What Does God Think of You? (Church, Aug 25, 2019)

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Straight Pride Rally

Jesse talked about his weekend trip to Modesto, CA, where he took part in the first Straight Pride Rally, protesting outside a Planned Parenthood. We faced lesbians and beta males calling people “white supremacists.” People on the side of good should speak up and fight back against evil in the right way. Don’t run, hide, or show any weakness or fear. 

Difference Between a Christian and a Non-Christian?

Jesse answered a recent Biblical Question from a couple of weeks ago: What is the difference between a Christian and a non-Christian? A Christian has love, and a non-Christian does not. Many people say they’re Christians, quote the Bible, and think they’re Christians, but they don’t have love. Be the observer of life, so that Satan cannot fool you into thinking you have it when you don’t, or cause you to fall into doubt. You grow into it after you’re born again. Once you have love, you have no anger or bitterness toward anyone. 

One man thinks a Christian is a Bible-thumper, so he does not want to be that. 

Woman Rejected by Her Father

A young woman Meghan joined us for the first time. She agrees that a Christian has love. Jesse points out that a Christian is Christlike. Meghan wanted to return to her father, but he told her that she was a mistake, and that there was never love between him and her mother. Now she’s 33 and meets a lot of “beta men.” Jesse urges people not to join in the stepparent thing. Don’t marry a man who’s been married before or who has children — it’s not good. 

Man Surprised at 26 That His Father Loves Him

A 26-year-old man was surprised to find out that his father loved him so much. But now he has memories of things he did that did not seem like love. Jesse warns him not to listen to those thoughts and memories from Satan. Those situations no longer exist — what matters is now. If he beat you yesterday, but loves you today, don’t treat him as though he’ll do the same today. What you have is right now. As you grow, you become like a father to your father. 

Man Believes His Biblical Thoughts

Reggie spoke up again in Church, as he’s done the past few weeks. He asked Jesse to quote the entire passage about “taking every thought into captivity.” He believes we should only take into captivity as lies the thoughts that set themselves up against God. Jesse responded by asking: Are there any thoughts you have that don’t set themselves up against God? Reggie then mentioned thoughts expressed in the Bible about following the Ten Commandments and other statements. They disagree on whether those thoughts are “truth.” But Jesse encourages him to continue in that way if it works. 

Other Questions: Miracles, Fathers, Blacks

One man asked about miracles in the Bible. He did not believe them. 

A man visiting from out-of-town asked about Jesse saying you can become like a father to your father. Jesse helped his father deal with his wife at one point. But you have to live it. You cannot enter just by quoting the Bible. 

Another man Reggie (a different Reggie) asked how many blacks participating in the Straight Pride rally. There were two including Jesse and a listener from the area. There were several blacks on the wrong side, of course. 

Seek the Kingdom; Speak Up; Don’t Run!

A 16-year-old girl joined Church, having heard it from her parents. She had a boyfriend at 12 because she was “stupid.” She is unclear whether she ever speaks up or gets angry with her parents. She does speak up to her teachers at school, and gets in trouble for it. But her parents should not necessarily side with the teachers if she’s not being rude. If anything, take her out of public school, because teachers are teaching evil now. 

Seek first the Kingdom of God. Now, you should speak up, and don’t run. The children of the lie have this “white supremacy” theme — they’re accusing white men and trying to shut them down. By calling white men “racist,” they’re trying to do to white men what happened to blacks. Once you become angry or afraid, they have you. The black family fell apart after MLK and Jesse Jackson made a deal with the Devil to make the government the husband or daddy. Blacks said OK to the bribe, and now black men are pathetic. 

Don’t be intimidated by words and names. Jesse talks about being called the “N-word” a lot. Now that the men are gone, either intimidated or otherwise, the women are turning their kids over to “Drag Queen Story Hours”! If fathers were there and leading, devilish-looking transgender people would not be reading to children in libraries around the country. 

What Does God Think of You? 

Jesse asked people his Biblical Question: What does God think of you? He had some interesting conversations with a 17-year-old young man, as well as a woman who was an ex-Muslim. We touch more on young Reggie’s argument about Jesus being “God,” and his coming to debate Jesse over the Bible. (Reggie later says he’s not trying to be contrarian but to put the truth out and correct incorrect statements. He says he has perfect peace.) 

A man named George from San Diego says he forgave his father and mother. It was an amazing story. 

(SEE 9-MINUTE SHORT CUT: Woman Sees the Good AND Bad in Evil) After more people answer the question, a woman talks about her seeing the “good and bad” in her own actions and others’. She still lives with her boyfriend and their son. Jesse explains that she loves the man more than she loves God. So just suffer! 

The end of the service gets cut off due to errors on the part of the Church crew — apologies! But Jesse will re-answer the Biblical Question on Monday and hopefully in Church again next week. Thank you! 

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