Be Happy to See Evil Revealed (Church Sep 23)

At Church, we dealt with the attack on good men like Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Be glad to see evil revealed! Another point: Love and hate are both responses to evil — both wrong. Do the Silent Prayer.

Evil attack on men

At the very beginning of Church, a man yelled and cursed at Jesse. (In a previous service, he said that he struggled with demons.) He shouted that Jesse “insulted” this man’s Hispanic mother (which was not true). BOND security escorted him out while he continued his nasty slander. He called Jesse a “N-word” boy as we shut the door.

Jesse then invited people to discuss the attack on Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Trump. A liberal woman accused him of “attempted rape” without evidence. A lady attending Church noted that society puts women above men, just like the man earlier, who lashed out at Jesse over his mother.

(Some newcomers, men and women, said that they forgave their parents as Jesse urges. One man came across Jesse after his interview with Owen Benjamin, a comedian who stands against the craziness in the world.)

Jesse said that we should put the accuser in jail for making phony accusations decades later! A newcomer pointed out that God forgives us from one day to the next — yet this woman can’t forgive a man for 36 or 37 years!

One man told the story of a woman who falsely accused him of “rape” — purely out of spite. Unfortunately, they had sex when he was 24 or 25, and afterward she grew angry at him. He spent a night in jail in the UK for it! Since he told the truth, police soon saw through the phony allegation.

After the feedback, Jesse asked: Why is this craziness happening? A man noticed that people follow their emotions due to the breakdown of the family. Another noted that men’s weakness brought this evil about.

Be glad when you see evil revealed

(Watch 15-minute excerpt: False Kavanaugh Accusations: Be Glad to See Evil. Jail the Lying Women)

Jesse urged everyone: Be happy to see evil. Ability to see evil lets you know that God looks out for us. But evil came to the forefront because of weak men. Society teaches that sex before marriage is fine. Politicians pass laws to put men in jail unjustly. Those in power set everything up to prevent men from fulfilling their natural role in life.

Thank God for President Trump, “The Great White Hope!” — a straight, white, conservative, Christian man of power. He stands against the madness.

This woman accusing Judge Kavanaugh should be locked up for lying! Don’t give any play to these accusations — she’s lying. The people on the side of evil want authority over us. So according to them, every man is a rapist. An NFL team owner Mark Cuban cried on TV that he allowed sexual misconduct by men in his organization. We should put him in jail for acting so weak! Big companies like Google and Facebook act as part of the effort to control us.

Younger generations falsely learn to go with sex and pot-smoking. They think nothing of it! One man admitted that he used to smoke pot daily. But after hearing Jesse, he lost the appetite for it.

Joy Behar also attacked men. Senator Mazie Hirono (a Democrat from Hawaii) told men to “shut up”! Under their rules, a falsely accused man cannot even say that the woman accusing him is lying!

This is a spiritual battle. It was previously hidden, but is now out in the open.

Love and hate are both responses to evil

After Jesse answered a few questions online about mental illness, forgiving a “beta male” husband, and reasons for divorce, he went into another important point. He also talked with another man who forgave his parents.

He said that love and hate are both responses to evil, and are both wrong. Jesse told the story of a couple who married 60 years. The man grew angry when he realized that his wife used him. With anger, he suddenly “needed” her more. So he began reaching out to her for “love” — sex — to feel better. They went through hell over 60 years. The lesson: “Love” in the fallen state is really hate.

In talking with Jesse, the woman admitted, “I have become a bitch,” and said that he became a tyrant or something.

Love is not a feeling! But men and women come together in love-hate relationships, and in the meantime, they mess up their children’s lives! (A man noted the world’s phony love for immigrants and refugees.)

Jesse continued: When you fight with someone, and realize you’re wrong — admit that you’re wrong! Satan wants your soul; he does not want you to see that you’re wrong. So admit wrong right away when you see it! Apologize, saying, “You know what: I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

Some women talked about love and forgiveness. Many don’t know what love is. One woman still feels angry toward her mother even though she went to forgive her. Satan feeds doubts and thoughts to your mind — just watch yourself with no opinion, and relax.

Silent Prayer

Do the Silent Prayer | audio:

One woman said that when she does the Silent Prayer, she thinks of things she needs to do. Satan involves himself in everything we do. He feeds us silly thoughts, trying to draw us away from consciousness. The Devil tries to take us away from God.

Jesse then answered more questions: How do you cast out demons? Does Satan pursue some souls more than others? How do you recognize God’s voice?

A young woman said she saw things more clearly after forgiving her father. God’s voice is a realization, a knowing. When you see the sun shining, you don’t need to think about it; you know it!

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