Does God Love You As You Are? (Church Sep 30)

At Church, we discussed a few questions: Does God love you as you are? What is love? Have you been born of the Spirit — and what does that mean? Can you be perfect in this life, or will you remain imperfect until you die? Also, a woman said she forgave her mother, and afterward her life changed.

Do you believe God loves you as you are?

Today we talked about Jesse’s recent Biblical Question of the Week: Do you believe that God loves you as you are? Some said yes, some were uncertain, and others said no.

Jason and his fiancee both like Jesse. She said her fiancé is an alpha male (not beta). They mentioned the “troll” last week who acted out.

Trevor (who can sing!) said God has “unconditional love” — but God said to be perfect.

Sam from Australia asked about President Trump (The Great White Hope), and his past, having remarried a number of times. He’s not lying, because he does what he said. We all have a past, which doesn’t exist, except in the minds of our enemies.

Have you been born of the Spirit?

In the discussion, Jesse asked: What is love? He also referenced the verse in John 3: 5, when Jesus said that you must be born of the Spirit. Have you been born of spirit?

A woman suggested that “love” is synonymous with “caring.” But God doesn’t care if you destroy yourself and go to hell. He made a way for you to return to him. But if not, He’ll just make another baby to do it right.

People believe you’re not born of the Spirit if you still get angry. But Satan is busy, and feeds you crazy and wrong thoughts. Do not judge yourself — that’s from Satan.

Joel asked why you have to forgive in order to be born again. He references thoughts. You get into thoughts because you are angry and are of your father the Devil. But the light inside you brings you out of that.

Do not overreact to situations. Be still and know God. Satan tries to get you to destroy yourself. Jesse told one young woman this week to calm down and let her boyfriend go!

Jesse answered a few questions and comments online. Our online moderator Tim from Louisiana, AKA PastPresentFuture, was away at his father’s funeral. One fellow said Jesse’s advice doesn’t work for him. Was Jesus was angry with merchants at the temple?

Can you be perfect?

We discussed the question: Can we be perfect in this life? Or will we be imperfect until the day we die?

One man spoke whose mother died in recent weeks of a heart attack & car accident. Jesse had urged him to wash his face and get back to it after a few days of mourning. His brothers blew up, and he tries not to curse them.

Yes, you can be perfect. When you forgive and begin to see, you start to be made perfect by dealing with situations right. If someone overreacts to you, name-calls you, or even if you go off on someone — neither judge the person nor yourself for it. People call Jesse the “N-word” but they are the ones with issues. Have compassion.

It is evil to be nice. Niceness is weakness.

A woman described going to forgive her mother — and her mother resented her for it! But her relationship with her husband and children improved. Her older sister hopes to go face their mother as well. Do the Silent Prayer.

If being nice is evil, what should I be? Be right. Love is not hating. Salvation comes the moment you realize you’re wrong. If you hurt someone in anger, go and apologize to them, and admit you were wrong.

You can’t learn God thought scripture or knowledge; you need to know Him. Go within.

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