Independence and Growth Is More Valuable Than Money

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Amazing Church Service

We had some great questions about forgiving parents, mothers letting adult children go, and young men and women becoming independent. 

Jesse opens up briefly talking about how American communities have become remade in the cultures of immigrants, whether Hispanic, Asian or other. One lady no longer feels even welcome in her own country! WATCH CLIP: America Remade in the Image of ‘Immigrants’ (6 min) 

Save 10% (ten percent) of the money you make, and use it only for investment, not for emergency, and opportunities will come. Opportunities are always there, but you don’t see them. One young man goes to school and doesn’t work, but his parents help him financially — stop it! The growth is more important than the money! 

Jesse asked a few people, perhaps a Biblical Question: Would you rather have an unclean life or an honorable death? 

We talk about the Silent Prayer, mothers’ stories about absent fathers, accusations of “rape,” and dating. Young men do only want one thing: Sex. Don’t give it to them. Date instead. One young woman believed (for a day) a crystal lady who tried to get her to burn over $5,000! 

Read 1 Corinthians, chapter 2, verse 15 — Paul wrote in the New Testament that the spiritual man judges all things. So we should judge! But it’s not the emotional kind of judgment that comes from anger, from Satan. 


Thank you guys for joining, reading, listening, and watching! Thanks to everyone supporting BOND — we’re still raising money for the Building Fund. Do the Silent Prayer. 


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