Enmity Between Men and Women (Church, May 26, 2019)

At Church, Sunday, May 26, 2019, we started out touching on the prior week’s Biblical Question: None but the righteous shall see God. Who are the righteous? Then we discussed in depth about the enmity between men and women.

Robert and His Preacher Wife on Their Enmity

Watch 21-minute Short Cut: Black Man and Preacher Wife Talk Anger, Weak Men, & Women Leaders

A man named Robert joined us with his wife of 38 years, who happens to be a preacher! He admits he married his mother. His parents passed away, and they talk about how to forgive a mother and father who have died. It turns out he’s one of Jesse’s longtime radio show callers, Robert from Indiana! He moved here!

Men have become weak, Robert’s wife says that’s why women are stepping into the man’s role. But Jesse explains that women cannot fill in a man’s role. The way a woman such as a single mother can pass love to the children is to forgive, and God will operate through her.

Jeffrey Dahmer Hated His Mother

Jesse makes a side note about the serial rapist and murderer Jeffrey Dahmer. He hated his mother, and his father was weak. So he had all kinds of problems, and turned homoseuxal. Instead of dealing with the real problems, they gave him medication!

Other mass murderers have similar issues — because they hate their mothers.

If You Started Off Wrong, Can You Get Back on the Right Track?

Jesse answers a question from Robert’s wife. If you started off wrong, know that you’re wrong, forgive your mother for being angry, and your father for being weak. Repent, and God will work in you to make it right.

Men Uncomfortable with the Attitude of Women Who Wait on Them

Watch 16-minute Short Cut: Women Seek Out Men’s Weaknesses

One young man Dylan says he gets an uncomfortable feeling and can tell the woman too is uncomfortable when she is waiting on him as a customer. He says anytime a woman has any hint of authority over a man they get weird, like they don’t like it and they look down on the man. Another man Richard used to feel the same way, but it stopped after hearing Jesse and coming to BOND. It’s because Dylan still resents his mother, and needs to forgive in order to deal with that attitude from women, and not be affected by it.

A Woman Wants the Man to Do What *She* Believes Is Right

A woman Adriana slips and refers to her boyfriend as her “partner,” but quickly corrects herself. (Apparently they’re living together still, but have stopped having sex out-of-wedlock.) She reacts to “bad results,” such as when he leaves clothes on the bathroom floor, rather than in the hamper. She says she’s traumatized to be efficient and clean. Men don’t see anything wrong with not leaving things as neat as women do. Her problem is getting past her resentment when he doesn’t do things her way — which she calls the “right” way.

Watch 9 1/2-minute Short Cut: Woman Wants Boyfriend to Do What *She* Sees Is Right

If you overcome irritation and deal with perfect love, you will see how to deal with issues and conflict like this. Jesse asks Adriana: Do you know what perfect love is?

Women Don’t Like to Be Told What to Do by Men

More people talk about the enmity between men and women, in the workplace, and in relationships and marriages. One young woman says she would not obey her husband if her boyfriend Dylan were to marry her! She says that she’s not going to be controlled by him, because they have different views! Another man Joel says women always don’t like to be told what to do — they take it as though men are talking down to them.

Women Seek Out the Weakness of Men

A young black woman Victoria admits that women want to seek out the weaknesses of men, and try to break men down!

Jesse tells the story of a female boss who used to be really mean. Everyone was afraid of her. He once went into her office and closed the door at a time when there were no witnesses, and he let her have it. He yelled at her and warned her never to treat him badly. She got him fired, so he took a two-week vacation, and because he was in a union, he was back within weeks! He was a beta male back then, but knew not to let a woman disrespect and degrade him the way this woman did.

More men discuss these issues. Mark, a former atheist, finds himself defending the Bible, the first story in it, a 2,000 year-old Adam & Eve story that endures to this day. Reggie talks about the problem of men worshipping women now, particularly in the black community, with mama and “black queens.” Richard tells of dealing with customers, a husband defeated by his “adamant” wife who interrupted them and questioned their solutions for a landscaping issue.

Jesse explains that marriage on the part of a wife is a promise to obey the husband. People leave that part out. One woman who got married said she promised it, but didn’t know it really meant that!

The Spiritual Problem Between Men and Women

Watch 14-minute Short Cut: The Spiritual Problem Between Men and Women

God is the man’s God. Satan is the woman’s god. You must be born again, so that men will be subject to God, and women subject to men. Man was created by God, and then woman created from man. Now Satan is jealous of God; so the woman is jealous of the man. Mothers destroy the children, turning them away from the man, the father, and so turning them away from God.

To men, women cannot “let” you be a man. God made you a man. Now you have to be it — be a man. Men, you are subject to women because of the home; you were born through the woman, then traumatized by the mother. But when you forgive your mother, and return to your father, you start a new generation.

In the beginning with Adam and Eve, the woman listened to the man who listened to God. Then they switched!

Victoria says: That’s accurate!

Adriana asks: What if the male is a beta? Jesse tells her: Have compassion, and do not judge him.

When you forgive, you switch gods, the man no longer serving the woman who serves Satan, but rather you come back to the true God. Then you have no fear and come back to perfect love.

Jesse Answers Questions from Online, and Gives More Anecdotes

Jesse answers Super Chat questions and comments given online via YouTube: One man finally stopped reading the Bible every day after 644 straight days! People who are into the Bible like that become nutcases!

Jesse tells of a “gay” pastor whom he interviewed for The Fallen State in a recent taping last week. This black homosexual brought a young man whom he called his “fiancé” — that he was going to “marry.” So Jesse eventually asked him if he’d be his “wife” or his “husband.” Instead of dealing with the question, he got angry and offended and walked off the set in the middle of the interview!

Jesse ako answered the question: How do you judge without discernment?

A person who said that he or she was a 12-year-old whose mother spanked him or her asked Jesse what to do about it. Jesse urged this person: Tell your father.

Question from a Single Man: How Do You Find a Woman?

A man named Matthew joined us for the first time, asking Jesse as a single man: How do you find a woman? He commented that Jesse’s views were traditional, and he agreed he preferred a Christian woman. But you should not hold an idea on the type of woman you want. Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His right way, and all will be added. You may look for a “Christian” sounding, Bible-toting woman who ends up being hell to pay after you marry her!

Women Don’t Have Love to Give

Another newcomer Emmanuel, who’d attended the BOND Men’s Forum, said his mother was Bible-toting. Meanwhile his father had married three times and had other children by different women! Jesse explains that his father was looking for love from women. But women don’t have love to give. Sex is not love. Taking care of you is not love. Making you feel good about being wrong is not love!

Our friend G from San Diego asked if life is always a spiritual battle, 24/7, 365. Yes. But God in you fights the battle for you. So you don’t have to do anything. He also asks: How do you endure all things? Jesse answers: By not resenting.

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