If You Love People, Let Them Suffer. (Church, Jun 23, 2019)

At Church, June 23, 2019, Jesse talked with a few mothers (including two Chinese sisters) about anger between them and their teenage children (and the Chinese women’s own mother). You have to be right by having God’s nature of perfect love. All thoughts are lies: Do not worry about others’ reaction; you listen to Satan when you do that. One father was spoiling his adult son! It’s best to let people suffer, so that they can grow and become independent. Jesse also made points about the Bible verse that says that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just, and will forgive us our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 

Watch video of the Church service here. We streamed on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, and DLive.tv (Note: DLive replays are deleted by the platform after several days). Unfortunately, Twitch suspended Jesse’s channel on their website for 30 days for a “Community Guidelines” strike for so-called “hate speech,” even though everything Jesse says is truthful and from love. So we could not stream on Twitch today. We should be back in a month or so.

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Testimonial of a Former Pot Smoker

A man spoke up to talk about how life has changed for him. He asked about dating, talked about quitting pot, and being able to see through people. He can see where people are coming from, when they’re not genuine, or not headed in the right direction — yet doesn’t judge them. 

Unmarried Mother: My 13-year-old Son Hates Me

A lady who’s been attending Church for some time now said that her 13-year-old son told her that he hates her. Her son complained that she’s loud, talks a lot, and crazy about Jesse’s church stuff. She is still unmarried and living with her boyfriend, the boy’s father, although they’re going to start sleeping in separate bedrooms. Jesse always warns people that it’s wrong to have sex out-of-wedlock or to live together without being married. In order for her son to come back to order, she has to be right, to have God’s nature, perfect love. 

Later in the service, she asked whether she was wrong not to celebrate her son’s birthday; he wanted to do a sleepover. 

Worried About Others’ Reaction? You’re Listening to Satan

A man was worried about how his brother, whom he’s living with, may react when he confronts him about an issue. Although he knows that he’s listening to Satan, he’s not convinced that every thought is a lie. While he does not disagree with the concept, and agrees that most thoughts are wrong, he simply cannot see that all thoughts are from Satan. Another man asked: How do you live if you do not believe thoughts? They talked about Jesse’s Silent Prayer and saying nothing in prayer. 

More Questions and Stories

One man asked: Should divorced people date? 

Another man bought his 25-year-old son a car, just as his father did for him — but the son refused to take it. The man talked at length with Jesse, who at one point told him that he did not love his son. 

Jesse answered a number of “Super Chat” questions asked online via YouTube. How do you have no opinion in life? If thoughts are from Satan, where does our voice come from? 

You do have to let people suffer. One lady talked about not giving money to people on the streets begging. Another lady said that it’s disrespectful to spoil your son the way the government spoils minority groups. 

One man is separating from his wife after thirty years of marriage — he’s moving to Atlanta very shortly, while she refuses to go with him! He gives conflicting and unclear answers about whose idea it was for him to move from Indiana to California in the first place. But he says it was the wrong decision, and now he’s leaving. 

Later, a man asks about the “Trinity” and the Bible. You have to forget all you’ve been taught, because you take on a misunderstanding based on what you’ve learned, thinking that you know. 

If We Confess Our Sins…

We read from the Bible verse, 1 John 1: 9, which says that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Jesse talked about this on his radio show last week, and makes more points about it. 

Chinese Sisters Became Like Their Mother Toward Their Children

At the end, Jesse talks with a white man, his Chinese wife, her sister, and their children. The sister is married to a Chinese man who did not join us for Church. The Chinese ladies both admit to past resentment with their mother, and anger issues as mothers with their children. Some of the children talk as well. One of the mothers loses patience at times while dealing with her children. Jesse urges them to have their husbands help them with their children. Forgive your mother by apologizing for hating. 

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