Are You a Pitiful Person? | Church 11/5/23

Why do we repeat relationship mistakes? Do experiences make you better? Overcome your state of being, as a pitiful person.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, November 5, 2023 

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  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  • (0:04:12) Young woman forgave (One had a life)
  • (0:06:31) Q / Movie: Emotional relationships, all the same
  • (0:13:51) Relationships, gun safety: Thought I knew! No idea
  • (0:28:40) Can past relationship experiences make you better?
  • (0:52:16) You must be imperfect to marry and have babies
  • (1:05:22) JLP: Nobody learned from relationships. Emotion is death, not life. 
  • (1:08:36) Biblical Q: Are you a pitiful person? 
  • (1:18:56) Undeserving… Deserve God’s love? (BQ continued)
  • (1:26:21) Imposing on others, Ego (Raymond, others, BQ cont…)
  • (1:30:40) Experts on BQ? Franky …
  • (1:37:49) How did you overcome being a pitiful person? 
  • (1:41:28) JLP on BQ: Overcome states of being
  • (1:52:57) Above all, get an understanding. (Feedback)
  • (1:56:33) Worst thing is not to stay with prayer
  • (1:58:28) Everything you’ve done has been vanity
  • (1:59:36) Laughter, crying, identity, consciousness
  • (2:03:52) Who gave your impression of your mother / grandmother?


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Church Notes

Biblical Question: Are you a pitiful person? 

New BQ: Who or what gave you the impression you have of your mother and/or grandmother? 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  2. (0:02:47) Welcome to Church
  3. (0:04:02) Young woman forgave (One had a life)
    • (0:05:33) (1s) (Forgiveness is everything)
  4. (0:06:21) (2) Q / Story: Who feels sad, angry, or happy sometimes?
    • (0:07:57) Movie relationships: Joy to anger
    • (0:11:38) (Uppity blacks) Take the bus? Special, different guys
    • (0:13:41) SEAN: Thought I knew gun safety! No idea. Didn’t know I didn’t know! 
    • (0:14:33) (2a) JLP: Problem with the whole world, they don’t know that they don’t know. 
    • (0:15:39) DOUG: Our mind makes up how to do it wrong. 
    • (0:16:05) (2b) All thinking is wrong. Overcome the intellect, won’t get into the Kingdom. 
    • (0:17:06) YOUNG LADY: Make sense? Live on earth without thinking. 
    • (0:17:41) JOEL: Gone to relationship-to-relationship, thinking the next will work? He’s never seen marriage in his family. 
    • (0:19:03) (2c) JLP: First relationship started out making each other feel good, then making each other feel bad. Starting out the same way! 
    • (0:19:41) Coldburger: Why’d you do the same with the second that you did with the first? 
    • (0:21:16) Donyale: I’ve never been single since college. Why weren’t you single? I feel safe. Why didn’t you enjoy the moments alone? Life didn’t feel as robust… 
    • (0:23:08) Franky: In my mind they were a different woman. It’s like when you’re drunk. 
    • (0:25:11) Alexis: I was the same each time. The sour feeling was the same each time. 
    • (0:26:35) Alexis: I get giddy. Are you crazy? … 
  5. (0:28:30) (2d) JLP: It’s interesting we repeat the same, make the same excuses why. They love their hell, don’t correct it, figure this is how life is. That’s not life, it’s death
    • (0:29:21) Donyale: Can past relationships bring valuable preparation for marriage? (Hake and Nick react.) (0:35:12) Joel thinks it can help. (0:36:15) Franky says no, you’re looking outside. … Anthony says he thought he got better at the time, but didn’t actually change. 
    • (0:40:26) Asian young man: I was trying to feed my own false needs. (0:41:38) JLP: Crazy we do that! Something’s wrong! (0:41:57) Young lady, 19-ish, been in 1, looking for the Father’s love. 
    • (0:43:32) Hispanic man: Premeditated thoughts blinding people. 
    • (0:44:17) Isn’t this fun? Do y’all work on yourselves? Man: 4-months, self-seeking, knew I’d repeat, but couldn’t help it. 
    • (0:46:03) Have you been in a relationship that made you better? Mess… (0:48:50) It’s okay to say it was a mess… Did you bring your mess? 
    • (0:49:52) Donyale: I had Christian girlfriends who married inexperienced, then divorced. The experiences I’ve had have all been helpful. 
  6. (0:52:06) Lijie: Is the message that we have to be perfect before we enter into a relationship? 
    • (0:52:58) (3a) JLP: A perfect person wouldn’t enter a relationship. Being imperfect
    • (0:55:30) (3b) JLP: Children are not wonderful, they’re hell! 
    • (0:58:32) If you think you’re perfect, you’re not. 
    • (0:58:49) Man liked bad relationships, but women would leave. 
    • (1:00:42) 3 relationships: I never learn anything. You don’t know what you’re going through unless you’re willing to change. 
    • (1:04:21) Nick: I’m gonna get in trouble. I can’t think of a relationship that started right. 
  7. (1:05:12) JLP: Nobody learned anything in relationships. It’s impossible. Only when you overcome the relationship and get to know you. We learn practical things, but not about life on our own. Emotions are death, not life. There’s no 
    • (1:07:29) The curse of the fall: Pain in childbirth. Original sin. Kids aren’t cute / wonderful. 
  8. (1:08:26) Biblical Q: Are you a pitiful person? Anthony answers… (1:09:20) Yes, woe is me. Feeling, victimhood. Not now, I can see. Anthony again… 
    • (1:11:36) Doing better… learning to watch it like a movie 
      • (1:12:45) Doing the Silent Prayer? No, school… 
    • (1:14:09) Marissa: Yes, but others are more pitiful. I’m depressed, in partial remission. I’d zone out. (1:16:00) Alissa (sp) yes. Hard to let things go I see as good. There are no good people in your life. (1:18:34) Are you thinking you’re pitiful at the time you are? 
    • (1:18:46) Lijie: Pitiful, undeserving, but I am deserving. 
      • (1:20:05) (4ab) You’re deserving of love? Why? I hope so, I wanna go to heaven after I die. Why not go to heaven while you live? 
      • (1:22:43) (4c) Where’s Job now? He’s in the Bible (funny). Everybody wannabe Job
    • (1:23:05) Donyale: I’m not. Manipulative, wanting attention. Were you ever? I thought circumstances were pitiful. 
    • (1:26:11) Is correcting someone pitiful, rather than letting them suffer? Imposing is pitiful. 
      • (1:27:24) JLP: A pitiful person’s always trying to correct others
    • (1:27:35) Raymond… I don’t know how
    • (1:27:57) Young black man: Ego
    • (1:29:42) Yes, I live in my thoughts. 
  9. (1:30:30) Experts: Sean says no! Never! (1:31:49) Hake, yes, David said so. (1:33:00) Nick: I am, but I’m not. (1:33:58) Joel: I’m not pitiful, but I’m not good either. Did anybody ask if you were good? What good have you done? 
    • (1:36:53) Franky… 
  10. (1:37:39) Hands of people who overcome being a pitiful person? 
    • (1:37:56) How did you overcome being a pitiful person? I don’t have pity on others. 
    • (1:38:59) Another gal… 
    • (1:39:47) I have not quite yet overcome. 
    • (1:40:20) British gal: Let my ego die, not listening to thoughts, praying, being still, aware, watching. 
    • (1:40:44) Nick: I realized everyone’s going through the same thing. No one’s better. 
  11. (1:41:18) (5) JLP on BQ: Overcome your state of being: Anyone who gets sad, glad, gossips or listens, up and down in time, overreacting to situations (it’s not happening to you, but you think it is), anyone who thinks they’re good or bad, have done good (sorry, Joel), shy, pretends not to be, puts up a front, pretends they know, has fear, doubt, loneliness, looking outside for any peace, tries to get love or anything from anyone else. 
    • (1:43:47) (5a) JLP: No one has a right to be mad at anyone for any reason…. When you join teams, like the war, personal attacks on both sides, pitiful people. Can’t admit to self I don’t know and leave it blank  …. Pounding what you think you know…. All thinking erases. Layers and layers of thoughts. Stay present: Your only job. The Kingdom of Heaven is in the present. 
    • (1:50:10) You’re not guilty of anything you’ve ever done. Stay with it, work on it, see what’s going on with you. Don’t be afraid to let things out here happen. See how you feel about someone not liking you, about your wife or husband wanting to leave, or cheating. You don’t have to be nice to try to keep them. If you lose all your children, you’re not moved, God is with you. Stop letting Satan tell you you’re a sinner. Unwilling to forgive, loved playing God. 
  12. (1:52:47) Feedback: What do you understand from that? Above all things, get an understanding. You want the intellect to die. Psychologist PhD lady got it hearing Jesse. You want an understanding. 
    • (1:53:49) Lijie: Pride keeps me from God. An idea made me glad. As states of being 
    • (1:55:47) Young black man… (1:56:23) (5b) The worst thing you can do is not stay with prayer. 
    • (1:57:18) Young wife, mother
    • (1:58:18) JLP: Everything you’ve done has been vanity
    • (1:59:26) The Devil hates laughter. It feels good to laugh. Don’t identify with it as “I,” let it pass though. Don’t go looking for a laugh. Let it pass. 
  13. (2:03:52) Who gave your impression of your mother / grandmother? (New BQ) 

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