Angry Men & Women Are Like Their Mothers (Church, Feb 17, 2019)

At Church, we talked Jussie Smollett, Women’s March, weak men, stepparents, sex, group-thinking, anger and mothers.

We discuss current events

Jesse started out talking about Jussie Smollett who may have staged the supposed “hate crime” he claimed to have suffered at the hands of “two white men” who shouted “MAGA country.” The case reminds Jesse of the Tawana Brawley case in which a black woman lied and falsely accused white Duke Lacrosse players of raping her. The race hustlers get all involved in it when the accusations are hot. But when the accusations turn out to false, everyone acts like nothing happened — no apology.

Jesse also mentioned the Women’s March in Los Angeles — a demonstration by immoral activist women from a few weeks ago. Jesse’s program The Fallen State released an episode in which Jesse conducted man-on-the-street interviews with women and girls at the event. Their parents failed them, and the schools brainwashed them. Jesse says we should start over in America! Evil is running things. Men are afraid to speak up! Women need men to be men.

Jesse saw a report by The Daily Mail in which a married father of four boys felt like a woman. This man talked to a doctor who convinced him that he should transition into a “transgender woman.”

Questions from the people

One man asked why Jesse says the Holy Spirit is in the belly. When Jesse speaks the truth, the words do not come from his head, but from the soul of the belly. This man also asks about the Silent Prayer. You should be aware. Just be.

Questions from a black woman

A woman talks about an incident between comedians Steve Harvey and Mo’Nique. She talks about the black community, saying that blacks should think as a collective. She believes that Hispanics do this. But that’s not true. To think as a group does not create a strong community. Jesse wants people of good character in his community, to keep their own house clean and take care of themselves.

This woman also asks about celibacy. She finds it hard to believe Jesse has not had sex in 30 years. But once you’ve forgiven and returned to your father, and returned to God, nothing is missing. Sex should be done in marriage. Then God can help you overcome it. This woman disagrees with Jesse about dating 7 years before marriage in order to get to know the person.

She believes sex within marriage is a way to bond. But a man should not bond with a woman. She should come into the man’s world — she came from the man, and the man came from God.

Lastly, this lady feels strange when Jesse talks about most black people. She feels Jesse puts blacks down and doesn’t talk about the good things in the black community, yet he tells whites to have lots of babies. She feels Jesse may have a skewed view of black people, and comes from a place of self-hate. But when you drop anger, you no longer identify with color at all, but with what is right.

More questions and feedback

A Creole man said blacks attacked him for disagreeing with race hustling activist Colin Kaepernick, even though they’re from the same fraternity. He said that fraternity tells you to bow down to some figure. He feels that’s wrong, and asks whether he should renounce his membership. Jesse urged him and all people not to look to him or anyone else for answers but to know for himself what to do. Let it become clear to you, from God, not from another man.

Another man talked about the idea of thinking about the collective of a race or culture group. It does no good.

One man who joined for the first time, brought by a friend, said he forgave his mother. He felt she was “ruthless,” but felt much better after forgiving her. He said that when he told her, she gave him a “devilish” smile, and then it was done.

Why is there pleasure to things?

Joel says a friend asked why sex has pleasure to it. It is because love is lost. So men and women come together in a fallen state, looking for pleasure. If you go about it in the right way, you’re protected by God and He can help you overcome pleasure-seeking. Once you’ve returned to the father, you’re completed within, and you no longer look for pleasure.

But evil people want to keep you in the fallen state, so that they can control you. Politician Kamala Harris said she’s for legalizing pot because it makes people happy (she said that it brings people joy). She wants to make you an addict so that you vote for her.

Overcoming hell

Someone asked about how to correct without anger.

An Armenian man pointed out that Armenians think in collective terms of “we,” but it’s hell. Blacks and others do it too. He then asked how to handle a confrontation when people attack him for his political beliefs.

One man asked about thoughts, intentions, and what takes your attention. Doubt every thought. Do not get into the intellect or try to figure out the things of God.

Online questions from YouTube

Jesse answered a series of questions written on YouTube online. He talked about raising children — it’s not you raising your children, but the love of God, if you have it. If not, Satan is raising your children through you.

A divorced father and stepfather

A man named Emerson said both he and his children’s mother want to raise their children right. But they disagree about what that means. He says he forgave his mother — he resented his parents splitting up. He asked questions from Bible verses he’s read — that God is angry at the wicked, and a man must hate his family to follow Christ. Jesse says that God’s anger is not man’s anger in the fallen state, but is discernment. And only when you forgive your parents can you break away from them. The Bible is badly interpreted by human beings.

Emerson is a divorced father and stepfather, but is dating another girlfriend, who also joined us. Jesse advises him: Dump her. And he has a 14-year-old stepson whom he raised as his own since the age of 2. The stepson also joined us — his mother has full custody, as his father supposedly left and is in one of the Dakotas. Jesse urges the boy to return to his father, to get in touch and ask him why he left. Don’t listen to anything negative the mother says about him. In anger you become like your mother.

Questions from a mother, daughter, and son

Jesse says that men would not deal with women if it were not for sex. They pretend to care about them just for sex. But once they come out of the fallen state, they can treat women right and help them overcome.

A teen girl asked if anger is feminine. Jesse says that angry men and women alike have taken on the nature of their mothers, and are not themselves. Women are not themselves when they have anger, but are like their mothers. This girl says he mother who’s in attendance gets angry with her about her grades.

Her brother is Dylan (Dielawn)! Jesse says that Dielawn hates women, and anyone who hates anyone also hates everyone. Guys who are into women or sex actually hate women. And Dielawn also hates his father, because he thinks he’s weak. Dielawn pushes back on what Jesse’s saying, but concedes it’s generally true. Jesse urges their mother to have a serious talk together so that she can apologize for what she did wrong, and so her children can forgive her.

More pushback against Jesse from people

A man, the half-brother of another newcomer, says his parents divorced when he was 3, and his stepmother made him forgive his real mother. So he defends having step parents come into a child’s life, saying a good stepmother can save a child’s life. But he has not returned to his father. Jesse urges him to forgive his father, because he has the nature and mindset of a woman, and women will walk all over him.

A mixed-race young lady asks about dating other races. Jesse urges her to seek first the Kingdom of God, and His right way, and all will be added — but not to look for any type of man.

A woman Donna asks where God is in sex between men and women. Jesse points out that God is not there. She was thrilled to find out her son married his girlfriend, but that it was weird he kept it secret from her. She thought that her son was an alpha male, but he had anger, and no angry man is an alpha male.

(Watch 17-minute excerpt: Is Jesse’s Church a Cult?)

She and Jesse discuss adoption, step parents, and real parents. She questions Jesse about prayer in church, and what it means to point people back to God. Satan worked through her to mess up her son. She says she’s of God, that she’s devoted, but Jesse says she’s not.

The black woman who spoke earlier in church also debates Jesse about “self-discipline.” Of yourself you can do nothing. You’re either of God or of your father the Devil.

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