Men’s Forum January 2019

We held our first monthly Men’s Forum of the new year on Thursday. The past couple of years, especially this past year, has brought us greater and greater numbers of young men (and women) to our meetings.

They come to our Men’s Forums, Women’s Forums, and Church, visit or call-in for counseling, and call-in to Jesse’s daily radio show.

They’re eager to hear the truth and ready to do what’s right. Some of them make great strides over just a few months — their lives totally change. Relationships with wives, children, and parents are set right. They forgive others, and face and deal with challenges rightly.

This month guys talked about their past year. They volunteered how their lives changed since coming to BOND, taking Jesse’s advice on prayer, forgiveness, and doing right in relationships and in life.

Some of the guys talked about how, before they came to BOND, they were getting into MGTOW or InCels.

MGTOW is a movement called “Men Going Their Own Way,” not getting married due to the attack on men; one guy said it is anger-based. Jesse urges people to overcome anger, get married, and have families.

InCel is short for “involuntary celibate” and refers to guys who cannot get women to have sex with them; they don’t realize that they shouldn’t be looking to have sex with women outside marriage anyway.

Most men hate women — they must overcome hatred by forgiving their mothers and fathers, and seek first the Kingdom of God and His right way, rather than seeking women or worldly things. Then all things will be added.

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