Don’t Fit In? You’re Yearning for the Father (Father’s Day Church, Jun 16, 2019)

Sunday, June 16, 2019: Happy Father’s Day (see Father’s Day photos)! We had our 10th annual Men’s Conference Saturday night (see Men’s Conference photos). Eye has not seen, nor ear heard what God has in store for you. Live from within; do not plan, and do not judge your issues. You are attracted to your trauma, to whatever you hate. Do not listen to too much evil, lest it seep into you.

The Silent Prayer is biblical, but most preachers don’t cite the principles in the Bible. Never tell someone to stop their vice; rather, they should stop judging it, so that it may fall away. Men act like kids now, and are shaving their bodies like women!

Men and women should go and forgive their parents. Some who do feel doubts about how it went. But doubt every thought. Those who want to fit in with others are really yearning for their fathers, and for the Father.

Men make excuses for smoking pot, but you should have a clear mind. Do the Silent Prayer before you smoke the pot. Although white people tend to be intellectuals, they are not happy living in their intellect. God’s way is simple and straightforward.

Eye Has Not Seen, Nor Ear Heard…

(Watch 6-minute Short Cut: Men’s Conference Thanks and Living from Within)

Jesse references the Bible verse that says that “eye has not seen, nor ear heard” what God has in store for His children. Looking at the congregation, he reflects on how BOND as grown, and how many people are waking up, forgiving, and going free. He talks about living from within, as opposed to coming up with a “five year plan,” like blind people who rely on their intellect. BOND held our 10th annual Men’s Conference the night before, Saturday the day before Father’s Day.

Thank you so much for everyone who helped make the event happen (including the BOND ladies!) and to all of the men who joined us.

You Are Tempted by Whatever You Hate

A young man asks about why some struggle with different temptations from others. It depends on your trauma, on whatever you hate. You become attracted to whatever you hate.

Beware of Evil, Deceiving Messages

One man shares some information about immoral things in culture, and asks which version of the Bible he should read. Then he says he likes punk and metal music with bad lyrics. He says that he does not listen to or care about the lyrics — that he does not take in the message. But Jesse and another young man caution him, insisting that it does affect him, whether he realizes it or not.

One man says his father tries to hide that he watches CNN for the “entertainment,” even though he calls it garbage. Aside from the blatant lies pushed by the world, you do not realize the brainwashing that takes place from so much exposure to evil.

A woman points out that music executives do not want positive music. But the good thing is that people can use their talents to make their own music independently, with a good message — even rap!

Silent Prayer: Biblical or ‘Eastern’?

A middle aged man from New Jersey said that he learned Chinese martial arts, which he says offers some true principles similar to Jesse’s. He talks about Jesse’s Silent Prayer: You should be still and know God, and His voice is a voiceless voice. Jesse points out that the Bible also shares these things, but that Christian preachers hide them today.

Never, Never, Ever Tell Someone to Stop

Someone asks: How do I know whether it’s me or God when I stop doing wrong, such as looking at pornography? The question came up about how to tell another person that they should stop a wrong behavior. You should never, ever tell someone to stop. Stop judging, and it will eventually fall away. You do not have a right to judge or play god. That keeps you in your hell!

Men’s Conference Panelists Were Like ‘Kids on Stage’

A man who attended the Men’s Conference the night before felt disappointed by the panelists, who acted more like “kids on stage” than men. He thought it was intentional by Jesse to contrast them with the main speaker Owen Benjamin. Jesse later warns him to doubt every thought.

Men Are Shaving Their Bodies Like Women!

Some in the congregation discuss the fact that so many young men now shave their bodies like women!

Resentment of Parents, and Yearning for the Father

This man was mad at his father. But he realized just recently that his father would discipline him after listening to his mother’s complaints about him. He’d feel so much rage toward his father, who merely responded to the prompting of his mother’s anger. He said that his father “beat” him, then amended his word to “whupped,” and then “spanked.”

Jesse says that he did not know he resented his parents until God opened his eyes to himself.

Another man Mitch from Chicago talks about not fitting in with the crowd, but that feeling is actually a yearning for the Father. Mitch says his brother forgave his parents before he did. He felt doubts about how it went in talking with his mother who he thought hurried him. As a child, he noticed his father lying to him about his “wonderful” performance, trying to be encouraging. Now he can’t perform as an artist in front of people he hates. He smokes pot and excuses it by saying he’s a musician, thinking it helps his creativity.

Mitch does not do the Silent Prayer consistently. Jesse tells him: Suffer!

Appreciate Mother Who Forced You to Go to Church as a Kid?

Will’s brother joined us! He says that he appreciated his mother who forced him to go to church as a kid. He thinks it helped him to be in a community separate from the drinking and drugs that he got into later as an adult. He asked about smoking pot as well as cigarettes and drinking coffee. Jesse points out the truth to him.

More People on Anger and Forgiveness

A 50-year-old man says that he smokes pot still! Jesse asks him why he needs it at 50. But he really resonates with Jesse’s message about anger. He forgave his mean mother who shouted, “For what!” Jesse urges him to do the Silent Prayer before he smokes the pot.

One of our supporters brought his wife to Church. Her father died five years ago. She says she forgave her mother via FaceTime the night before, knowing that Jesse would ask her about it! It was difficult; she began crying unexpectedly, and wondered whether she did it right. She couldn’t express anything specific that her mother did wrong, and so her mother told her to come back with a list of grievances. But her husband encouraged her not to listen to her thoughts about the incident. She and her husband talk about thoughts and peace with Jesse.

A ‘Successful,’ Unhappy Liberal Male

One man says that he found Jesse from the video game player and political debater Steven Bonnell, known online by his childhood screen name “Destiny.” He used to watch Destiny from time to time, and believes he’s smart, which Jesse questions.

But this man looked at Destiny playing his video games one day recently, with thousands of people watching him online, and he looked miserable. In contrast, anytime he watches Jesse’s videos, he can plainly see that Jesse exudes joy.

Is It OK for a Man to Shave His Unibrow?

A man gave a Super Chat donation via YouTube, asking if it goes against a man’s nature to shave his “unibrow” — hair between the eyebrows.

Last Questions and Comments

A man broke his leg recently, run over by a forklift he drove for work. Fortunately, he’s able to walk!

A white man discusses analyzing thoughts and self-reflection. Jesse talks about how whites tend to be intellectuals, but points out that God is simple and straightforward.


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