Lying Politicians, Absent Fathers and Overdoing Mothers (Sep 28, 2008)

BOND Sunday Service, originally aired Sunday, September 28, 2008: Jesse Lee Peterson allows people to get it off their chest about the government’s mishandling of the ongoing financial crisis, the corruption of power and wealth, and their willingness to lie to the people (whether it was Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain). But society loves lies: Men and women lie to each other to come together in romantic relationships! 

One 18-year-old black male speaks up who was raised without his father. He didn’t know why his father left, and thought he didn’t care — he wouldn’t love him anyway. But he does not realize he’s yearning for the love of his father. He thinks women can be powerful as his mother struggled to do right by him; but she could not replace his father. His mother “stalked” and babied him even as an adult! 

Black mothers call grown men “baby” and it weakens the men. They may mean well, but it kills their nature to spoil children and adults. They get better when you let them suffer; they can handle pain and overcome it if you leave them alone! 


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