05/01/22 Do You Feel Successful or Like a Failure? (Church)

30th anniversary L.A. Riots! Do you ever feel successful and/or like a failure? All feelings are lies, and all attachments your god. See Job in the Bible. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, May 1, 2022: Friday was the thirtieth anniversary of the beginning of the Rodney King L.A. riots. Jesse talks at-length with the people: Do you feel successful? What does success feel like? Have you ever felt like a failure? How does failure feel? One man “feels humble” because of failure. Everyone has the same story; all feelings are lies. Your attachments are your god, rather than the one true God. We are not in control. 

Last week’s Biblical Question: What does Western Culture stand for? 

This week’s Biblical Question: What’s in the dark must come to the light. What does that mean? 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Men’s Forum this Thursday, first Thursday, May 5, 2022, 7 PM at BOND in L.A. https://rebuildingtheman.com/events 


  • 0:00:00 Sun, May 1, 2022
  • 0:02:25 Welcome: 30 years since L.A. riots
  • 0:08:31 Do you feel successful?
  • 0:13:10 Have you felt like a failure? 
  • 0:30:53 Failure and not dealing with mother
  • 0:37:04 Failure makes him ‘feel humble’?
  • 0:53:20 What does anxiety feel like? More on failure
  • 1:04:27 JLP: All feelings all lies; Job in the Bible
  • 1:15:40 Woman attached to her kids and money
  • 1:27:10 Not in control; hold onto nothing; only one God
  • 1:36:05 BQ: What does Western Culture stand for?
  • 1:39:42 BQ: What’s in the dark must come to the light
  • 1:42:03 Closing / Announcements

Church Notes

10:59 AM US PDT We start streaming just about the top of the hour, as Chris gives announcements. 

11:02 Jesse and people reflect on the 30th anniversary of the Rodney King L.A. Riots. One young lady was 15 at the time; she and her friends went looting themselves! But they were late. One man from Chicago says things have gotten worse. 

Jesse remembers the riots as well, with Reginald Denny being beaten on Florence and Normandy. We had a major insurrection across the country in summer 2020. The answer is not having riots. 

Oklahoma passed an anti-abortion bill. Amazing!

Do you feel successful? What does success feel like? 

11:08 Anybody have a life this week? Jesse invites people to bring their questions. Then Jesse asks a question: Do you feel successful? What does success feel like? 

Some guys talk about being angry, or God not being their god. One man used to be an atheist. Jonathan joins us for the first time. 

11:13 Have you felt like a failure? What does failure feel like? Some of the guys feel like failures. 

11:17 One young woman used to feel 50/50 success vs. failure. A man says he goes straight to a vice when he feels like a failure. 

11:20 A man felt like a failure when he couldn’t work things out with his son’s mother. Hake reads a chat comment about hopelessness. 

Nick talks as well. 

11:24 After Nick mentions smoking pot, Jesse recounts Bill Maher’s story of being so high, he thought he was dying. 

One man used the feeling of failure to push him to do something about it. Now he says he doesn’t get into either thoughts of success or failure. He’d turn to vices when he felt success. 

Failure and not dealing with your mother

11:30 Another young woman said she’d felt she did wrong when she felt like a failure. 

A man next to her has not yet dealt with his mother. The timing was not right, he said. Jesse asks: Is it easier to feel like a loser than to face your mother? Yes, of course, he says. He feels he doesn’t have a reason to forgive her, because she did her best. But that’s the reason to forgive her, Jesse tells him. 

His wife used to be like his mother before she started coming here — in that she was controlling. 

He feels that doing what you’re supposed to do is being successful. 

Failure makes one man ‘feel humble’

11:36 Another man says: “Failure feels like being less than other people.” He means this materialistically and in ego as well. He says he would self-sabotage a lot, but can’t recall feeling successful. Since he always feels like a failure, he feels he can humble himself more easily because of this. Jesse asks: What makes you think that humbles you? The man lives with his parents, and is broke, at age 28. 

11:41 Yet another man speaks on his idea of failure and success, and speculating on how he’d feel if certain things were to happen. 

11:46 A young lady has felt like a loser, shameful, embarrassing, and running to a vice. She seems uncertain about ever having been made to feel like a failure. Another young lady talks as well. 

What does anxiety feel like?

11:53 One man used to have anxiety as a younger man. Success is a relative term, he says. What does anxiety feel like right now, for you? He says his mother came to him, and he forgave her. Having also forgiven his father, he still has anxiety, although he can control it better. 

11:56 Another man says he has felt like a failure, but not for multiple days in a row. He never called himself a failure, but did call himself an idiot when making a stupid mistake. Before becoming a believer, he felt successful for a very short time; after a while doing that, he realized life is about God, and not his feeling of success. 

12:00 Yet another man felt extreme depression; he’d mope and get into his head. He was unemployed for 138 days. It feels fantastic feeling successful — being overjoyed. 

12:03 After a brief comment, another young lady talked about getting high either way. She’d judge herself. 

JLP: Everybody has the same story; all feelings are lies

12:04 Jesse then talks: Everybody has the same story. The way people think and act are the same, who have fallen away from the Father. 

Feeling humble when you’re a failure is not humility, but is “ego”! You cannot humble yourself. 

All feelings are lies about all things, all the time. There’s no such thing as a true feeling. So many people are getting hurt by their feelings. This is why marriages don’t work. The real you, created in the image of God, has no feelings. The real you feels nothing. 

When you stop identifying with feelings, you will allow the not-you to die. You don’t know who you are yet, and won’t know until the junk is gone. The Spirit of God will cause the spirit of Satan to be destroyed. 

Freedom is based on nothing. 

Jesse tells about Job in the Bible. 

Job had everything, because he believed in God. Satan then took Job for a time, taking everything from him. Everyone turned on Job, including his wife who was of doubt. This did not deter Job. But Job had no attachment to anything; he didn’t get his real identity from his things and people. 

We must lose that attachment to anything or anyone — your own children, car, flowers, or money. With attachment, that’s your god, and you’re worshiping that. Job was a perfect example of getting his identity from God, without a feeling of success or loss. 

This world is a mean, nasty, evil world — the spirit of the people of the world. We must be born again to overcome. You can tell yourself you have no attachment to anything — not even your own kids. 

Woman will always have feelings for her kids, had money stolen

12:15 One woman says she’d never lose attachment to her children. She gave birth to them. Kids hate their mothers who are attached to them, Jesse says. If you’re attached to them, you don’t love them. She asks why God let that happen to Job. 

She believes in feelings. Jesse asks: Is that normal to feel that way? 

(She didn’t know that Job got all his stuff back.) 

She lost $9,000 from her bank account a day before coming here from Chicago. The most important thing is to see what’s important to you. The big lesson: When you lose something like that, it’s your reaction to it. Why am I overreacting to the money? Be quiet, and go through it in stillness, so that you can overcome it. 

You can’t make the old nature die. You must be born again. 

Her children are young adults now. Let them go. 

You are not in control; hold onto no one and nothing; have only one God

12:26 The man next to her says that Christ said he’d pit family members against one another. Jesse repeats: We can’t do it ourselves. The god we serve is in control — either the Devil, or the true God. Stay on the straight and narrow path. 

12:28 Francisco talks about the “If” poem by Rudyard Kipling. Jesse says: As you’re dying from the world, you lose all identity with anything. Don’t give up. You’re dying from everything you thought you knew. 

All ideas are wrong. It’s unfortunate we’ve been taught about God. It’s silly to feel humble. The feeling you have about being a loser is not you, nor is the feeling of being a successful person. 

12:30 A woman asks: What does it look like to have no feelings? The real you is not identified with this mess. No conflict, no worries. 

Jesse repeats: Feelings are all lies, all the time, about anything. 

12:33 Older singer Naomi Judd died. Her daughter said she died of mental illness. 

Answering Raymond, Jesse says Satan wanted to prove to God that Job was attached to things. 

BQ: What does Western Culture stand for? 

12:35 Jesse asks a couple people last week’s Biblical Question: What does Western Culture stand for? Jesse asks Chris to correct his grammar or sentence structure. One man says it currently stands for degeneracy. It’s also changed. 

A young lady says Western Culture stands for Ukraine, censorship, etc. 

Jesse says Western Culture stands for God, country, Constitution, and freedom. The younger generation doesn’t know that! 

New BQ: What’s in the dark must come to the light

12:39 Jesse introduces the new Biblical Question: What’s in the dark must come to the light. What does that mean? 

12:40 A little boy asks about feeling sick versus emotions. 

Jesse gets back to the new Biblical Question. 

12:41 Stay on the straight and narrow path. Be willing to stand alone. Pray and watch. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Men’s Forum first Thursday, May 5, 2022, at 7 PM at BOND in L.A. https://rebuildingtheman.com/events


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