Are Whites the Only Racist People? (Church 1/5/20)

At Church Sunday, January 5, 2020, a young man Duran talks briefly. We then talk about mothers letting go of their children and the Biblical Question: Are whites the only racist people? Jesse points out examples in the world of the Old Testament (Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union, singer Sam Smith, so-called “hate crimes” and “anti-Semitism” laws). 

A 19-year-old conservative straight man with four gay parents visited us from San Francisco! A 30-year-old man from New York believed he should live with his mother to help her — and his girlfriend called him a “beta male”! Our theme for 2020: Watchfulness. The light of God allows you to see yourself. Don’t judge yourself or others. 

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A Young Men Speaks Up

A young man Duran spoke briefly at the beginning of today’s service. He discussed doing “Word on the Street” interviews, posted to YouTube. He’s 28, and indicated that a 37-year-old woman was a bit old, in his opinion, to be at a bar or club where he visited. Once he gets security, he’d like to ask Jesse’s question: If it weren’t for sex, would men have anything to do with women? When asked by Jesse, he says that he would, because he’d like to have children, and considers whether a woman would make a good mother. 

Jesse pointed out that when James first attended Sunday Services at BOND, he too went up and spoke. Today, James is not so “sugar water.” You have to face your fears. 

A woman who joined us last week discussed issues with herself and with her 26-year-old son, and apologize to him. Now her son has anger that can be scary to some of the women in the family. Jesse urged her to let him go. Mothers often hold onto their children and destroy them. 

Are Whites the Only Racist People?

SEE CLIP: Are Whites the Only Racist People?

We discussed the Biblical Question of the week from this past week: Are whites the only racist people? We got some interesting responses — one claiming that “racism” is “prejudice plus power,” and another saying that whites built America and “Western Civilization.” A black man originally from New Orleans said he sensed a “superior vibe” from blacks who feel superior to whites. 

Jesse pointed out that all angry people think they’re better than others. Now the authorities are writing laws to protect Jews from “anti-Semitism.” Jews are being attacked around the country. Blacks and others are protected from “hate crimes.” But only whites are not protected. We should not be divided in this way — the same laws should protect all people! 

We talk more about this question throughout the rest of the service, along with other things. 

The World Is the Old Testament

The world is the Old Testament, and so everything is a mess. The New Testament is the Kingdom of Heaven within, and it’s hidden from the world. Some “Mexican-Americans” realized for the first time that they were considered simply “Americans” when they visited other countries. Things really started falling apart with the Women’s Movement. 

This basketball player Dwyane Wade, a total “beta male,” is calling his 12-year-old son a “she”! And his wife (Gabrielle Union), who is not the boy’s mother, is promoting his son acting out as though he’s a girl! 

There’s a singer Sam Smith with a music with male dancers acting like women. Men even sit to pee to avoid offending women! 

In Atlanta, police are going to be disallowed to chase criminals, and the people in charge admit that crime will increase! Men are weak, and women are taking over. 

Feedback and Questions

A number of people ask questions and tell stories. One young woman says that she will obey her husband once she marries. 

Then a young man named Sam spoke up — he has been counseled by Jesse in the past. He said that he has four gay parents. He talks about the “racism” question, and, being 19, interacting with liberal classmates as a conservative. 

One man speaks about visiting with his crazy family over the holidays and being able to deal with them with love, instead of judgment. 

Jesse also answers a few online questions from people watching on YouTube. He says that Christian dating sites are beta. We should pray for others by wishing them well, letting God’s will be done for them. 

A young lady named Tiffany joined us with her boyfriend Manny, who’s living with his mother at age 30. He feels he should take care of his mother, but Jesse warns him that he’s doing it out of obligation, and not love. Tiffany continues to date him because he has a “beautiful soul.” Jesse asks to talk with them more after Church ends. 

Our Theme for 2020: Watchfulness

Jesse asked some people about our theme this year: Watchfulness. Be watchful. You should live a life of love. Your issues will be taken away from you as you watch yourself. When you are aware, it is the light of God that allows you to see yourself. Do not judge yourself. 


Jesse is going to visit a building that looks like it may work for BOND’s new prospective location. We’ve now raised over $350,000 which will help us put a down payment in order to purchase a new building. Thank you so much for your support! 

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