What Cornerstone Have You Rejected in Your Life? (Church, Jan 14)

For Church we discussed President Trump allegedly asking why we take immigrants from so many “s—hole countries.” Nowadays people cannot handle the truth — people cried and protested, but it’s common sense. If you look at Haiti, or places in Africa or south of the border — they’re in bad shape. Some watching our service online said that Jesus would not disparage other countries with no compassion, but that’s not what happened, and is not true. It’s eye-opening seeing how evil politicians are who oppose what’s right. One Senator Dick Durbin represents an area that looks totally run down, like Haiti. Why don’t people see their representatives aren’t improving the situation?

(Watch 15-minute excerpt: KNOW THYSELF…) We also read from the parable of the wicked tenants, in which the owner of a vineyard leased it to tenants. The owner sent people to collect money from them, and they beat some of them. He then sent his son, saying that surely they would respect him. But they killed his son. People talked about what it meant to them. Jesse asked how their interpretation enhanced their life.

When we read the Bible, we should receive revelation that enlightens and improves our lives. Jesse asked: Do you know the difference when truth is revealed to you versus when you’re just repeating intellectual knowledge?

We talked about the line in the Bible: “The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.” Jesse asked people: What cornerstone have you rejected in your life? The cornerstone is the most important stone that holds everything together. One man said that he rejected that anger is evil; the world excuses anger, saying that it can “motivate” you in your life. Another man talked about accepting correction and sitting still, versus rejecting it, rejecting criticism. Criticism and praise are both imposters. You must live from within.

A mother and her 25-year-old son visited Church for the first time. She admitted she resented her parents. Her father died, but she wants to talk to and forgive her mother who will visit soon — but she is afraid. She says that she loves her mother, but you cannot have love and fear. Jesse told her she will love her when she forgives her.

The son also spoke, admitting he is angry toward his mother at times, and that even his girlfriend controls him to an extent. Jesse told him to move out of his mother’s home in order to grow up. And he should not have sex with his girlfriend. The man accepted what Jesse said as true. Jesse said that he should also talk to and forgive his mother, and practice the silent prayer which Jesse has on our Church page.

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