Be Aware: Keep a Space Between Yourself and Others (Church, Jul 21, 2019)

Today for Church we streamed live video on YouTube, Periscope, Facebook, DLive, and Mixer (DLive and Mixer do not preserve past videos long). (We are currently still suspended on Twitch, but should be back for Church on Twitch next week if all goes well.) We upload audio recordings on podcast platforms after the service: Apple, TuneIn, Spreaker, Stitcher, and SoundCloud — see and scroll down to see links to podcasts. 

At the beginning of Church, Jesse wished everyone a happy White History Month, and asked if anyone was afraid of wishing people that. 

Be Aware: Have a Space Between You and All Others

Jesse also urged people to be aware of the manipulation and brainwashing in the world. Have a space when you’re watching anyone speak, and do not get into people to follow them or be excited about them. Even actors and celebrities are just people like all of us! They put homosexual couples on display all the time to make you accept it, to numb your spirit to it. They try to make you accept wrong as right. To them, every man is now a “rapist” or “pedophile.” They can just accuse a man, and suddenly he looks guilty to people!

President Trump said that four thugs in Congress should “go back,” but because these thugs call themselves “women of color,” people call Trump “racist.” The children of the lie use words and language to brainwash you into thinking something that’s not true is true. But if you stay aware, you can be yourself, and not think, feel, or act the way someone else wants you to be. 

Mothers do this too — they turn children away from their fathers, and convince the children that they hate their fathers for being “alcoholic” or for “beating” the mother. But human beings fight with one another, of all races. Women attack and fight with men too. Fighting and drinking — these things have nothing to do with the child — it does not mean the father didn’t love the child. 

A European man said he used to think “racism” was just a big joke — that no one took seriously. But he got fired by his company’s HR after someone called him “racist”! That’s when he realized how crazy people in America are over the phony idea of “racism.” 

Family Betrayal: “It’s Hard Not to Hate My Family” 

A young lady Rachel says she’s not doing well. She says that right now it’s hard not to hate her family. She once thought she loved them unconditionally, but does not anymore. But Jesse asserts that she never loved them — it was fake emotional love that all people have in a fallen state. But do not worry: God will allow you to see how to deal with every situation. Put up no resistance. Don’t ever be angry about what you have to deal with. But if you trip and resent it, you take the wrong action. 

Rachel admits she now hates her mother for trying to harm her and trying to make her mad. Her father and boyfriend wrongly tell her that she’s right in how she feels about them. But Jesse tells her that she should not feel any way about it. Fight back, but don’t hate! Don’t let them get you into a conversation, don’t go to lunch with them, but ignore them! 

More Fallen State Mess

Another young woman Chris says she’s sticking to the Silent Prayer. She says she’s had a “savior complex,” trying to “help” a homeless guy at her work repair a chipped tooth, but he flaked! He didn’t show up! So now she realizes that he just has to “suffer and die!” — he’s not her responsibility! She also broke up with her ex-boyfriend after a long, “loveless” relationship. He showed up to her work three times, and finally he asked how she felt about it — and she told him she felt nothing. We should overcome emotions! 

One guy asked what Jesse thought about the Zodiac signs — astrology. Jesse explains that it’s meant to make money by catering to your ego in your fallen state. All moody people are of their father the Devil, because they’re subject to emotions, going up and down. People act as though they are their own god, and compare themselves to others. 

One young woman joined Church for the first time with her mother. She complained that her father was not there growing up, but now he wants stuff from her. 

A number of other people talk, including a 19-year-old man who has not really thought about how his mother wronged him. He’s not dating at this time, so has not noticed how dealing with other women is like dealing with his mother! 

We touch briefly on the Biblical Question: Which is worse: physical or verbal abuse? One man almost got in a fight over politics, but said words don’t affect him. 

Talking with First Time Visitors

Another man, joining for the first time, said his mother was a big supporter of his life. James asked YouTube Super Chat questions about life and Christianity. A 36-year-old first-timer from Arizona talked about her father. 

Thank you, everyone! 


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