01/30/22 Do You Live in the Wilderness? (Church)

Why are you holding onto anger? Biblical Question: Do you live in the wilderness? We talk mask madness, shyness, and the imagination. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 30, 2022: We open with a young lady telling about her mother’s reaction to last week’s service. // Jesse talks about the attack on police, and white people giving up their country. Why are you still holding onto anger, staying in jail? People deal with angry people over masks. // BIBLICAL QUESTION: Do you live in the wilderness? In anger, you live in the imagination. Satan’s ego makes you feel fear, doubt, worry, shyness, shame — it’s not you. // A mother got vaccinated under pressure from family and in-laws, and now experiences issues. // 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Men’s Forum this first Thursday, Feb 4, 2022, 7 PM at BOND. // NEW BIBLICAL QUESTION: Are you an evil person? // 


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Jan 30, 2022
  • 0:02:43 Lady’s mother’s reaction
  • 0:05:49 Giving up, holding anger
  • 0:10:11 Crazy mask stories; more on anger
  • 0:32:40 Testimony on death; all you have is now
  • 0:39:09 Biblical Q: Do you live in the wilderness?
  • 0:59:38 Experts “answer” BQ
  • 1:15:52 JLP’s answer: It’s not you
  • 1:34:00 Q’s: Me? Shame? Born again?
  • 1:40:07 Closing story and announcements

Church Notes

10:59 AM US PST We start streaming video just before the top of the hour. 

At the beginning, a young woman whose Christian mother joined us from out-of-town last week talks about her reaction later. 

Giving up, holding anger, mask madness

11:04 Jesse talks about the news of police officers being killed around the country, and white Americans giving up their country. It’s like homeless people giving up on themselves. 

11:08 One man says as a teenager he gave up on himself. He no longer lets little things gte to him. Don’t give up on yourselves, Jesse advises! Nobody cares about anybody anyway! 

Seeing her anger: Virus/mask/vaccine madness

11:09 How many still have anger? Why are you holding onto something you don’t want? One lady felt anger at being confronted by a crazy lady over mask-wearing. She was at a store that does not require wearing a mask, but the lady accosted her and her daughter, cussing and name-calling. 

It’s not normal that people in America pry into whether you took “medication” (the vaccine). It’s no one’s business whether you took the shot! 

Jesse tells them: Don’t you know you’re not supposed to talk to a man like that? 

This lady is staying with prayer. Jesse asks her: Do you like living in jail? When will you release yourself from jail? 

Man confronted over masks: Why don’t you let your anger go? 

11:16 Jesse asks another man: Why don’t you let your anger go? The man says, if confronted by a person over masks, he tells them: I appreciate what you’re doing. He tries to reason with them, because in that conversation, it prevents his “wrath” that would otherwise come up quickly. 

Do you like living in prison? You know you’re in prison, right? 

Who has fear, doubt, or worry? 

11:24 To another young lady, Jesse asks: What is it like living in prison? 

The man talks more, saying the anger brings fear, doubt, and worry as well. 

Another man says he had a little bit of anger. How do you measure it? He let it all go. Asked about white men letting their country go, he says they don’t want to take the trouble to stand up. He says that he is generally shy, in that he won’t go out of his way to talk with people. He grew up used to being alone. 

11:30 The first man asks about men becoming a problem for the current world. 

Death: All you have is now

Another man says his father died in his arms this past Tuesday, at 88. He felt blessed to see his overreaction amid the stress leading up to this. You can’t take your stuff or even your intellect with you when you die. All you have is now. Tomorrow doesn’t exist. Others keep asking how he is, getting nosy, and spreading the info. 

Jesse comments that people take death more seriously than living! Life is about living now! Christ came so that we may live. We shouldn’t be into fear, doubt, worry and darkness. 

Biblical Q: Do you live in the wilderness?

11:38 Jesse asks last week’s biblical question: Do you live in the wilderness? Hassan gives his reaction. He talks about Jesus in the Bible. He says Jesus did not cry over Lazarus dying, but at the lack of faith, the blindness of those close to him. 

Another man feels like he’s in the wilderness, always with his guard up against the world. 

A third man says he is living in the wilderness; he jokes that he loves the outdoors. He doesn’t know, doesn’t go to church. What does it mean to live in the wilderness? He’s not sure — he hasn’t read anything (perhaps in the Bible) for awhile. 

A fourth man, 29, also says yes, he’s living in the wilderness. He sometimes gets lazy. 

A fifth man says he does, in that he still gets caught up in his thoughts. He does not do the Silent Prayer consistency; he makes excuses and gets lazy. Perhaps he likes it, but doesn’t know it. Jesse comments: Most people love their pain, to judge, the struggle, the hell they live in. 

One lady says she does not know what it means to live in the wilderness. What makes you nervous at times? She says her poor English makes her nervous about being able to communicate well. She tries not to take issues too seriously. Stay with the prayer. 

We’d have peace on earth if everyone came out of the wilderness

A man says the world is the wilderness, and men should tame it. Jesse says: If everybody came out of the wilderness, we’d have peace on earth now. 

Jesse wants you to know yourself, and what you know for yourself. 

A lady who lives in South Central, in the hood, yet she sunbathed at peace the other day. 

One man from before thinks of the voice of God crying out in the wilderness. 

One father no longer lives in the wilderness. Jesse comments: It’s hard to admit that people love living in the wilderness. This father is at peace now, even living in a worse area than before. A recent medical scare did not phase him. 

Adriana doesn’t really know what the wilderness is, whether it’s a good or bad thing. 

When you wake up, you’ll whup yourself

11:58 Jesse comments: It is insane that we live in darkness so long. To wake up from it, you’ll want to whup yourself, Jesse says. It’s so ridiculous and wicked! 

Jesse jokes around with Nick a little bit. Nick says he doesn’t live in the wilderness, because he can see — the not-him, overreaction, and the mind and evil driving himself and others. 

Chris says he no longer lives in the wilderness. 

Doug says if he’s in his head, he’s in the wilderness. But he’s usually not in his head, and comes out of it. It’s miserable, “doubt,” dark, horrible. 

Ermias says it’s confusing, trying to solve your own problems — but he catches it, feeling like he’s at peace. 

12:05 A young lady thinks that living in the wilderness is judging herself — believing a thought. She mentions shyness and hiding in imagination. 

James responds with JLP to the biblical question. Living in the wilderness is living in the imagination. 

Adriana’s mother, who’s joined us before, gives a nice testimony about her mother, as well as her son and daughter. 

One last young lady responds. 

JLP’s answer: You must overcome anger; it’s not you

12:15 Jesse says: In reality, in real life, you’re free. But anyone with anger is living in their imagination. There’s no shyness, no fear, no insecurity — but you’re believing the darkness, unless you return to the Father. Evil is controlling you, because you’ve identified with it, with hate. Anger is wickedness; you’re identifying with your father Satan, who’s pretending to be God, to be the Light. You think you’re listening to the light, but you’re listening to darkness. If you have anger, you worship evil. 

Your imagination is not your own, but the spirit of Satan that made a home in you. 

A thought may come really fast that you didn’t see coming. If you grow in the light, the light of God is quicker than the darkness. You’ll see the darkness before it overtakes you. He will quicken your spirit. You’ll be of love instead of Satan’s nature. 

Think about how dumb it is worrying how you look to someone else. You can’t be you, because God has not changed your heart from hate to love. 

You have life right now. You are free. But you identify with the lie, with darkness. Your ego — [correction…] the ego is not you. The real you does not feel that way, but you identify with the not-you. It’s not you feeling shy. Notice it. The enemy does not like you to be free, but in prison, in hell. Forgive. 

Jesse addresses the mother who dealt with the crazy mask lady. She said she felt anger, but don’t identify with that — the real you is not feeling that. 

Pay attention to yourself, and wish everyone else well. 

Questions: “I”? Shame? Being born again? 

12:33 A man says the “I” is the carnal self. We have to communicate with one another, but don’t identify with the language. He mentions the “inner dialogue.” Never own it as yours. It’s a spirit in you, an ego, Satan’s nature, Satan’s ego. Language is just a tool. 

Another man asks: Isn’t shame worrying about what other people think? The shameless women with wild hair do care what others think; they hate white people, or have something to prove. 

A woman asks: How do you know you’re playing god? She asks how to be born again, and it being “instant.” She says she’s scared of her mother. She’s your god, Jesse tells her. 

Story and closing

12:39 Jesse tells a story of a woman with kids who did not take the vaccine, and was able to work. Her family members and in-laws (her estranged husband’s family) pressured and shamed her as “selfish” about her children. So she took it under pressure, and now she says she has heart problems, can’t work, and lacks energy. 

So live in the present, and wish the world well. Don’t judge them; they have the same spirits. 

Doubt every thought. You are free. It’s about love. You come out of the wilderness of the imagination. Watch it, and live. Whatever happens, let it happen. Don’t fight against it. Don’t hold onto it. 

The thing that felt ashamed is not you. There is no shame in the true man. He sees and overcomes the darkness. When you feel ashamed, you’ve judged the ego, thinking that it’s you. In the light, there is no shame, but love, joy and peace. 

So pray. Separate from the thoughts. Stop identifying with the ego — it’s not your ego or my ego. 

Dathan and Linda had their baby! Congratulations! 

New Biblical Question: Are you an evil person? 

Men’s Forum is this Thursday. Thanks, all!


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