All Who Sin Are Slaves (Church, May 19, 2019)

We touch on the Alabama abortion ban, and the Biblical Question: What does it mean that “all who sin are slaves”? What is sin? Judgment. Don’t judge yourself. If you know God, you no longer sin. A woman who cheated on past husbands returns to Church. She was guilt-ridden and judged herself. A man married a single mother, and now regrets it. What should he do?


Watch 5-minute Short Cut: Naked for Abortion?! Reaction to Pro-Life Alabama Law

We started off letting people express their thoughts on the Alabama abortion ban signed into law. Jesse didn’t realize that 60 million babies had been killed in the womb in America since Roe v Wade. Some woman posed naked in “protest” of the ban — a model Emily Ratajkowski who supports killing the unborn. Why do these women get naked all the time — like Beyonce, a mother in her 30s singing while wearing almost no clothes?


Then we discussed the Biblical Question of this past week: What does it mean that “all who sin are slaves”? A number of people spoke up who are sinners. One was a dancer, a millennial young man, who also had a conversation with Jesse about using the term “partner,” a gay term.

Watch 7 1/2-minute Short Cut: “Selfish” Millennial Can’t Deal with Having a “Partner” (Girlfriend)

Another man said he met his father only once at 18, and almost fought with him. He’s hesitant to go and forgive him, because he says he’s overthinking it. He admits he’s a “mama’s boy,” but his mother thinks he’s strong because of overcoming a past of crime and drug abuse.

To reinforce the point about sin and slavery, we read the Bible verses: John 8: 34, and Romans 6: 6. Adam listened to Eve who listened to Satan. As a result, all are subject to sin. But Jesus bought us back. When he died on the cross, as Christ said, “It is finished.” But the children of the lie corrupt you to control you.

Watch 7 1/2- minute Short Cut: How Jesus Freed You from Sin

Jesse references a passage: For this reason, Christ came that we might overcome sin. If a man claims to know God and still sins, he is a liar and the truth is not in him. One young woman claims that Jesse misquoted the verse, instead saying that the Bible says that if a man says we have no sin, he is a liar. But 1 John says, “He who says, ‘I know Him,’ and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.” So you can be perfect; you can be holy. You have sinned, but sin no more.


The sin is not the things you do, but the cause of the things you do. Anyone with anger, judges, and is playing God. So you don’t have God, you don’t have peace, and you look for love or anything to feel better.

Watch 3-minute Short Cut: Ladies, Be Patient With Yourselves (Women’s Forum Lesson)

A mistake is not a sin. And ladies, do not judge yourselves. When you wake up, you still have to grow. Don’t judge yourself. Do the Silent Prayer, doubt every thought — bring every thought into captivity.

Watch 15 1/2-minute Short Cut: Temptation to Have Sex Before Marriage: What Is the Sin?

A young woman talks about a past relationship in which she resisted the temptation to kiss or have sex before marriage. People discuss which part of it might be sin.

We read the rest of the verses Jesse mentioned — Romans 6: 16 and 17. God will change your heart, and then you wouldn’t give into the temptation to have sex and do wrong. Adam doubted God and fell away. We believe and come back. Again, doubt every thought. The sin is not the act, but your judgment of the act.

Jesse comments that Christians are some dishonest people! This is why it’s important to know for yourself, stop sinning, and stop hating. They’ll lie and cheat, and quote scriptures while on the way to do it!

Watch 2-minute Short Cut: Christians Are Some of the Most Dishonest People!


In talking with another woman about marriage and children, Jesse said that you cannot get married if you’re not in the fallen state. Once you’ve returned to the Father, nothing is missing anymore.

Watch 20-minute Short Cut: Guilt Keeps You Cheating! Don’t Judge Yourself.

This woman who joined last week said she didn’t think she resented her mother. She sort of hated herself, but doesn’t so much anymore. But she felt guilty because she cheated on two past husbands, and fully intends not to do it again in her third marriage. She said she wanted the world to be better or something. But she was playing God. Jesse urges her: Don’t judge yourself. She told her husbands out of guilt, which she now realizes was a mistake.

You cannot make yourself change or believe in God. If you look at people but do not judge them with any opinion, a love comes out. It’s amazing. She noticed this as well.

Jesse answered several more questions and comments, as well as Super Chat questions asked online via YouTube.


Watch 14 1/2-minute Short Cut: “Mama’s Boy” Married a Single Mother, Regrets It.

A man says he realized he married for the wrong reason — to a woman who already had a daughter. He asked what he should do, and some people respond. The child’s father committed suicide. Now she calls him her father, but he doesn’t like that. If you’re not sure, do nothing.

Another man was with a woman who already had children.

We talk more about sinning Christians

Wednesday this week will be Jesse’s birthday! He doesn’t feel 70-years-old! The audience breaks out singing “Happy birthday to ya!” After service, we had a party for him. Thank you all!

Watch 3-minute Short Cut: Jesse’s Church Sings “Happy Birthday to Ya!”


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