05/02/21 Why Should a Man Make Up to a Woman? (Church)

Speak up without fear, but stay away from anger (with anger you’re as bad as the other person). Be men, and do not cater to a woman’s emotions or “make up” to her.

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, May 2, 2021: Speak up! Deal with little things in life, so you’re ready for the big things. Jesus is the Son of God; churches today are intellectual and weak. Deal with the spirit battle first, and then prepare physically — but don’t tell anyone. Whites are afraid of blacks because they have no love; they don’t know God. 

Be men! Don’t cater to women, and don’t try to “make up” to them (our Biblical Question); do right and be right. Women are not queens! Regarding “abusive fathers,” there is no crime you should not forgive; anger is hatred, and of your father the Devil. Men represent the sons of God, even if weak and a bad example. One young lady says she’s willing to obey the man she marries. 

One man said he overreacted as an overweight Hispanic man inadvertently killed in police custody. He identified with the purported victim, and was ready to join the mob! But soon he realized it’s the parents’ fault, and we need to bring back responsibility. 


  • 0:00 Prepping for Church
  • 1:46 Welcome to Church
  • 5:16 Speak up, deal with life
  • 11:12 Hassan on Fallen State!
  • 13:15 Jesus, Son of God
  • 20:40 Preppers? Spiritual first
  • 31:09 Whites are scared!
  • 41:01 It’s ok to be a man!
  • 51:38 “Abusive fathers”?
  • 1:00:31 Born in sin
  • 1:09:14 Women aren’t queens
  • 1:14:27 Law of the heart
  • 1:17:31 Deal with in-laws
  • 1:21:33 Q’s and feedback
  • 1:25:58 Quick “wedding”
  • 1:30:38 Judging gangbangers
  • 1:32:32 Almost joined the mob – CLIP (11:30) 
  • 1:42:03 Biblical Q
  • 1:46:08 Closing
  • 1:49:20 Announcements
  • 1:51:30 Support BOND

Church Notes

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Speak up, deal with little things

11:09 Jesse tells about a Ukrainian pastor in Canada who yelled at police to “get out!” He now has a warrant for his arrest. Another preacher in the UK was reportedly arrested for saying a marriage was between a man and a women. They have a law that you cannot say that because it may hurt people’s feelings. This is coming to America — there’s nothing to stop it right now. So Jesse encourages people to start speaking up. Also: Return to your fathers, because if you’re weak you won’t be able to fight this battle. 

Overcome your mothers and return to the father. Deal with little things in the right way. If you don’t deal with them in a perfect way you won’t be able to deal with the big things to come. When you don’t overreact, you get stronger in life. Men today are weaker than sugar water. 

If people hate you, lie about you, or whatever, it’s fine. Don’t be attached to anyone or anything; people can control you by your attachments. You can date and get married, but don’t be attached to it. That way if they threaten to take your kids, you can let it go. Invest your money, and buy property. But grow in the little things, so you’re prepared for the big things. Everytime you overreact, you lose. 

(Jesse talks briefly about his guest from The Fallen State this past Friday, Hassan. He joins us for Church quietly. A couple of guys react to the interview.) 

Jesus is the Son of God

11:17 A man talks about doctrine, and how many Christians will argue about doctrine all day. Growing up, though, Jesse was taught Jesus is the Son of God in the Baptist church down in Alabama. Only in L.A. was he taught that Jesus is God. The man asks what difference it would make what he believed about Jesus. If you believe Jesus is God, you will suffer. When the man became a christian some years ago, he was taught that Jesus was both the Son and God. Now, he’s not sure. 

The churches are weak, filled with women preachers, with no insight. 

Another man asks about people who believe that it’s impossible to be perfect and have perfect peace. That’s from people who learn the Bible intellectually — no different from those who go to Harvard or some black college, or high school. 

11:24 One man is an army against the children of the lie. You can fake it, but you won’t make it. 

Spirit first, then the physical preparation

A man talks about preparing for fighting. He lost cousins and childhood friends in the recent Armenian war. Jesse says: Be prepared spiritually first. If you prepare for physical battle in a fallen state out of fear, they do it at the wrong time. People overreact out of fear or panic. People will learn the truth, and do things out of the wrong spirit, and end up in jail. Be aware. 

So many people have predicted the “End Times,” and crazy people followed, and prepped food has bugs in it after 30 years. Walk in the light. God loves us. He will show you how to do all things in a timely way. 

They’re trying to take over Texas. Many people from California fled to Texas, and now regret it! Don’t run. 

11:30 Jesse also says: Whatever you’re doing to protect yourself, don’t tell anyone. People will tell others, and the cops or military will show up at your door first! Or the panicking, unprepared people will come to your door first, to take advantage of you. 

Be ready, but don’t tell anyone. 

11:33 Another man, a veteran, talks about Armenia and other countries. He does not want people running, hiding, and pulling out guns and shooting one another. Jesse reiterates: The evil people want you to be violent. Do not overreact! 

Whites are afraid of blacks

11:35 Jesse talks about visiting Marina del Rey, and seeing ghetto blacks down there, wondering where they got the money to be there. He noticed whites are afraid to even look at blacks. We have to be honest and speak up, and not be afraid. (Jesse says that he heard blacks in Beverly Hills were stealing stimulus money; another man says they stole unemployment in order to shop there.) Whites, don’t be afraid! You don’t know which black is a nice black. Jesse jokes he’ll wear a sign that says, “Say hello, I’m a nice black.” 

11:40 As long as you have fear, you don’t know God. We cannot change ourselves. We are not smart. Everybody’s dumb. You only think you’re smart, because you have an ego. 

A young lady who’s lived here a long time in Malibu. She’s concerned the takeaway may be whites asking any black what they’re doing in a nice area. If a white person ever asks her, she can say she earned it but understands why they’d question it. Then she’d be an example as a decent black. Black people need love. 

Be men; don’t cater to women! 

11:46 Overcome your mothers. Mothers are a mess! Mothers are horny for their children, especially their sons! It’s a spiritual thing; they can’t help it. They need love, honesty. Women are looking for a father’s love. Women hate weak men who are into sex or are controlled by them. 

Do not cater to a woman’s emotions. A woman Jesse counseled was crying about her man stopping this. Once Jesse asked her, What do you want? — she paused and realized she didn’t know what she wanted. And it cleared up all her tears. 

Many guys think they’re tough, but the moment they get with a woman, they go weak, and spend money on the woman. 

Ladies want you to be strong. It’s okay to be a man! Jesse tells about dumping a girl who asked him for a quarter to buy bubblegum. 

11:53 A man asks how to go about advising his friends who are being foolish with regard to women. Be honest, and down the road, they may think about it. There are a lot of fake friends, family, and others now. But you love them enough to tell them the truth. 

What about “abusive fathers”? Anger, the female identity

11:55 Another man says, “An obedient wife commands her warrior.” He disagrees with Jesse, in saying that if you don’t love your earthly father, you are disconnected from the Almighty. What if your father is a “POS” (a bad example)? Your father may be weak and a bad example, but you have to love your father. All men represent God — they’re sons of God. But they’ve fallen away. The man brings up abusive fathers. In those cases, secretly the mother drives the father crazy. The woman is their god.

11:59 The man became angry because of hurt, pain. We all have it because we’re born in sin. But we can overcome it. Did you know any male who has anger is a female? It’s not natural for a male to be angry. 

The man says it’s unforgivable for a man to molest his daughter. Is it normal not to be a forgiving person? Yet another man says that Jesus says there are sins that are not forgivable by God. 

But Jesse says that we don’t have a right not to forgive, no matter what the crime is. Look at your own life. Not one human being has a right to judge. You cannot forgive; you just don’t hate. 

A young lady says that holding onto that anger hurts you. 

Born in sin: you didn’t choose sin

Did you choose to become a sinner? The young lady says she went ahead and embraced it. But we are born into sin, in crazy families — the father and mother screwed up. Babies come in innocent, looking around, but ready to cuss you out by the time they’re 10 years-old. Kids forgive. Drop your anger, and God will do the rest. 

So Jesse urges the man to forgive his mother, and return to his father. Both have passed. He says his father was a military man, abusive to all of them. He does not want to forgive crimes against humanity, against children. If you hate them, you are worse than they are. 

You still defend yourself. But don’t hate. Hate, resentment, and anger — all the same thing. It’s love to stop a person committing a crime. When you’re born of God you see that people cannot help themselves. They’re spiritually traumatized as well. It’s the same evil spirit that causes a person to commit murder as that which makes a person overeat. If you hate someone who committed murder, you’re no better than the murderer or molester. Satan is playing a game on you. 

12:12 Jesse reiterates: It is nice to be free of anger. You’re with the Father, nothing but life. You’re wasting your life hating your fathers. 

Women are not queens!

A man talks about his mother spoiling him. He goes back to the notion of paying for women. Don’t overspend or try to make her feel special. She’ll pretend to be what you want in order to get you. Take it one day at a time, and be yourself. Be honest with her; correct her. Get to know her. Don’t treat them like a queen. When you hear a woman not wanting to change her last name, you know to let her go! God doesn’t cater to us, and he loves us! 

12:18 Treat women the same way He treats us! He doesn’t build our ego; He gets rid of the ego. 

With love, you follow the law of the heart

One of the men from earlier reiterates that you don’t have to hate to carry out justice and defend yourself. The other man is especially concerned with those who wrong children. 

If you have love, you have the law of the heart; the law of the land, if just, governs those with no love. 

Dealing with mothers and in-laws

12:21 A married man asks how to set up boundaries for in-laws. Keep them far away! Can he deal with his mother-in-law? The man’s wife also speaks about her mother. 

Other questions and feedback

12:27 In talking with Raymond, Jesse says that whites don’t have love, or they would not be afraid of blacks. 

Another man talks about the mother-in-law coming over to help with the baby. It did not go very well. 

A woman asks what it looks like when a person is forgiving. 

Another woman asks about a man getting a blessing from a father to marry the daughter. It’s just showing respect for the head of the family. Don’t ask the mama! 

12:34 One young black man says he had judgment for the gangbangers; he thought he was better than them. People would cross the street when they’d see him and his friends, even though he was not a gangbanger. He now sees he cannot judge people for fearing him. Jesse says he’s spoken at several jails to gang members and others. And they would realize that it’s the mother from whom they got the anger. Once the man is born of the father, he can deal with his wife or girlfriend in the right manner. 

Anger in culture; overcoming weakness

Church Clip: Hispanic Man Almost Joined Anti-Police Mob (May 2, 2021)

CLIP Hispanic Man Almost Joined the Anti-Police Mob (11:30)

A man Michael thanks Jesse. He grew up in Echo Park, then moved to South Central. He came across Jesse on YouTube talking about immigration and closing the borders. At first, he overreacted, but then came back to it. The mother thing clicked for him. 

Michael talks about a chubby Hispanic guy who got killed by police. When he saw the George Floyd thing, he was upset, but then he saw that the things he did brought him to that incident. He then noticed he was upset at seeing the Mexican guy hurt, because he looked like his brother. At this, the question came to him: Where are the parents? He almost fell for joining the lynch mob! It only matters to people when it’s close to home; he got angry. He’s been listening to Jesse for over two years. 

Jesse mentions James and how James started out weak. We’re looking to build a 24-hour network. We touch on Candace Owens who is on an ego trip, and the temptation to anger. 

Biblical Question

12:46 Jesse then asks his Biblical Question: Why should a man ever try to make up to a woman? A few young ladies answer, before Samuel answers it. You can’t make up for anything. You’ll be licking boots the rest of your life. Live right and do right from this point forward. 


Do the Silent Prayer; be still and know God. Go and forgive. God will forgive you, and life will become simple. In most families there are one or two kids seeking their way back. But the parents, especially the mother, end up hating the child. Her favorite kids caved in to evil. Once you forgive, your life will start changing by itself. God will cause you to forget about the old way. The Bible says, “Old things have passed away; all things have become new.” You appreciate all things, the ups and downs. Don’t judge yourself. 

Don’t hold anything against anyone. Be honest but forgive. 


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Again, have no excuse to hate your mother or father; you’re just like them. Forgive them so God can forgive you and create love! 

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