Don’t Fear Your Mother. Forgive Her. (Mother’s Day Church, May 12, 2019)

TOPICS from Mother’s Day Church, Sunday, May 12, 2019: Are you convinced that all thoughts are lies? God does not put guilt on you. Alyssa Milano wants women to hold a “sex strike” for abortion rights. The last thing that Satan wants is for you to be still. Go and forgive your mother and father; if you’re afraid to do it, you don’t love them. Did Laura Loomer build her house on sand, or is she just acting distraught? Build your house on a solid foundation by seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven.

Happy Mother’s Day! We started out Church with another guitar music performance by Eric who played last week — before he returned to Scotland. Please pardon the microphone-related audio issues. Thank you again, Eric!


A man Will asked about feeling disturbed — asking if such feelings are not from God. In answering him, Jesse reasserted that there’s no such thing as a true thought.

A young woman asked: Does God not test you? No. He allows you to suffer, in hopes that you will wake up. Some people have a hard head, and so they need to go through things in order to repent.

In discussing these things, Jesse asked people the question: Are you convinced that all thoughts are lies? As an illustration, Jesse brought Joel up to walk across the stage. While Joel walked, Jesse urged people to watch thoughts to by like you’d watch Joel walking. When you watch people, just as when you watch thoughts, do not go with judgments about them, but just observe them.

Our friend G asked what it meant when Jesus said that “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” He also asked: What does it mean to walk in the spirit? It means just to be aware of Him.


Jesse told the people that God does not put guilt on you. He recounted the story of a young lady who tried to hang herself, first with a rope, and then with a belt. Then she tried to commit suicide by taking pills. In counseling this woman, Jesse asked her why. It was hard for her to answer why. She’d never told anyone why — not even to her preacher father, nor her mother who was “first lady” at her father’s church. When she finally told Jesse, he responded: That’s no big deal.

She compared herself to her older sister who had conformed, while she rebelled. But neither was happy — they just responded differently to the failure of the parents. She’d condemned herself by listening to Satan.

When Jesse told her that “God does not condemn you,” she was free for the first time. People have false guilt believing that God is judging them. But Christ did not judge and condemn the sinner; he simply said, “Go and sin no more.

People read the Bible, but the preacher does not tell you what Christ said: It’s done!

Don’t give up on yourself.


Actress Alyssa Milano, who started the #MeToo movement, tweeted pushing for women to hold a “#SexStrike” for abortion rights. She wants the right to kill the child in the womb, but says that women should stop having sex in protest for that. Women control men with sex, and she’s suggesting women withhold sex so politicians will change the laws to what she wants. Incidentally, women and men should not have sex unless they’re married anyway! So Jesse says: Right on!


A man asked about the Silent Prayer, and trouble he experiences in praying quietly. The last thing Satan wants is for you to “be still and know” God. Many Christians do the hooping and hollering prayer, lifting up hands, throwing up green stuff, and feeling emotions and excitement. The Devil is happy with such things, because they keep you distracted.

Jesse points out that it’s a waste of time to kill yourself. There’s nothing you can do to be perfect. It’s God who does it. 

Jesse asked one young woman Victoria his prior question: Do you still believe your thoughts? Have you given up fighting? She talked about Satan attacking her in vivid dreams about people from her past. In response, Jesse says that people should should stop analyzing things, but just admit we don’t know. Rather, God reveals what we need to know.

People on Jesse’s radio show fight with him, claiming that you can be a Christian and still sin! What is the purpose of being born again of God if your life will be the same as you were before?


One of the young ladies talked about a college course that taught about human growth and development. In this class, she learned that human beings fulfil their desires and needs from base levels all the way up to “self-actualization.” Jesse urged her to get her money back: Instead, seek first the Kingdom of God, and all will be added.

This young woman and Jesse commented about how illegal aliens coming here are in “survival mode.” They act from false desperation instead of believing in God. They can make it in their own countries if they wake up! She herself commented about how she has a lot to do and sometimes feels overwhelmed. Jesse too has a lot to do, but never feels overwhelmed unless he gets into the thoughts from Satan.

One man brought up a person named Eckhart Tolle who claims that people are “addicted” to thoughts. But that’s not true — thoughts build you up to let you down. Similarly, people are not addicted to alcohol — they just go after it to fill the void. They lack the love of a father. One man says he goes looking for work, like a “workaholic,” keeping busy to distract from depressing thoughts. But you should not do that. Instead, you should become aware, and overcome anger.


A man asked: What is sin? Are all the things that you feel are bad, are those sin? Jesse comes back to answer him later: Sin is anger, judgment, playing God. After Jesse came back and answered, this man also asked: What does it mean to be American?

Also later, a man commented about his uncle who is Catholic. Many Christians who think it’s okay to sin are into worldly things instead of spiritual things.


Jesse asks a woman named Kim: Did you go and forgive your mother? She believes she has anger toward herself. Why? She feels anger over her own sin in past relationships. Her parents raised her liberal, but were loving and stable. They did not raise her entirely right, but she says she does not blame them.

She’s afraid of messing up a good relationship with her parents. They are starting to develop conflict and anger over their new political differences. Now she does not want to make the relationship worse and more strained by bringing up what they did wrong. Her mother suffers from depression, and tortured herself for being a horrible mother.

This lady herself cheated on two past husbands, and now she wants to get right with God, so that she remains faithful to her third husband.

Her mother had big problems with her mother’s parents. And now this lady’s father can’t deal with her mother. If you love your parents, forgive them! Jesse offers to help her FaceTime with her parents who are out-of-state.

Jesse says that she keeps getting with weak men, because she’s looking for a father’s love. She does not like hearing that her father was not a good man, but admits that he was a little “beta”!

Her new husband, she says, is not a beta male; he does not cater to her emotions. He overcame anger through meditation as a Buddhist. She admits meditation helped her only to an extent. But she does not know if he forgave his parents. Jesse also answers her question: What does it mean for the man to be the head of his wife?


A woman named Deborah joined us for the first time — she thought Jesse brought good points. Deborah joined us with her husband and her son, who’s attended Church in the past. This mother says that her son is shy, but that she does not judge him for how God made him. When he was young he had speech impediments. So Jesse asked him: Why are you so shy? He’s 33, and answers that he’s not happy being shy. He actually wishes his mother would be harder on him.

Jesse asks the man: Have you forgiven your father for not protecting you from your mother? His mother had said that “you always need a mother.” He actually married a young woman to help her get student loans — she used him and then divorced him after five years. Jesse urges him: Don’t hold anything against yourself. Whatever happened in the past, it no longer exists. Satan put it in your mind. Go to the gym, and start speaking up.


Jesse answered some questions asked online in the YouTube Live Chat: What is original sin? What are the responsibilities of the firstborn to lead the family? How do you honor your mother and father if they’re both divorced and remarried? And a man is with a woman who has a child and needs a father. But that child does not need a stepfather! It turns out Eric married a woman who already had a daughter as well!


A conservative activist and journalist named Laura Loomer was recently banned on Facebook. She freaked out in an interview with Alex Jones, saying her life was over, because she’s been banned by so many tech companies! The social media site Twitter, as well as car ride apps Uber and Lyft, had also banned her. As a millennial, this can really mess her up.

She may just be acting, because she’s a very effective activist, and knows how to get attention. But if she’s not acting, she should seek first the Kingdom of God, and not the world, which can take things away from people. Then whatever the world does to her, she wouldn’t trip out and feel like her life is over at age 25! Jesse jokes that she’s probably just acting, since she’s Jewish and popular and must have money.

Most things of the world are built on sand, including friendships and marriages (because people marry in a fallen state). But if you build your house on a solid foundation, then you’re not afraid of being banned.


Jesse has someone read from Ephesians 6, verses 1-3. It says: Children, obey your parents. Honor your father and mother, that you may live long. The way you honor your parents: Don’t hate. Forgive them, and then God will forgive you. Don’t let anything be more important than seeking the Kingdom of Heaven.


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