What’s the Proof in Your Life that You Believe in Jesus? (Church, Jun 9, 2019)

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At Church June 9, 2019, we covered the following topics: What does it mean to believe in Jesus? A man who’s afraid of women should forgive his mother. You don’t need to “process” your resentment. How do you know you believe in Jesus? There’s a difference between learning and knowing. Do Buddhists overcome anger? Jesse comments that with God there is no time. A European man was told that his father was an “A—hole”! We read about blessings and curses from Deuteronomy. Jesse presents his new Biblical Question: Are you blessed or cursed?

What Does It Mean to Believe in Jesus?

First we addressed last week’s Biblical Question: What does it mean to believe in Jesus? Reggie, Katrina from New Orleans, and Matt all discussed these things. Katrina’s called-in to Jesse’s radio show in the past. She and her husband were in Las Vegas celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary, and they decided to make the trip out to Los Angeles to join us for Church!

Intellectual Man Is “Terrified” of Women

Jesse asks one man if he’s a beta male. Another man says he’s “terrified” of women. Jesse tells him to forgive his mother. He thinks he loves his mother. He would want to be kind to his parents if he went to confront them. At one point, Jesse warns the first man against “intellectual” stuff — if you know you have resentment, you don’t need to “process” it. Salvation is not a process. You know you have the resentment, know that it’s wrong, and apologize. That’s it!

Watch 15-minute Short Cut: Pot-Smoking Beta Male ‘Terrified’ of Women! Forgive Your Mother!

What’s the Proof in Your Life that You Believe in Jesus?

Jesse gets a few more answers on the question: How do you know you believe in Jesus? At another point he asks: What’s the proof in your life that you believe in Him?

There’s a Difference Between Learning and Knowing

Jesse explains the difference between learning and knowing. He comments that all of the answers he heard about believing in Jesus are learned answers. But to truly believe in Him and know him is a different story.

Cheryl talks with Jesse a little bit about these things.

Here’s a clue: Anybody who has anger, fear, doubt, worry — you don’t have peace. You don’t believe in Jesus.

Eli talks with Jesse — he says he’s sometimes angry, mostly toward his brother. He’s 18, and Jesse urges him before he moves out of his parents’ home to forgive his mother.

Do Buddhists Overcome Anger and Know God?

One lady Victoria asks about Buddhists who seek to avoid anger; some of them don’t deal with life, but shelter themselves from it. Another lady asks about her Buddhist husband who she feels also has dropped his anger, but does not believe in Jesus.

We talked about other things.

With God There Is No Time

Jesse gave a nice monologue at another point, telling the people among other things that, in God, there is no such thing as time. God is eternal. There is only now.

A European Visitor Wants to Have Sex with His Girlfriend

A man visiting from Europe — he and his friend are from Switzerland — said he wants to have sex with the young woman he’s dating. Jesse explains to him that you should not have sex until you’re married. You’re looking for love, but women don’t have love to give. You need to forgive your mother. He doesn’t really know his father, but was told by people that his father was an “A—hole.” Jesse told him to forgive his mother and those people who told him negative things about his father.

Are You Blessed Or Cursed?

Jesse asks the people at Church: Are you blessed? Most people said that they are. So Jesse invites two women to read passages from Deuteronomy. Then Jesse explains: Anyone who has anger, fear, doubt, sickness, disease, stress, or for whom life is difficult, is cursed.

With that, Jesse gave his new Biblical Question of the week: Are you blessed or cursed?

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  • Gary
    Posted at 22:17h, 13 October

    I have found that very few Christians first believed in the the central truth claim of Christianity, the resurrection of Jesus, due to historical evidence. Rather, we believed due to emotional experiences or perceived miraculous events—and often at a very young age (under 12). It was only after our emotional decision to believe this fantastical claim that we decided, often years later, to obtain historical evidence to back up that emotional decision.

    Is that rational?

    If one is going to believe that a first century corpse came back to life, ate a fish meal with his friends, and later lifted off the ground and disappeared into the clouds, wouldn’t it be prudent to thoroughly investigate this claim first, researching both the pro and the con arguments, before making a decision to believe it? Wouldn’t most modern, educated people do this type of research for any other fantastical claim?

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