Compassion or Dispassion: Which Is Right? (Church 12/15/19)

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At the beginning of Church, December 15, 2019, Jesse Lee Peterson rants about girly cars that all look the same, and calls for manly cars. Jesse then talks briefly with a young lady Chris who looks totally different; she used to look like one of “those people” — goths, Jesse thinks. Welcome home! A young man asks about the fact he has never really liked eating meat, since childhood. Mark eats only fish and points out that meat eaters and vegetarians should not judge one another. 

THEN we get to Jesse’s Biblical Question of the week: What is the right way to deal with all people: with compassion or dispassion? We discuss this extensively. Some go both ways. Was Jesus compassionate or dispassionate? Some say that both compassion and dispassion are the same when you have real love. 

In the midst of the discussion, one man thinks we cannot be perfect like Jesus, but is striving toward it. Why? He does not think we can be compassionate like Jesus, so he is dispassionate. Jesse later asserts that we can be perfect. 

Some of the ladies, along with Joel, talk about “feeling love” (or lust) in a dating relationship. A few people also talk about compassion for sick kids, and people whose loved ones have died. 

Compassion? BETA! (Church Clip 12/20/19)

Watch 12-min clip: Compassion Is the Female Way of the World. God’s Way Is Dispassion

Jesse gives his take at the end: You should not seek to be compassionate or dispassionate, but it will happen by itself that you’ll become dispassionate. But if you try to be dispassionate, then you’ll grow cold. God changes you; you cannot change yourself. 

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