Do You See Yourself as a Son of God? (Church 5/17/20)

Sunday, May 17, 2020, Church with Jesse Lee Peterson: This past week’s Biblical Question: Do you see yourself as a son of God? How do you know? Many people call-in and give Super Chats (donation messages) attempting to answer this question — along with BOND guys, members of Jesse’s staff. 

We also get some questions about the ego dying, and divorce and remarriage. 

Jesse asks people’s opinion about a call he received this past week from a man whose child’s mother was keeping his child from him. He had called asking about whether he should buy land or use his money fighting in court to try to see his child. 

Jesse answered the Biblical Question and how to know you’ve been born again — because you can see. And you no longer have hate, anger. 

Odile from the UK says she called her father in Africa to forgive him, after going to church and not changing. 

New Biblical Question: Why is stillness so important? 


Taught Wrong (Church Clip 5/17/20)

CLIP: If You’ve Been Born Again, You’re a Son of God (13 mins.)

Thank You, Jesse! (Church 5/17/20)

CLIP: Lady in UK Called Father in Africa to Forgive Him (8 mins)


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