Best-Kept Secret: Mothers Destroy Children (Church, Jun 30, 2019)

We streamed Church live on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, and (DLive replays remain up for only 7 days)… Oddly, Mixer did not work this day, due to a connection issue on their end. Jesse is presently suspended on Twitch as of June 22, for so-called “Hate Speech.” 

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Church Sunday, June 30, 2019: It’s wrong to have expectations. Best-kept secret: Mothers, not fathers, destroy children. We discussed some of Jesse’s Biblical Questions. Who’s stronger: Men or women? Some women play God by “praying for” others. The one thing that can set you free: Realizing that you are not God. 

Disagreements: Evolution and Education

At the beginning of the service, Jesse answers a couple of disagreements from the people. One man believes we came from ape relatives, while Jesse says no, we came from God. Another man Robert believes there’s a place for education, which Jesse agrees, but it cannot be the kind that makes you lose consciousness, common sense. He says he’s the head of his wife, which seems to be news to his wife! 

Do Not Have Expectations

A father from last week who bought his son a car disputes Jesse on whether human beings should have expectations on one another. He believes God has expectations on us. But you cannot live up to another person’s expectations. Jesse asks him if he lives up to his own expectations. He agrees when Jesse tells him to stop offering his son stuff. 

A 56-year-old woman says that she has expectations on herself to ice skate the way she did in her 20s! 

A young man at 26 talks about expectations of finishing school. He talks about forgiving his mother.

Another young man talks about expecting things from God. He says he was addicted to thinking, and even took mushrooms for a learning experience! He tells about forgiving his parents. Jesse tells him that it’s no big deal. If we confess our sins, God will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. But he’s afraid to leave home at age 26! He works for his parents, and started drinking at 18. 

Best-Kept Secret: Humans Are Being Destroyed by Mothers, Not Fathers

A young lady Chris turned 31 recently, and expresses appreciation and affection for the people at BOND. She says that one person accompanied her to help her forgive her mother. She also dropped a several-year relationship with a weak young man who reacted emotionally to her. 

In response, Jesse talks about the best-kept secret — a negative one. Some people make some good guesses about forgiveness. But Jesse says that the best-kept secret is that humans are being destroyed by their mothers, not by their fathers. Mothers destroy their children. Fathers fail to protect the children from the mothers. 

Who’s Stronger: Men or Women? 

Jesse tells of going to the gym and asking the coming week’s Biblical Question: Who’s stronger, men or women? Later he says that guys believed that the women were stronger!

One young man said that his weakness is sex, and that he paid for sex! 

(Jesse answers some online questions about relationships, children out-of-wedlock, thoughts, and Silent Prayer.) 

Jesse urges people: Tell the truth. If people don’t like it, forgive them! 

Two black young men, brothers, talk about their mother and father. 

One woman brings up the pain of childbearing, and whether having children is a sign of strength, or a curse. 

Are Women Who Pray for Others Playing God?

A lady asks about praying out loud versus the Silent Prayer. She prayed aloud for her husband to stay alive, and seemingly miraculously, he did. Jesse does not want to convince her that it was not, but Satan often feeds women the notion that they made God do something. A mother might claim she prays for her child, even while beating and abusing the child! We know not what to pray for, but the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf. 

Realizations About Mothers

One man realized that his mother was very sweet to him in order to control him. Anytime he did something she didn’t like, she took that sweetness away. He was spoiled by it! 

Jesse tells one lady in church that drove her husband, or her son’s father, away from the family! 

A 19-year-old young man joined his father and mother in Church. Jesse urges him to forgive his mother. 

A mother brought her 3-year-old son Kelton who shouted, “Beta!” as a tribute to Jesse. Jesse commonly shouts, “Beta male!” at weak men who do wrong. 

Be patient. 

What’s the One Thing That Can Set You Free? 

Prompted by someone at Church, Jesse answers last week’s Biblical Question: What is the one thing that can set you free? Some people give their answers. Jesse’s answer: The one thing that can set you free is when you realize you’re not God. 

Final Announcements: We do NOT have our regular Men’s Forum this Thursday, July 4, 2019 — since it is Independence Day. Have a Happy Fourth of July. We will see you for Church! Jesse will be live on his radio show as-normal all week. But the office will be closed for the holiday. 


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