All Thoughts Are Lies (Church, April 28, 2019)

Young people and old get advice and help. A man repented and stopped living with his girlfriend. A beta male husband should forgive his mother. A white 19-year-old male shot up a synagogue as whites under attack fall to anger. A 34-year-old man with stage 4 terminal cancer forgave his parents, and now should doubt every thought.

BOND guy G. from San Diego talked about sending his girlfriend back to Canada. He recognized he was wrong for living with her. Satan had told him he could keep doing wrong as long as he doesn’t judge himself. (Watch 6 1/2-minute Short Cut.)


A young man Will asked about waiting for an answer in life. But do what’s in front of you to do. And keep the right attitude.

Jesse and Joel had a great conversation this week — unfortunately not recorded — about awareness and realization.

Jesse told a newcomer that you can’t make yourself stop smoking weed. He started smoking it after prison to deal with stress.

Adriana, a singer/rapper, asked about planning — she does meal planning. But it doesn’t work. It’s just like smoking pot — judging yourself makes you do it more. (Watch 7-minute Short Cut.)

One man joked about liking pumpkin pie, which Jesse calls “beta pie,” comparing it to a transgender or drag queen tricking a man. This man has a daughter with his ex-wife who has remarried. He only has his daughter 30-percent of the time. She’s on ADHD medication, but her father told the mother that the daughter resents her. But he too was sleeping with another woman. Jesse tells him that he has to get himself together first, and be right. (Watch 6-minute Short Cut.)


Jesse tells people that attitude is very important. The problem is in your head — all thoughts are lies!

Jesse also answered YouTube “Super Chats” and other online questions: How do I deal with ego (pride), and why do I keep getting angry after forgiving my parents? Do you believe in affirmations? Should we try to understand God?

One man in the service asked about this past week’s Biblical Question: How do you know you’re awake? He says he catches himself in his thoughts.

You change in stillness.

A young lady asks why it’s not taught more about thoughts. She asks if some people are more into their thoughts than others. All people are born in sin, to parents in the fallen state. Preachers, rabbis, imams (“Allahu Akbar” people), are mostly all hypocrites and Pharisees. They want you to worship them — same with experts, psychologists, with their “STDs, PhDs, FADs…” Parents don’t admit they’re wrong. Such people want you to “need” them — that “power” is like a drug, which they need to satisfy because they have conflict.


Jesse talks about actress Gabrielle Union, who plays a “slut” in a TV show “Being Mary Jane.” She’s the older wife of basketball player Dwayne Wade, who already had children before marrying her. Sex before marriage and having children out-of-wedlock are being promoted to young black people who don’t have good parents to tell them that this is wrong.


Christopher, a Black Panther who was interviewed on The Fallen State, joined with his two young sons. He asked if Satan was real or just a thought.

Joel asks if it’s dangerous to say you’re awake and you’re really not.

Another person online Jay complained someone at Church who goes to Bible school apparently judged him, which made him mad. Don’t judge such people.


One woman said that she was shy, but she can get angry at times. She says her husband is a “beta male.” He says that he was looking for a wife, and found one who had a live-in boyfriend prior. He did not go to his mother to forgive her, but says that she was a good mother. However, she left his father, and then left his stepfather. He’s 52 now. Jesse urges him to get his courage back by going to face her. (Watch 5-minute Short Cut.)


A man Alex says he went to the Armenian Genocide protest, and questioned American Indian protesters there who called America genocidal. He had to keep making himself calm down during the confrontation, and some were against him, while others thanked him. He thought it turned out well in the end. But he was questioning himself on whether he was right to do it.

Jesse tells him he was wrong, that he gets involved in everything, challenging people in ways that are unnecessary. He thinks he knows something, so he’s going around jumping into situations, not led by God. Wait to let the right opportunities come — and you won’t question yourself or have to remind yourself to calm down. Otherwise you’ll get yourself killed, thinking you’re “speaking up.” There’s another young man Michael who wears a MAGA hat and shirt at Fox Hills Mall where the blacks hang out — that’s not wise!


A young woman Bianca joined us for the first time, brought by a friend. Jesse urged her to go and forgive her mother. You do that by getting to know yourself. She did not grow up with her father.

Another man visited for the second time from Arizona.

Our friend G. spoke up again, and said that after Jesse talked to him, he knew he was wrong for living with his girlfriend. He repented afterward, and had so much joy that he could cry. Some friends judge him for what he did, let down by his bad example. But some still come to him for advice, as though he’s been restored and his past is gone.


A 19-year-old white man shot and killed a Jewish woman, and injured a few others at a Synagogue in Poway, near San Diego, CA. The woman jumped in front of a bullet to protect the rabbi. Jesse allowed people to share their thoughts on the incident. Some are scared of going to church now. A couple of men talk about gun control laws in California. A Border Patrol agent shot back at the killer. White people are hated, and now they’re becoming angry and lashing out in the wrong way. (Watch 23-minute Short Cut.)

Whites need to speak up in the right way and not fall to blaming Jews for their problems. It’s time to wake up. Like with Muslims, you can speak out against wrong and deal with evil, but do not hate, don’t blame, don’t judge.


Jesse answers his Biblical Question: How do you know you’re awake? (Watch 3 1/2 minute Short Cut.) 


Another first-time visitor joined us — a man with stage 4 cancer. He had called in to Jesse’s radio show two or three weeks ago. He forgave his stepfather, met with his real father, and forgave his mother. The cancer started in his lungs, went to his brain, got into his blood, and went to his organs. He had staples in his head from surgery. He’s 34. (Watch 8-minute Short Cut.)

He says it’s called “terminal cancer” because doctors have not found a cure for it. He’s not afraid of death. But he is not believing that he will die from it. He lost his driving privileges because he had a seizure when it was pushing on his brain. Jesse tells him to doubt every thought. Through God, all things are possible. Whatever will be will be, but don’t believe any thought when you feel funny or cough blood, or anything.


There’s a lot of suffering and anger in the world. Love one another. Don’t hate.


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