Is Your House Divided? (Church, Apr 29)

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At Church, Jesse asked his Biblical Question of the Week: Is your house divided? A newcomer asked about the Silent Prayer, and a man asked about anger.

People didn’t seem to know what Jesse meant in asking, “Is your house divided?” Most people answering — Christians familiar with the Bible — felt unclear about the question. People admitted that they want to do right, but don’t always do it.

(Watch EXCERPT: Is Silent Prayer Biblical? Or “Eastern Meditation”? A Christian’s Dilemma)

A young woman who found Jesse via YouTube joined us for the first time. She was not sure how to answer the question. At age 26, she lives with her mother, works part time, and would be homeless if she tried to move out. Like others, she asked about the Silent Prayer which Jesse urges people do, any biblical references to it — she felt concerned about falling for “eastern meditation,” which Jesse doesn’t know much of anything about. When she tried it, she felt spiritually attacked. Jesse urged her to continue doing her talking prayer but also do quiet prayer. God said, “Be still, and know that I am God.” The Bible says that we don’t know what to ask for, but the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf. Others in the service pointed out that Jesus went away to pray early in the morning.

Dealing with anger

A man who’s attended before said that his house is not in order — he still lives with a woman he’s not married to, which we dealt with last week. He also asks for advice dealing with a problematic business partner. Christ said to love our enemy. Treat them just as we would a friend, and do not hate them. Some commented how President Trump attacks back when attacked, but that he does not seem to take things personally. How do you love your enemy and still protect yourself and fight evil? People tried answering how to deal with others without anger.

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  • James Hake
    Posted at 10:45h, 30 April

    Interesting question for sure! Not sure how to answer it. Reminds me of the verse in the book of James that says a man who doubts is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does. Not good!

  • Veronica Torres
    Posted at 04:24h, 28 December

    Amen to that James Hake. Strong words but faithful and true. Be still and know that he is God that means be silent be still and know his truth. His holy Spirit is a spirit of truth. Read more about the Holy Spirit in the book of John.

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