Was Jesus Weak? (Church 12/22/19)

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At Church, December 22, 2019, Jesse Lee Peterson asked his Biblical Question: Have you ever done something for someone else, expecting nothing in return, and it was the right thing to do? 

‘Beta!’ Name-calling and Weak Men

A man said he didn’t like Jesse’s “Beta!” name-calling; he thinks a man can be both weak and strong. A young lady thinks it’s impossible for a man never to be weak. When she saw her father be weak, she’d go to her mother. Her father had all daughters with his wife, and says he allowed himself to be humbled and weak. He became a Christian in El Salvador as a child. Was Christ weak? His wife says she balanced out his weakness by being strong at times. 

This family’s friend Keith, who’s in the Air Force, gives his take. He says a man should handle his weakness with God, and not show it to someone else who may use it against him. 

Jesse asks Joel if Jesse’s mean in calling people betas. Then a person asks if there’s a difference between being macho and being alpha. One young man is beta because he has fear, for example, of public speaking. He refuses to go up on stage to speak while we’re on YouTube! One man says Jesse calling him beta was the best thing for him! It makes you examine yourself. One 17-year-old man says alphas have fear but don’t let it control them. 

What Is an Alpha Male? 

One man gave an amazing testimony, saying that until he heard Jesse he thought he was alpha. He worked out five days a week. But he was afraid of his mother. He spoke about doing the Silent Prayer and going to forgive his mother who only ever gave bad stories about his father. Jesse talks about men following women, and the world encouraging men to be weak. 

An alpha male is weak to God only — not to the world. Later Jesse points out that’s why the Bible says, “Stand, stand, stand. And when all is done, stand some more.” The ladies had an amazing Women’s Forum this past week with Jesse at BOND. Women do not have love to give. Some ladies thought they did have love! The world has you thinking that mama has love. It’s not true. 

Jesse talks more with the young man from the Air Force and the family who are friends with him. He talks about dating and waking up. At one point the mother in the family balks, when Jesse says that the man eventually becomes like a father or daddy to the wife. You’re supposed to overcome the fallen state emotional love and have real love. 

The lady talks about teaching her grandbaby to call the father grandpa, and the mother mama. But Jesse points out that teaching by mothers and grandmothers makes children rely on the outside for knowledge and learning. In reality, the child will learn on her own! You’re sending them to hell. But she thinks that babies are already born sinners because they’re “selfish”! Later it’s pointed out that this “original sin” teaching about baby-sinners is widespread. 

Do You Judge? + Biblical Question

James, Jesse’s Church producer, asks a number of questions from the online YouTube live chat, including about Christmas trees. Gretchen brought a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree that Jesse sets on his table during the service. Thank you! We also talk about what it meant that Jesus washed his disciples’ feet. Is that weakness or strength? 

One man forgave his mother, then forgave the Catholic Church, and overcame his fear of dying. Another man asks what it means to pray without ceasing. It means to be aware. 

As we approach the end, Jesse asks the question: Do you judge? After some feedback, he says, “Y’all better judge!” Discernment is judgment, but without the hate. 

Jesse also asks his new Biblical Question: Are you an open person? What does that mean? 

Announcement: Christmas week schedule

The BOND office is open Monday and Tuesday (Christmas Eve), then closed on Wednesday, December 25th (Christmas Day) through next Wednesday, January 1st (New Year’s Day). We re-open on Thursday, January 2nd, 2020. We will have church as normal on December 29th. The radio show will be live Monday, Tuesday, and Friday this week, but we’ll do replays on Christmas Day and the day after Christmas. 

We’ve raised over $322,000 toward the BOND Building Fund! One of the buildings Jesse was looking at was bid on by another party, but Jesse will make an offer on another building right down the road shortly. 

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