Bob Marley’s Granddaughter Longs for Her Father and God

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As you may know, Jesse Lee Peterson has worked 30 years to return children (including adult children) to their fathers. The worst thing that can happen to children, whether boys or girls, is that they become separated from their fathers. When fathers leave the home, they do not leave the children, but rather the mothers whom they cannot deal with in the right way.

American singer/songwriter Lauren Hill’s daughter Selah Louise Marley (granddaughter to the late singer Bob Marley), made an Instagram Live video. She talked about feeling that she needs men since her father left when she was a child. Selah says that she’s mad at her father for not being around. She feels like she cannot control herself. After calling her father on the phone, she realized that she has no God, because she does not have a good relationship with her father.

Jesse urges that she should forgive her mother, and forgive her father for not being there. (Men, women are looking for a father’s love, and not your sex!) All people have a longing for the father. Once your return to your father, you can return to God.

She also tells her mother that she’s not trying to be a “strong single black woman.” She hates that phony stuff.

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