Are You Convinced That Every Thought Is a Lie? (Church, Jul 7, 2019)

NOTE: This week, we streamed live video on YouTube, Periscope, DLive, and Mixer. (Note: DLive and Mixer do not keep recordings for long.) We have not been able to stream on Facebook, after Facebook falsely accused Jesse of so-called “Hate Speech,” twice over recent weeks. Similarly, Amazon-owned Twitch also falsely accused Jesse of two “Community Guidelines” violations of “Hate Speech,” and suspended his account. Jesse preaches love and forgiveness, but they want everyone to agree with evil, so they shut down truth. (Find our audio podcast recordings later after the service on Apple/iTunes, TuneIn, Spreaker, Stitcher, and SoundCloud.) 

At Church, July 7, 2019, we talked about White History Month, when anger starts and Satan gets in, whether people are convinced that every thought is a lie, and whether habits go away right after being born again. We don’t know right from wrong! Do not judge yourself or others, but be patient. Doubt every thought! 

Honoring White History Month

At the beginning of the service, we touched on stories about White History Month. July 2019 marks our second year celebrating White History Month, which was started by Jesse Lee Peterson. White people are unjustly hated and vilified for no reason, while everyone else gets a special month honoring their supposed accomplishments. So we need to bring back appreciation for white people, who founded this country and made it great. 

A Young Black Christian Man Talks About His Anger

A young black man Franky talks with Jesse a little about White History Month. Jesse asks him if he forgave his mother. He doesn’t know what to forgive her for, but admits he does have anger. They talk about the “narrow path” of Christianity. Jesse asks him if he believes it’s possible to be perfect and always have peace. The young man talks about having faith, but Jesse kept challenging him with the question: “How?” 

The young man has been sober for a year and a half, having quit smoking pot. The Bible says to be sober and vigilant. He says he replaced his pot addiction with Jesus who saved him. His mother died when he was 7, and he thinks he missed that motherly love. His father, whom he describes as his best friend, died two years ago. 

Jesse asks him when he became angry. He talks about “road rage” being one of his anger problems. But he thinks his anger started at 2 or 3 years-old. His dad would take out his anger on him and his brother. (Later, another man makes a point about the dangers of road rage on one’s safety. He saw someone pulling a gun on him, and that cured him of it!) 

… Other people also talked: Will asked about something the late Billy Graham talked about, such as imagining giving advice to his younger self. According to Will, Graham said that he wished he preached more on the blood of Jesus as the Lamb. But we don’t know the mind of God. Will later talks about being born again. 

A young lady who spoke last week about forgiving her mother, Chris talked this week about forgiving her father. She talks about doing the Silent Prayer. 

“Are You Convinced That Every Thought Is a Lie?”

A man talks about being a beta male over a girlfriend. After being distressed over issues with his new girlfriend, he was tempted to call his old girlfriend! Jesse asks him: Are you convinced that every thought is a lie? Jesse explains to him that Satan gets in the moment you become angry, and then he has you. 

Another young woman talks about the question: What is right? She talks about judging right from wrong versus having an “ego” judgment. For example, she knows abortion is wrong. But she thinks that her boyfriend leaving clothes on the floor instead of in the hamper is also wrong. In reality, we don’t know right from wrong. Jesse asks her: Have you been convinced that every thought is a lie? 

She says she does Jesse’s Silent Prayer morning and night. But she’s actually still in the same room with her boyfriend, and makes excuses for it. She does not see that it’s wrong to live with her boyfriend. 

One man Robert stopped having sex with his girlfriend and moved away from her. She relapsed and got back on drugs. He said that “God” made his heart heavy for her, so he visited her house, where there was a man living, and her babies, his godsons. He left her a message about God. Suddenly he was hit with thoughts and lust after he left. After he tells this story, Jesse clarifies that it was Satan, not God, who gave him the thoughts and “heavy heart” to visit her. 

Another man asks if it’s okay not to talk with his family, now that he’s changed, while they want to drag him down into their world. 

Do Bad Habits Go Away Right After Being Born Again?

Jesse asks the people: How many have been born again? Did all your habits disappear right away? Several regular church attenders answer these questions. A newcomer Michael, age 18, and his friend Arthur, 15, talk as well. Gen Z is waking up! 

(Arthur has an excellent brief conversation about the Armenian Genocide, and the demand for reparations from Turkey who don’t apologize. He found it hard to forgive them. But he realizes it’s beta to complain instead of to forgive and move on with life. Later, another man Daniel points out that whites killed Jesse’s great grandfather over a disagreement, but he was never taught to hate.) 

After we are born again, God cleanses us from all unrighteousness. Do not judge yourself if you fall into your old ways. Others may judge you if they see you doing wrong, but do not judge them or yourself. Just because you take that last drink does not mean you’re not born again. But if you judge yourself, you will fall into it and stay stuck in those habits. Everybody tries not to do wrong, and then they get more into wrong! There’s nothing on earth that’s worth getting mad about! 

We Don’t Know Right from Wrong. 

One young man got mad about the communists in Washington, D.C., who burned an American flag on the Fourth of July. Jesse saw it, and did not get mad, but saw it was evil. But Jesse recommends he not walk around thinking about right and wrong. We don’t know right from wrong! This was going to be one of Jesse’s Biblical Questions coming up. 

Jesse talks more with a young woman about living right, and the perfect example that our parents are supposed to be. In discussing this, Jesse mentions a caller on his former producer James’s show, The Hake Report, in which the caller asked about Jesus. And to another young man Will, Jesse urges him: Stop trying so hard. Doubt every thought. 


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