Human Beings Don’t Know Right from Wrong. (Church, Jul 28, 2019)

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At Church July 28, 2019, we talked about angry people who can’t see what they’re doing using Robert Mueller to try to hurt the president. The president is a good example of overcoming words: He’s not afraid of being called “racist,” but just tells the truth about Elijah Cummings neglecting “rat infested” Baltimore. 

How do you overcome thoughts, which are lies? Stay with the Silent Prayer. We talked about the Biblical Question from last week: Do you know right from wrong? Jesse brings Joel and James up to illustrate light versus darkness, and how Satan tempts you to judge and overreact. Men’s Forum this Thursday, Aug 1st, 7 PM at BOND in Los Angeles! 

Blind, Angry People Used Mueller to Try to Hurt the President

Jesse started out by allowing people to share their reaction to the Mueller hearing in Congress. This man Robert Mueller had investigated the president over false allegations of collusion with the Russians to win his 2016 election. One person thought he acted like he was caught in a lie. Mueller reminded Jesse of his father toward the end of his life, when his father suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. He didn’t know where he was or even Jesse’s name. 

Angry people cannot see what they’re doing. So the people who hate the president thought it was a good idea to put Mr. Mueller on display to try to hurt the president. They ended up hurting themselves, not realizing that what they did in anger was a bad idea. 

President Trump Is a Good Example in Overcoming Words

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) is another angry black politician attacking President Trump and people around him. But the president has no fear, and just tells the truth. So he shared video of a Baltimore woman complaining that Elijah Cummings never comes to the area, but neglects the mess. Trump also pointed out that the city is rat infested, and the people suffering from high crime. 

People call the president “racist,” but he does not care. He’s a good example of overcoming words. It’s the same spirit in our own lives. 

How Do You Overcome Thoughts?

A woman talked about the thoughts that fill her mind, even when she does the Silent Prayer. She wishes she could have no thoughts, and just have peace. Jesse explains to her that she will grow into it. But for now be patient and watch the thoughts. A man told the story of someone who believed someone who told him he had cancer! There are many instances in which men or women believe that their spouse is cheating on them — fed the lie in their thoughts by Satan! 

A newcomer, a black man, asks about the way other blacks often portray themselves even in friendly environments. He calls it a pet peeve of his to see them acting overly tough or something. 

One person asks why God lets us believe thoughts, as opposed to knowing that we should stick with revelation. 

Do You Know Right from Wrong? 

Jesse then asked a few people his Biblical Question of the week last week: Do you know right from wrong? How do you know? Among those who answered were two cousins joining us for the first time. 

(Another man in his 40s said he disagrees with his friend about whether the “moon landing” was fake! He believes this partly because of other lies from the government. He believes his friend is a “beta,” while his friend believes he is!) 

It is impossible to know right from wrong. Right and wrong is from God, and only he reveals to us what we need to know. It’s a mistake that children are taught right and wrong, because they’re taught in the wrong way! 

Illustration: Light Versus Darkness

Watch 8-minute Short Cut: Darkness vs. the Light

Jesse brings James and Joel on-stage to represent the darkness and the light, respectively. When you’re not angry, you come into the light, and you can see clearly. Jesse stood in front of Joel, as though Joel were the light shining on Jesse’s path. But then the moment you become angry, you enter into darkness, and cannot see! Jesse then stepped behind James, who represented the darkness in front of Jesse. 

Satan wants you to judge, to overreact. He wants you to believe you’re not born again so he can trick you. He wants you in your thoughts and emotions, so that he can lead you in darkness. Anger is beta — weakness. It’s the emotions of a woman, your mother in her fallen state. Resist the temptation to judge. 

Announcements: Men’s Forum First Thursday!

At the end, we announced that BOND is holding our monthly Men’s Forum the first Thursday of the month, August 1st, 7 PM at BOND in Los Angeles. (Women’s Forums are third Thursday of the month, by the way.) 

The following Thursday, August 8th, BOND will hold a Town Hall forum for Men’s History Month, which is the month of August. 


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