Would You Lay Down Your Life for Your Enemy? (Church 6/21/20)

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, June 21, 2020: Happy Father’s Day, fathers! A man and woman at Church are living together. A Mexican man Samuel speaks on his relationship with his mother and father. Caller William in Ohio wants to remarry, but has an 11-year-old son. … Do you continue to sin after being born again? 1 John has verses on it. A young man from Iran forgave his mother. Don’t judge yourself if you have sex out-of-wedlock. Biblical Question: Would you lay down your life for your enemy? There’s a lot of resentment with the rise of BLM. 


NOTE: Timestamps below are for the VIDEO (not for audio podcast… Subtract about 45+ seconds for audio podcast timestamps).

0:45 Intro music

1:30 Happy Father’s Day! 

3:25 A white father, married to a black wife, asks about praying… 

11:52 Lisa’s son brought her… 

14:15 A man and woman living together unmarried…

26:16 Samuel, an auto detailer, speaks on his mother and father. 

31:43 William in Ohio has an 11yo son and wants to remarry. He’s a drinker so he doesn’t do the silent prayer at night. (Another guy Eric smokes pot!) Is there a difference between forgiving others and forgiving yourself? You can’t judge yourself either. 

40:42 Steve in WV on speaking out, losing friends… 

45:52 Freeman found Jesse via Savage Moments! He cried trying to forgive his mother. Silent Prayer. 

55:55 This is gonna be the best day of my life! 

59:14 A man who doesn’t have feelings! He has a friend in an abusive marriage. 

1:02:08 A black father from Phoenix, and son from Indiana! 

1:07:22 A man mentions E. Michael Jones…

1:10:41 Do you continue to sin after being born again of God? 1 John talks about it. 

1:13:26 Grace talks about TV commercials, men and women. 

Biblical Question and more

Your Life for an Enemy? (Church Clip 6/21/20)

CLIP: Laying Down Your Life for Your Enemy (11 mins)

1:15:41 Initial responses to Biblical Question

1:16:52 Iranian young man answers the Biblical Question, then thanks Jesse for a changed life. He forgave his mother, and no longer fights. He is a slutmaker sometimes though. Don’t judge yourself. 

1:20:17 Slutmaking… If you have sex out-of-wedlock, how do you not judge yourself without accepting it? A strict Catholic asks about this. 

Sex Out of Wedlock (Church Clip 6/21/20)

CLIP: Judging Yourself After Having Sex (13 mins)

1:33:12 More feedback on Biblical Question…

1:36:09 Biblical Question: Would you lay down your life for your enemy? What does that mean? It came from Paul in Romans 9: 3. The Apostle Paul said he’d perish that others might be saved, including those from Israel who wanted him dead. Your enemy is your neighbor, who may have ill-will toward you, who may secretly resent you. 

1:38:25 Spoke up about BLM, now resents his friends on the right. He talked to his HR dept at work who gave a reading list supporting Black Lives Matter. He encouraged supporting rebuildingtheman.com His coworkers who are conservative won’t come to BOND or listen to Jesse Lee Peterson. They try to egg him on to fight their enemies. Anytime you go to war, expect to stand alone. Whatever happens, stay away from the temptation of anger. …Get rid of all expectations, and just be. 

1:47:49 New Biblical Question: What do you have that you have not received? Uriel answers it perfectly. Everything he has he received. He forgave his mama. He’s 27. 

1:50:31 More feedback about friends: The rescuer becomes the victim. 

1:51:27 Announcements… Straight Pride, join mailing list, final thoughts…

1:53:13 Thanks, all, for showing up! (…End) 


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  • Licia Rimmer
    Posted at 11:36h, 23 June

    I really enjoy hearing you speak..wanted know your thoughts sometimes people in the church can be cruel. It can be hard too love those. I wish you were in nc..wanted too help and volunteer ..dont have much way too support unless you have tee shirt too wear. Which I don’t know if it would hurt your message.. You have an awesome message may god bless you…

    • James Hake
      Posted at 09:32h, 27 September

      Thanks, Licia! Pardon the late reply. If you have not already, do call-in to Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, or to The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, to ask about loving and dealing with cruel people in the church. 888-77-JESSE (1-888-775-3773) Radio Show Mon-Fri 9-noon Eastern Time (North Carolina time), or Church Sun. 2 PM ET (NC time).

      By the way, yes we do have T-shirts available rebuildingtheman.com/stores as well as monthly auto-donation available (it can be small or large) rebuildingtheman.com/donate

      You can always call-in to BOND to see ways to support or request private counseling by phone or Skype: 1-323-782-1980, or 800-411-BOND (1-800-411-2663). BOND office hours: Mon-Fri 12-7 PM Eastern (NC time), or call off-hours and leave a message. You can email bond [at] bondinfo [dot] org

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