Young Black Entrepreneur’s Man-to-Man Talk with Father

Jesse interviews young entrepreneur Joel Dominick, founder of the entertainment and apparel brand Godly Gifted which is appearing at a spring festival put on April 29 by Calvary Chapel in Chino Valley. Joel recounts how his life has changed since coming to BOND Church services, Men’s Forums, and Counseling. He grew up with his mother. He had a man-to-man conversation with his father, which he was nervous about because his thoughts were lying to him that it would go wrong, that someone’s feelings would be hurt. He finally understood his anger and drew closer to his father. Check out his brand on social media (the company handle is @GodlyGiftedGear on Instagram,  Twitter and Facebook).

Jesse encourages people to read The Seven Guaranteed Steps to Spiritual, Family and Financial Success (ebook available from Amazon, or paperback from the BOND store).

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