Difference Between Christian and Non-Christian? (Church, Aug 18, 2019)

Church on Sunday, August 18, 2019, streamed live video on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, DLive, Mixer, and Twitch. (NOTE: DLive, Mixer, and Twitch do not preserve past video streams long, but are great platforms for watching live.) 

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Jesse pointed out evil people demoralize you to control you: With “mental illness,” red flag laws, and even abortion without parental knowledge! Never argue with Bible thumpers — it’s just intellectual and a waste of time! Biblical Question: What’s the difference between a Christian and a non-Christian? (Jesse does not answer it today! But the answer is: A Christian has love, and a non-Christian does not.) How does God see you? Lots of people dealt with personal, family, and relationship issues. Commit to prayer, morning and night. 

They Demoralize You to Control You

Jesse opens up Church by talking briefly about a couple of issues in the news, and inviting people to discuss them. There’s something called “red flag laws” being pushed by politicians. With “red flag laws,” friends, family, or doctors can claim you pose a threat, and a judge then orders police to take away your guns. Such laws are being suggested due to certain mass shootings promoted in media and “mental illness.” They’re primarily targeting men and whites. Where does the world say mental illness comes from? People in church think it’s from anger and lack of connection to fathers. 

It was also reported that the ACLU is training teachers to take underage girls to get abortions without parental consent — so parents don’t know! All of these things are meant to demoralize you in order to control you. It’s the same thing with the politicians and “experts” pushing pot. They want you on drugs and out-of-control, so that they can control you. 

No Arguing with Bible Thumpers

Reggie spoke up for the third week to disagree with Jesse over his biblical understanding. He accused Jesse of “calling God a liar,” by saying that once you are born again of God you cannot sin. Jesse sinned as a young man, but since being born again, he no longer sins but is perfect (just as Christ said). Reggie says that he himself sins sometimes, although not the same sins every day, sometimes getting drunk for example. Jesse asked him to find in the Bible where it says that getting drunk is a sin, and get back to him. 

At that point, Jesse did not allow Reggie to continue to argue his points. Jesse refused to continue to play the game, as another man with Reggie had said that they’d come back to debate Jesse over the Bible. There is no use arguing with a Bible thumper. Never do it — they just get into intellectual arguments. It’s a waste of time! 

Later, Reggie came back with a quote from the Bible saying that getting drunk is wrong, and therefore he calls it a sin. But it does not out-and-out say it’s a sin. Reggie then accused Jesse of playing games by pointing out that point. But it’s Jesse who’s not playing games with the Bible thumper. 

Joel exhorted Reggie about his “gotcha” attitude, and another couple of people spoke up as well, but we left the conversation at that. Reggie is our friend, and we did not need to discuss the matter further today. 

Difference Between a Christian and a Non-Christian?

We discussed last week’s Biblical Question: What is the difference between a Christian and a non-Christian? (Jesse did not answer it today!) We also dealt with other questions from people at Church. 

A man was asked by someone he knows, “What would Jesus do” if a friend was getting jumped and beat up. It depends on the situation, and isn’t a good question, because it’s not based in reality! The man later asked about a younger brother getting into using “shrooms” (mushrooms as drugs) to go to the beach and watch the sun set. Suffer and die! You either cry out to God and live, or suffer and die. 

One woman talked about being lost in thoughts, catching herself judging others, and realizing where she went wrong in conflict situations at work. 

One young man brought his sisters and grandmother with him to Church (See “Short Cut” video of this conversation). Jesse got him to come out of his “earrings,” which are actually large-gauge plugs that made big holes in his earlobes. Jesse joked that he was half-drag queen, and the young man admitted that gay guys hit on him, which he doesn’t like. One sister said that he’s happier since coming to BOND. 

Another sister of the young man talked about breaking up with a “Christian” boyfriend she’d had sex with. She never knew her father, and it hurt. Another father figure didn’t want to be there for her either. Jesse told her that the males she’s slept with don’t love her, that both she and they are yearning for the love of a father. 

Their mother had ten children — and the three siblings here all had different fathers! Their mother died a couple of years ago. Jesse urged the young woman to do his Silent Prayer silentprayer.video

How Does God See You? 

Jesse asks how many Christians are at Church today. He then asked the question: How does God see you? Different people gave their answers. 

One man said God sees him as His child, and can’t wait for him to come back. What is the Way back to God? He talked about his life at present: He’s from New Jersey, but had moved in with his girlfriend here. Now they’ve broken up, but he’s still living with her, sleeping on the couch! What a mess! 

One man says that God sees him like a “diamond in the rough,” but also as a man. Another guy said, “Wretched!” A lady admitted that she does not always pray first thing in the morning, but gets up late and rushes out. Jesse shouted, “Beta lady!” There was a later instance Jesse shouted this at another young woman as well today. She talked about herself and her husband.

One Jiu Jitsu guy talked at length with Jesse about himself and his mother. Jesse urged him to tell the truth to his mother about herself, and to forgive her. Until he does that, he’s like a woman. He admits that he’s very sensitive. Jesse comments that he’s a “Judo guy” and scared of his mother. A friend of his corrects Jesse with “Jiu Jitsu,” but says, “Same thing!” And he says that he’s not very good, as a “sensitive” Jiu Jitsu fighter! 

Thanks, all! 

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