Overcome Emotions and Live (Church 10/13/19)

At Church, we discussed Biblical Questions about whether a man looking at another woman is cheating, and “the cause of your effect.” People have been through some tough family situations, but once they forgive, it’ll be like they don’t have a past! Jesse told of his encounter with a security guard at the bank who could suddenly see, and started crying after Jesse told him to forgive. 

One lady who had her live-in boyfriend move out — she now says that he and their son don’t like her anymore! Her mother does not believe that a woman should obey her man, nor see how anger is evil. But overcome emotions, and you can deal with situations in the right way. 

Jesse invites some newlyweds on-stage. A young woman does not want to forgive her mother — “she doesn’t deserve it” — nor does she want to cut off communication with her! Just block her! We also talk about how to have “pure” motives — by not having motivation! 

NOTE: No Women’s Forum this Thursday!  

Church on Sunday, October 13, 2019, streamed live video 11 AM PT on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, DLive, Twitch, and Mixer! NOTE: The latter three platforms (DLive, Twitch, and Mixer) do not preserve past videos long, but are great platforms for watching live.

Look for Church audio recordings of the service afterward on Apple, TuneIn, Spreaker, Stitcher, and SoundCloud, also findable via rebuildingtheman.com/church 

Biblical Questions

Is a Man Cheating if He Looks at Another Woman? 

Today a newcomer reminded Jesse of a second “Biblical Question” that he asked this past week on his radio show: If a man is dating, engaged, or married, and he looks at another woman, is he cheating? Some people qualified that it matters “how” he’s looking, like if it’s a lustful way. But it’s not the woman’s place to decide the way she thinks he’s looking! It’s between him and God. So no, it’s not cheating to look at another woman. It’s so bad that some men feel like they have to avert their eyes anytime a woman is near. 

What Is the Cause of Your Effect? 

Then we talked about the real Biblical Question this past week: There is a cause to every effect. What is the cause of your effect? People told very deep stories about themselves and their family lives growing up. A young man Austin was trying to figure out how to confront his mother to forgive her. Jesse urges people to apologize for hating. So Jesse told him just to say, “Hey Mom, I hate you!” Just be straightforward, and don’t think about the best way to word it, or how to say it. He does not fear his father. 

WATCH: Girlfriend Knows He’s a BETA! (And She Has a Sad Story)

Austin’s girlfriend also spoke up: Her father died in January this year. She broke down crying in Church today, as she’d only met him once at age 12. Her grandmother raised her and moved every year. She never even met her mother, who she says was a drug addict. She’s 23 now, and wondering whom to forgive — her parents or her grandmother. Jesse urges her to forgive all of them. They were the adults, and she was the child. 

The Security Guard at the Bank

Watch: Encounter with a Black Security Guard at the Bank (SHORT CUT)

Jesse then told a story of encountering a security guard at the bank, a black guy. This man asked Jesse about his “Beware of the Children of the Lie” T-shirt that he wore. Jesse explained who the children of the lie are, including the black race hustlers, the preachers, the Democratic Party, the RINO Republicans, the liberal media, and Never Trumpers. He also pointed out that racism does not exist. Then Jesse told him: Your problem is not racism; you need to forgive your mother. At that, this grown black man started crying! 

The security guard could suddenly see once he saw the truth of what Jesse told him. He told Jesse that prior to meeting him, he was filled with rage. His mother turned him away from his father. And his child’s mother keeps the child away from him. So he had only anger and was miserable. But even without going to see his mother to forgive her, he was free, because he could see! 

At that, Jesse told the story of a blind man who waited for Jesus at the gate. One time, Jesus came along and restored his sight, and he could see. Until you repent, you cannot see. But once you repent, you can see. 

“The Men in My Life Don’t Want Me in Their Life”

One lady who regularly attends Church gave an update on how she’s doing. She admits she nags her son to clean his room. So Jesse urges her not to nag, but to put a penalty in place until he does clean it, but be patient. But now she says the men in her life don’t want her — her boyfriend and her son. But she’s doing what she sees is right now, and she takes comfort in that. And it’s working — the boy is doing better in school, and the house is clean! 

(The boy’s father finally moved out after she prompted him to do the right thing, rather than continue to live together unmarried. They’d been living in the mother’s house who let them do what they wanted. The mother is not a Christian, but is not an atheist either.) 

This lady also brought her mother to Church this time! Her mother knew her daughter would forgive her eventually. The mother says she apologized to her daughter in the past, and says she “knew” that she loved her deep down. But no! In reality, the daughter hated the mother until she forgave her! 

Woman Disagrees that Women Should Obey Their Men

One thing the mother does not agree with Jesse about is that wives should obey their husbands. The daughter explains that her stepfather was hurt by women in his life, including her mother doing her own thing. He kept getting with “mama,” because he resented his mother. 

One person suggests that using the word “trust” may be easier to accept than to “obey.” But we should not use soft words, or “euphemisms,” to avoid saying what we really mean. Which sounds nicer: Homosexual, or “gay”? Killing babies, or “abortion”? Obey, or “trust”? People don’t get the message when it’s softened, but the truth wakes people up. That’s why evil people always try to change the language, to make people accept wrong as right. 

Overcome Emotions

Jesse urges the mother to overcome emotions. She thinks emotions are good because she got angry at a man polluting a river. But she was upset and he didn’t stop, so it didn’t do anything! She called authorities, but she did not need the anger to motivate her. The daughter says that she was there when this incident occurred, and the mother was shaking and could not even dial correctly! 

Jesse has black Victoria tell the story of being in the movie theater with friends including Joel when people started to panic and run. She says Joel was unusually calm and focused. He made sure the group stayed together while everyone around them panicked! When you’re not emotional, you can deal with situations properly. 


Jesse brought some “newlyweds” on-stage, whose marriage Jesse officiated months back. They now have a son. Jesse does a brief interview with them. Congratulations! 

A Mean Mother, a Mean Daughter…

Dielawn’s girlfriend spoke up. Her mother sent her birthday presents. Jesse asked if she sent them back, because her mother has been trying to destroy her. She does not have the stomach to block her mother who’s treating her nicely, then mean, nice, then mean…. So Jesse urges her to accept the gifts, and then block her from contacting again! Her boyfriend advises the same thing! 

Later in service, she asks why Jesse does not urge her to forgive, but to block her. But in fact Jesse did urge her from the beginning to forgive. Had she forgiven, she would not be experiencing all of this conflict. She hates her mother, but can’t admit it. But she does admit that she does not want to forgive her mother, as she does not feel she deserves it! But she’s just like her mother! She denies this. 

A Man Should Forgive His Grandmother

One man talked about how he and his siblings went through hell because of his mother. His siblings have coped in different ways, one living in his own little world. But they were over-raged, as he described them. He asks how to forgive his grandmother and mother for hiding and supposedly “protecting” him and his siblings from his biological father. He feels that the mother and grandmother put them through hell, feels they’re lying when they pretend the father would have been worse than them! 

How Do You Know If Your Motivation Is Pure?

Ermias speaks up and asks: How do you know if you have pure motivation? Jesse tells him quickly: By not having any! Just be with no ideas. You should not be motivated, pretending, or trying to get something from someone. You should just live your life. It’s such a good question! 

Announcements: No Women’s Forum!

Heads up, ladies: Unfortunately we will not have our monthly Women’s Forum this Thursday. Normally we hold the Women’s Forum third Thursday of each month, but something came up, so we will not have it for October 2019. Sorry, ladies! Check back with us for next month! 

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