Return to Fathers to Save the Country (Church, Oct 7)

At Church, we discussed the need to forgive parents, especially mothers. Take every thought into captivity, so that you don’t fall to Satan’s lies. We talked about the Amber Rose Slut Walk, the Me Too movement, and the need to return to fathers.


(Watch 13-minute excerpt: Forgive Mothers. Return to Fathers. Rebuild Men.)

A man talked about dealing with his ego. It’s good to know you have it. Let God take it from you. He recognized within himself an unnatural sexual lust. Jesse told him he hates all women, because he hates his mother. He’s looking for love from women. He must repent, and forgive his mother. Women receive love — they do not give love. The man talked about going to forgive his father. Jesse told him not to listen to his mind, that his “ex-daddy” Satan is feeding him thoughts. He asked if he needs to believe every story in the Bible. Jesse told him it may be better he doesn’t — people who believe in the Bible do not believe in God.

Joel said that when he first “forgave” his parents, that nothing happened. Eventually he realized his resentment came from his mother, so he went to her last Sunday. He was concerned he might not mean it when he forgave her, but he knew at least he could acknowledge that he was wrong for resenting her. So after he told her he was wrong, everything became clearer, and now he has an absence of resentment. He’s free!

If you have anger, Satan is your father. Any man with anger is a woman.


Two brothers raised Catholic joined us in Church, along with their wives, sister, and a daughter. One man Gilbert pointed out that everything is perverted, so he asked how you recognize truth or real love. How do you know what’s right? Satan tries to deceive everyone. When you wake up, you should take every thought into captivity. Doubt every thought.

A man visiting from Chicago asked: How do I know when I have a sound mind? But when you have a sound mind, you do not toss and turn. He says he wants to go preach, and has dreams about it. But Jesse reiterates what he told the Men’s Forum this past Thursday: Want for nothing. That desire to preach is a temptation. Resist it.

One 33-year-old man found Jesse via “Jesse Lee Peterson SAVAGE Moments” videos from a fan’s YouTube channel Get A Job. (Many people have come across Jesse’s message from this fan’s compilations.) This man talks a little low, but says he’s alpha. He says he overcame anger by realizing he didn’t need it anymore. He said that he no longer does a vulgar act. Jesse urged him to forgive his parents, and to call our BOND office for counseling.


(Watch 18-minute excerpt: Amber Rose Slut Walk REPORT)

Yesterday, Jesse did “man on the street” interviews at Amber Rose Slut Walk in Los Angeles. Cesar and Esteban were there, and commented that the women were sad, that there was a dark energy. (Jesse joked that Joel and Trevor were hitting on the “sluts,” and they weren’t supposed to! But Joel says they were asking them why they were there.)

Jesse agreed with Cesar, that it was a sad thing. They’re missing the love of their fathers. Some of them realized Jesse was right, and got mad and ran away. Jesse would ask them if they were a slut, and their response indicated they knew there was something wrong with being a slut. One mother said she was a slut, and she brought her son and daughter, saying she has sex in front of them and everything.

Anyone with any love in their heart cannot hate these women. Women need men like men need Christ. Amber Rose is helping these women stay in hell, because she’s in hell. Crazy women in the Democratic Party are willing to destroy men, children, and decent women — because they don’t have love, they want power, and are willing to take it by any means necessary.


Cesar said the boy with his sister and mother — he covered his face, while his mother tried to make him take pictures with them.

Another of the guys who showed up early, Michael, overheard one young woman complaining that she doesn’t want to take care of her emotional boyfriend. He refrained from saying anything, because he didn’t want to be attacked or kicked out.

One woman told Jesse she was a fat slut, and she wanted to show everything to get rid of “body shaming.” She and others sat on Jesse at one point, and Jesse said that two “big but sluts” were “twerking me.” Satan told Jesse to go off on them, but instead he was kind, and did not judge them. Some opened up to him and asked questions.


Jesse answered a couple of questions online: “Moxiegirl” asked how to deal with a smear campaign — how to forgive someone intentionally trying to smear you. Another woman Erica asked if she could send a letter to her unstable parents. Jesse recommends she call, instead of write, so that they can communicate.

One woman in the congregation was uncomfortable with the use of the word slut.


Jesse mentioned a video he saw, of adult women saying they’d been raped or molested. Why are they doing this? One woman said that the devil is using women, making them look weaker and not stronger. A man said they’ve made the word “rape” lose all meaning. Another woman said that it’s a reaction against Trump. She sees Trump as a “Moses” for America, and the #MeToo movement is Satan-inspired. They use the word “sexual assault” to deceive us into thinking they were violated worse than they were. And you’re not allowed to disagree or say they’re lying!


Jesse had a man read from Malachi 3: 23 or 4: 6 (depending on version) in which God said that he’d turn the hearts of the fathers back to their children, and the hearts of the children back to their fathers. Otherwise he’d smite the land with a curse — he does this in order to save the country from destruction.

CHURCH Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET)

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