a son of God you become an example for others. Christ said to let no man teach you.

Thank yous

12:45 A lady who’s a native Floridian was raised in the Methodist church. She’s been married 30 years to her husband whom she met 42 years ago in high school. After her husband listened to Jesse for a while, she noticed he’s changed for the better. Her son also has grown. She feels guilty because she has not done the Silent Prayer at all.

12:51 Jesse thanks some of the ladies from BOND who flew out here to help us with this event. As the ladies are coming forward, a young man also thanks Jesse for his message.

12:53 Once you wake up, God will provide opportunities and let you see them. Jesse then thanks the ladies of BOND.

The ladies then introduce themselves.

Last comments

12:56 Jesse thanks everyone, and encourages people to bring back Christianity. Speak up and don’t resent. Don’t let the children of the lie take the country away from us. Stay with the Silent Prayer.

Jesse also talks with one last young lady about forgiveness before we end the stream.


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