Were We Created to Die? (Church, Apr 22)

At Church we talked about whether human beings were created to die. Most people believe that they will die someday, although some do not think much about it. We don’t see evidence of people living forever, so many doubt that you can. They live by sight, and not by faith. But Christ overcame death. Jesse says that the world brainwashes and corrupts us as children, instilling anger and wrong belief. Be careful what you believe in — your belief can kill or heal you. Scientists found no detectable limit to human life, and that the body renews itself every seven years.

(Watch excerpt: Men, Don’t Live with a Woman (or Have Sex) Before Marriage)  Jesse also talked with a number of people, both newcomers to Church in-person as well as people participating in the Live Chat watching on YouTube. It’s common for couples to live together and have sex before marriage. But this is wrong. The world accepts evil as good, but Christians must set the example. A man who sleeps with a woman before marriage will cheat on her later. Similarly, a woman would as well. Men and women must overcome emotions, commit to do right. Practice the Silent Prayer faithfully. So many people don’t truly care about seeking first the kingdom of God — they may say they do, but they’re lying.

Jesse told the story of a 73-year-old woman who called his radio show this week — she realized she hated her mother and was wrong for it. She forgave her and overcame her fear and anger. She said that she never heard anyone else talk about the anger passed down to children by mothers, and the need to forgive one’s mother.

Before wrapping up, Jesse mentioned his article coming on from World Net Daily, addressing the fact people wrongly cater to black people’s anger over Starbucks’ supposed discrimination controversy. He will share it on social media.

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  • James Hake
    Posted at 13:09h, 22 April

    Great service. Lot of true stuff said. Thanks, Jesse and BOND!

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